#001 of The Big Damn Table challenge on LJ - Beginnings. I'm not making a claim, because I have no doubt my claim has already been made.

Disclaimers: If I owned Torchwood, I assure you, things would have been an awful lot different.

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He checked himself over in the full length mirror. His crisp black trousers were perfect, the white pinstripe adding just a touch of anonymous sharpness to his appearance. His shirt and suit jacket added to his anonymous appearance.

No he just needed a tie. He chose a non-descript black tie. He was told that at Torchwood Three, the home of his new job, looking anonymous was ideal. The boss was an incredibly bad flirt. Therefore, the less he was noticed the better for his self control. After all, he's seen pictures, and the man was cute.

Not to mention - if he could get around unnoticed he might be able to save her. He'd have to keep her hidden - non-one would understand if he told them.

He gave himself one last look-over in the mirror. Yes. Perfect. He looked rather like Batman's Alfred. Just the persona he needed to adopt.

He drove to work carefully and found the tourist information shop that would pose as his job. He followed the instructions and founds his new place of work.

Yes. Ianto Jones was ready to begin working for Torchwood Three.

Only one problem - they only had instant coffee.

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