Lisa is 16 and Bart is 18.

Bart gets his first car and decides to go for a spin with Milhouse. Things don't go as planned though when he crashes. Can this tragedy be left in the past and can others move on in life?

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It was Bart's birthday and he had just turned eighteen. His parents had bought him his first car and, though nothing special, Bart loved it. He ran outside to look at it and Homer threw him the keys.

The car was red in colour and a sporty kind of car though it was old so it wasn't the most stylish car. Bart unlocked the car and jumped in, placing his hands on the steering wheel.

"Whoa, this is so cool. Thanks," Bart grinned, glancing at his parents who were standing in the driveway.

"Glad ya like it boy," Homer smiled, still wishing it hadn't cost him so much.

"You be careful when driving though," Marge told him and Bart rolled his eyes.

"Yes Mum."

"Hey Bart," Lisa said, coming to join the rest of them and holding out a box to Bart. Bart took the box and opened it.

"Thanks Lisa," he grinned and placed a cassette tape in to the car player, turning the volume right up. "These are my favourite songs."

The whole family spent the next half an hour looking at the car and seeing if there was anything that needed a bit of work doing to it. They found a couple of things and Homer promised Bart that he'd help him work on the car.

Bart said he'd take it for a quick spin to make sure it was running alright.

Bart started up the car, allowing it to purr quietly for a few minutes, before backing out of the driveway and heading for his best friend's house.

He stopped outside Milhouse's house and sounded his horn, causing his friend to come running out and stop in surprise when he saw the car in front of him. After admiring it for a minute Milhouse opened the car door and got in the passenger side, grinning at Bart.

"Neat car," he said and Bart laughed.

"Sure is. I'm taking it for a quick spin."

"Cool. Let's go!"

Bart didn't need to be told twice as he zoomed off, leaving a trail of dust behind. He drifted around the corner, just missing Principal Skinner. The boys laughed as they drove around Springfield, breaking the speed limit and not caring at all.

They sped around another corner and saw another car in front so Bart immediately hit the breaks, skidding around and slamming head first in to the car coming the other way.

Milhouse flew forwards and hit the front window, causing it to break on impact.

Milhouse yelled and screamed in pain. Blood trickled down his face and stained his shirt and some dripped on to the dashboard.

He tried to move his leg, but it was caught and he could feel something crushing it. He didn't dare look at how much blood there was. He then tried to move his arms, but it caused him so much pain that, along with seeing a lot of blood, he ended up fainting.

Bart's head hit the steering wheel and he groaned in pain. He felt another pain in his back as he had gone forwards and the seatbelt had stopped him, causing him to be forcefully pulled back.

He felt glass from the window stabbing him in his right arm and looked down to see a large amount of blood escaping from a large gash. He turned, ignoring the pain, and looked at his friend who was now covered in blood and had glass shattered around him.

"Milhouse?" Bart said, but his friend didn't reply.

Bart tried to move, but found he couldn't except for his left arm. He put his hand to his forehead, surprised at how much it hurt, and was shocked that when he moved his hand away it was crimson red. Seeing the blood made him realise how badly he was hurt and next thing his world went black and his head fell forwards, resting on the steering wheel and he caught the horn, which carried on sounding until Bart and Milhouse were pulled out from the wreckage.

When Bart opened his eyes he found himself in the hospital with Lisa looking at him worriedly.

"Bart, are you ok?" she asked. Bart groaned and nodded slowly, feeling great pain and deciding it was best not to move.

"Yeah…where…where is Milhouse?" he asked, vaguely remembering he was with him and hoping his friend was alright.

"He didn't make it, Bart. I'm sorry. He died on the way to the hospital."

Bart didn't speak. He just looked at his sister, tears in his eyes. "Is that where I am? In hospital?" He saw Lisa nod and sighed. "I…I don't really remember what happened?"

"You were in a car crash. There was another car in front of you and the police say it looks like you swerved it, but hit a car coming the other way. They think you must have been going over the speed limit."

"I…I think I remember it. Not very clearly, but I remember swerving and…seeing Milhouse. Then I ended up here. Oh Lisa, what am I to do? It's all my fault! I was speeding, I wasn't fully paying attention and couldn't stop in time and caused the crash!"

Lisa didn't reply. She didn't know what to say and Bart knew it. He wasn't sure what he'd of said either if it had of been the other way round. Of course Lisa would never be stupid enough to have caused this anyway.

"What did the doctors say about me?"

"You are in a bad way. You lost a lot of blood and they said even if you woke up that you'd still be weak and may not survive…I can't lose you though Bart," she said, holding the tears back.

"It's ok. I'll make it," he assured her, though he wasn't sure himself. He closed his eyes for a second. "What happened to the people in the other car?"

Lisa shrugged, but didn't need to say anything as a nurse walked in.

"Hi, you must be Bart."

"Yeah, I am. What happened to the people in the other car?" he asked, hoping that she'd know.

"Um…" she said, not sure whether to tell him, but seeing the look on his face she realised she had to. "They all died on impact. There was a man, woman and a baby," she replied "their names were Homer and Marge Simpson and their baby."

Both the kids stared at the nurse in shock. They couldn't believe it.

"Mum and Dad? Maggie? No," Lisa said, her voice only just audible.

"I'm sorry," the nurse said, not wanting to be where she was right now. "I have to see a few other patients, but call me if you need anything." Lisa nodded and turned to Bart.

"I…I killed our parents and Maggie…I killed them…me…it's all my fault!" Bart cried out, tears flowing freely down his cheeks. Lisa didn't move. She just stood silently.

After about ten minutes later Bart had stopped crying. He felt a sudden stabbing pain and yelled out for Lisa.

"I can't take this! I feel so bad and…my hurts so much." He suddenly put his hands to his head as he felt yet more pain. When he moved his hands away he saw blood. "L…Lisa…I don't feel…so good," he mumbled "get h…help. I…I'm bleeding…h…help!"

Lisa didn't hesitate as she ran out the room Bart was in and in to a white corridor. "Help! Somebody help!" She ran a short way down the corridor. "Please, my brother needs help!"

A nurse heard and came up to her, allowing her to show the way to Bart. The nurse then called for more help and Lisa was left to stand alone outside the room.

Shortly after the nurse who had first come opened the door of Bart's room and went over to Lisa who was now sitting down. Lisa stood up as soon as she saw someone come out the room.

"I'm sorry," the nurse said and it was all she needed to say as Lisa burst in to tears, knowing that her brother was gone. Her whole family was gone.

That night she stayed with her Aunts and, while this was usually a horrible experience, tonight she didn't care. She sat on the edge of the bed crying and wishing her family were still alive. She was unsure of how she would ever get over this and move on with her life.

It was at the funeral was when Lisa finally seemed to accept their deaths and, while it was clear she always thought about them, she carried on with her life. She stayed with her Aunts for the next few years. During that time she carried on with her education and continued to do well, coming out with the top marks ever in the history of the school. She also entered a number of competitions for things such as spelling and always came first.

The competitions won her a fair amount of money which she saved up, hoping to get enough to move in to a place of her own someday soon. As soon as she could she got a part time job, though made sure to keep up with her education. She knew her family would have been proud of her, but it still didn't take away the fact that they were gone and everything she did was just for herself. She was alone.