Author's Note: Mike Judge owns King of the Hill. Cameron Crowe owns Stillwater and Penny Lane. This is sort of a crossover of King of the Hill and Almost Famous

Peggy Becomes Almost Famous

By Needles

It's a sunny day in Arlen, Texas. Hank Hill is sitting in his kitchen listening to the radio.

"And Stillwater is going on a reunion tour. They'll be performing at the Arlen Arena on Friday," said the radio announcer. Hank's ears perked up at the word 'Stillwater.'

"The next caller who can correctly answer the question I give them gets six front row tickets to the Stillwater concert for free," finished the radio announcer. Hank decided to give it a shot and called the station.

"Congratulations, you are our tenth caller. If you can correctly guess the names of Stillwater's original members, you win six free front row tickets to see them," said the radio announcer.

"Huh," said Hank. "I never knew their members ever changed. Okay, Russell Hammond. Jeff Bebe. Ed Vallencourt. And Larry Fellows."

"You win!" said the radio announcer.

"I won? Well, I'll be darned," Hank said, doing his famous chuckle.


Hank gets home from the radio station. He walks through the sliding glass door. Peggy was in the kitchen doing a crossword puzzle. Bobby is in the living room watching TV.

"Peggy, guess what?" said Hank, excitedly. "I won six front row tickets to Stillwater."

"Oh, I love Stillwater," said Peggy. "I can interview them for the Arlen Bystander. We got to bring Nancy. She loves Russell Hammond."

In the alley.

Hank, Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer are in the alley drinking their beer.

"Yep," said Hank, drinking his beer.

"Yep," said Dale, drinking his beer.

"Yep," said Bill, drinking his beer.

"Mm hmm," said Boomhauer drinking his beer.

"So," said Hank, casually. "I won six front row tickets to Stillwater." The other three guys got excited.

"Yo, man, I love dang ol' Stillwater, man," said Boomhauer.

"Hank, you got to bring us," said Bill.

"Yeah Hank, and bring Nancy too," said Dale. "She loves Stillwater."

"I was going to invite you three," said Hank. The other three cheered.

To be continued.

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Peggy makes a huge fool of herself at the concert.