Title: Mary or Mary'ed

Chapter: Epilogue

Author: Aquarius Angel

AN: see end

Disclaimer: Sometimes I wish I own these characters and then I remember that I'm not a good enough writer to enjoy that pleasure, so I won't claim them

Rating: PG-13


"Any messages for me Wendy?"

"Asia called about the new contract, Italy called about the old contract, and Helen called to make sure we were handling her extended vacation without any glitches." Wendy almost held her tongue about Helen calling, but not receiving a phone call from Mr. DuGrey's personal secretary would seem more unusual and her employer would know she was keeping phones calls from him. He had only been back from his business vacation for four days, in which Helen had been on vacation, and everything was going smoothly, she just hoped that didn't change.

To the secretaries surprise her boss gave her a smile and soft chuckle, "I hope you reassured her in our ability to live without her for only short bouts of time."

"That I did sir." Wendy said with a small smile. She really did enjoy her job, even if she still could not judge Mr. Dugrey's reactions to certain messages.

Tristan gave her a reassuring smile, "I will look into to Asia and Italy first and let you know when I need them on the line." He didn't wait for her responses just continued into his office. The first thing he noticed was the sun shinning through the glass and illuminating his rather large office. Though the new modern building designs turned towards all glass walls, Tristan enjoyed his privacy and had the traditional private walls, and left the glass for where it belonged. Allowing all the sunshine flood the office with all its glory. The second thing he noticed was the beautiful blue eyed brunette sitting in his desk chair.

"I thought you were on a flight back to Iowa for round four of campaigning?"

"It would seem that the senator decided to denture in Illinois, where a local journalist was willing to report for the unexpected stop." She said standing up to meet him half way.

They stood in front of each other, "Meaning…"

"I have four days before I need to be in Davenport for an ice cream tasting."

They smiled at each other with ridiculous smirks, both anticipating the next four days. "How much time did you promise your mother?"

"24 hours."


"Dinner tomorrow night."

"Giving me?"

"All the time in between. Now kiss me before I think you don't love me anymore."

Before she could blink, one arm was around her waist while another went to her cheek and she was not allowed to catch her breath until she arrived in the Quad Cites five days later.

Authors Note: Okay this is obviously the end. I thought long and hard and I decide to go with leaving the ending simple, instead of taking on the job of rewriting the entire last season. So this ending flashes forward through the last season to when Rory has graduated and out on the campaigning tour. For those who want more, please do what I did all season, and every time Logan did or didn't make an appearance ask yourself 'what would Tristan do?' and that is how I picture everything for my last chapter to the epilogue. Just remember their becoming a couple wouldn't have been easy, just like their trip they would have to reintroduce themselves to each other, but with great friends and family they worked through the ups and downs and even being a part while Rory is pursuing her career.

Thank you to all my readers, reviewers and those who added me to their favorites/alerts!!

I hope everyone likes the ending!!