The Poems of Daniel Walker
"transcribed" by Amy Fortuna

Fandom: Pearl Harbor.

Disclaimer: Daniel Walker and Rafe McCawley belong to Pearl Harbor: The Movie. The poems themselves, where they don't include references to the PH universe, belong to me.

Notes: It says in the novelization that Danny wrote poetry. Even includes part of one of his poems. When I saw this, I had to do a little "investigating." This collection of poetry contains all kinds of poems by Danny, from early childhood scribblings to estatic love poems. They are grouped by theme, since Danny wrote many poems on the same themes throughout his life. There will be more of then; I haven't finished my "research."

Enjoy the poems of Daniel Walker.


On Flying (age 10)

I touched the sky today.
I don't know why.
I felt birds sing,
heard bells ring.
I went up in the sky.
I want to do this til I die.

On Flying (age 16)

I kissed you last evening.
Dizzy. I felt my stomach flip
and take a slow spin into a dive.
Could we fly again tonight?

On Flying (age 22)

I kiss the wingtips of my plane
for bringing me safe to ground.
And you, I wish I could kiss you too,
But I'm afraid I'd never come down.

They say that seasons change
And I suppose it's true.
But one thing's never changed --
The way I'm loving you.


On Friendship (age 10)

A friend really cares,
He shares,
He lets you know he's there,
He plays fair.

On Friendship (age 16)

So simple. Be a friend to me,
it's all I ask.
Teach and learn and grow and love,
it's really quite easy.

Only a few fistfights
and we learned to compromise.
Didn't we?

On Friendship (age 22)

Oh, God!
(And I catch my breath)
You, me, all of us,
and eternity embracing.
(my fingers shake
as I write this)
Quiver into my soul
the fatal words
that you are dead,
nail them to my heart.
Because I don't --
think I believe you.


On Love (age 10)

I love my dad
even when he hits me
And I love Rafe
even when he's bossy.

On Love (age 16)

It feels like --
Like a song.
I hear it sough
through the wheat.
Like watching you walk away
under the moonlight
and feeling priviledged
just to hold you
with my eyes.
Like the stars dying
over our midnight tryst,
clouds and nothing else
covering our bodies.

On Love (age 22)

It's more simple
than I thought.
An easy choice.
A frission of a
whisper along my spine:
*I love you so much
I think I'm gonna die.*

It's more beautiful
than I thought.
A joyous dance.
A skittering light
speeding through my soul:
*I love you so much
I can never grow old.*

It's more real
than I thought.
A quiet conviction.
A soaring yearning
exploding in my heart:
*I love you so much
And we'll never part.*