Kitsune no Kyuubi, Kitsune no Naruto

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Bold italic is demon speak.

Italic is thoughts.

Note: When with Kyuubi, Naruto speaks demon too, but it's easier to tell them apart if I don't font his.


Ch.1 Blood Tells The Beginning

The Konoha villagers stood shock. The fourth Hokage lay dead at their feet. His wife was found in an equally grim state, and the blood… It was everywhere… But what of the baby? Had it as well been destroyed by the beast? This is what they were left to ponder, the creature having finished its destruction here, leaving to elsewhere. What they, or no one else for that matter, knew that the boy had not been slain.

"Come now child. I shall make you to be in my glorious image. We will annihilate all who stand in out way. Hm… But what to name you? Names are a source of power, they should strike fear into the hearts of all, names that send a chill upon all who speak it. …Kitsune Naruto, as of tonight, you shall be of demon kin." He stopped both his feet and mouth at the same time. Using his smallest claw (which was still ridiculously huge) he pricked the flesh of the child, then the flesh of his own body, letting droplets of blood fall into Naruto's wound. Kyuubi looked around for a place to sleep. He shifted size and took refuse in a cave.

The two slept until the sun had once again risen.

Twelve years later…

"Hey dad, wake up!" A voice called cheerfully.

"Five more minutes…" replied the tired fox.

"Get up Kyuubi." A new voice commanded icily.

This time, Kyuubi's eyes shot wide open. 'OH MY GOD! It's my sister!' He sat up.

"Oh uh, hey Nanabi." He said as calmly as he could.

"Don't 'hey' me you stupid son of a bitch!" the wolf screeched as she furiously whipped around her seven tails, stirring a gust.

"You've been telling this cub for twelve years that he can go back to Konoha to wreak havoc and today's the day when he does! I was woken up at three AM by this!" she pointed at a boy with blonde hair that reached halfway down his back, a fox's ears and nine tails, and absolutely no clothes, running around in circles yelling, "I'm gonna destroy Konoha!" repeatedly.

Kyuubi slapped Naruto with his tail and the blonde stopped.

"Itai! What's that for dad?"

"For being stupid and waking your aunt and I at ungodly hours."

"It's noon." Nanabi pointed out.

"That's ungodly enough for me."


"When can I destroy Konoha?"

"Shut up son, I'm exchanging insults with Nanabi. But soon. Hey Nana-chan, destroying towns just for fun seems to have lost its luster hasn't it?"

"True. Even making the humans worship us isn't exciting anymore. And don't call me Nana-chan."

"So what shall Naruto do?"

"Search me."

"Ah! I know!" Kyuubi exclaimed as he clapped his paws together.


"Get this, he'll infiltrate them and betray 'em all! The looks on their faces will be priceless!" Kyuubi cackled.

"That's not half bad… Let's go drop him off now!" Nanabi sprung for the cave's mouth but Kyuubi stopped her.

"No clothes." Almost instantly, Nanabi produced a raggedy poncho.

"…You really want to do this, don't you?"

"Damn right I do."

"So the poncho works, got anything else sis?"

"Not unless he wants to wear a dress."

"No way!" Naruto yelled as he resumed sprinting in circles.

"Sit!" Kyuubi ordered and Naruto obeyed, wagging his tails impatiently. Kyuubi smacked his son with his paw and when Naruto sat up, his ears and tails had disappeared,

"Call em back when you want, but it don't make you look human."

Naruto nodded as he pulled on the poncho, making sure the fabric didn't snag itself on his claws.

"All right kit, time for you to go." Naruto hugged Kyuubi before dashing off towards Konoha.

"Heh. I really feel like his dad."

"Get some cubs of your own. Stop abducting the humans."

"No, this one's enough."


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