Kitsune no Kyuubi, Naruto no Kitsune

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Ch. 24 Plots, Pranks, and Prophecies


The couple sat outside, relishing the cool air of late night. Sakura gently rested her hand upon her swollen stomach. She was seven months pregnant and was halfway between enthused and afraid. Enthused because she had a life she would bring into the world. Afraid of what would happen if she did that particular act. She looked up at her moonlit companion.

"When?" She asked with a look of sadness.

"When what?" Her associate queried back with a small smirk. He knew exactly what she wanted to ask.

"When can I tell Neji it's not his baby, that it's yours?"

Kakashi looked up at the vast expanse of stars above their head before answering. "Why would you want to?"

"I don't like living like this. I can see his face already… Kami, he'll be so disappointed. No, that's not a good word. Dissatisfied would be more appropriate. Or maybe just furious. Who really knows?" She gave a satirical smile to the twilight and stretched her hands, fingers wriggling like Congo eels.

"I imagine you would, considering you're his wife or whatever. Besides, it might look like you. He'd never know the difference."

"I would know and I couldn't keep that secret every single day. And what if it looks like you? What then?" she demanded, eyes narrowing in her young face to betray her mental maturity.

"If you're so worried about this, then kill it." Kakashi muttered bitterly.

"I could never do something like that! I couldn't take a life that hasn't even begun…"

In the bushes about fifty yards away, Neji watched the two, straining to listen. He didn't quite trust the copy ninja. Even before they had come to this place, he had disdained the overly aloof manner of the older man. Perhaps if he channeled some chakra into his ears, he would hear them. Getting too close would possibly result in an abrupt entrance back into their separate rooms.

"Spying is a nasty habit, Neji-kun." An annoyingly familiar voice whispered in his ear.

"What do you want, Naruto?" He hissed, feeling Naruto teasing his claws up and down his back. The only reason why he stayed here with that damn demon was because Sakura did.

"You should stop spying on your wife."

"Go back to your little monsters." Neji said, making an unsuccessful attempt to turn around so that he may spit on the blonde.

"Demons, Neji-chan, demons." Naruto corrected him with a devil's grin.

'Papa!' Osen yipped as he tugged on Naruto's sleeve, thankfully providing a distraction from Neji.

Of course, that wasn't to say the sudden arrival didn't give the brunette a bit of a shock. Those foxes were quite dainty in their stride, you know.

"Holy sh- !" Neji yelped in alarm.

'You're getting very good at sneaking up on people you two.' Naruto remarked as Shura caught up with her brother and glomped Naruto enthusiastically.

'We caught a thing!' Shura remarked happily, wagging her little tails feverishly.

'Oooh, what kind of thing?'

'It has horns.' Osen exclaimed, not wanting to be left out of the conversation.

'But no fangs.' Shura added.

'A short tail.'

'And hooves.'

"Stop that demon language!" Naruto demanded angrily as he finally stood up to round upon the three.

"Kami, Neji. That stick up your ass makes you sound like a total bitch. You should take it out. You're so pathetic that you have to spy on your wife because you're so damn insecure." Naruto retorted as Shura and Osen growled at the one who had dared to challenge their father.

"Should you be cursing in front of your children?"

"Don't tell me how to raise them, Neji." Naruto snarled.

"Yeah! Shut the hell up, human!" Shura yelled as she bared her baby fangs. Why would a human try to bother a greater demon?

"Why can't you have normal kids? They're just ten months old and they act like they're two already."

"Don't blame me for the fact that demon young age quickly."

"Yeah, Neji-san! You suck!" the two children yelled in unison.

"Your hell-spawn brats are driving me insane."

Naruto decided to ignore Neji and said, 'Let's go see that thing you caught!'

'Oh yeah! It's brown, but not!' Osen gibbered as he dragged his father away, tongue tripping over itself as he awaited Naruto's commendation when he saw their accomplishment.

"At least put some clothes on them!" Neji yelled after them. He turned back to spy on Sakura some more.

Both she and Kakashi were gone.

'Damn fox.'


A half-grown buck was dead on the ground, the last remnants of its blood seeping from a wound its carotid artery. Its eyes had glossed into marbles of death and Osen, no longer able to restrain himself, ripped open its flank and began gnawing on the raw muscle there. He purred in content as he licked the dark blood from the ground to cleanse his palate and smiled at his father with a bloodstained mouth. Shura, wishing to be a good girl for the moment, stood back and awaited praise.

'You did a good job. But be careful when you kill something like this. They can get dangerous sometimes.'

'We caught another thing too!' Shura squealed as she led Naruto to the rest of the eighteen, leaving her brother to rip into the deer as he pleased.

The sixteen other children, except for Yukio, who at the time was sleeping by a tree, sat on the corpse of one of his demon guards. The head was at a crooked angle, its bat like wings were bent the wrong way, and several of its talons had been ripped off. A matching pair of eyes that had been liberated from their sockets gazed up at Naruto who was proud of the surprising carnage.

'You killed a sentry?'

'What's that?' Hana asked as she weaved a daisy through her bloody red hair.

'Someone who keeps bad people away.'

'You mean like you, daddy?' Pita asked as she clambered next to the blonde, determined to make him take notice of her.

Another sentry, this one a naga, approached Naruto reverently. 'It's okay Kitsune-dono. No one liked Roe.'

'Are you sure? Does he have a family? I'd be willing to pay reparations.'

'No, no family at all.'

Naruto nodded dismissal and the lizard shuffled away. He turned his gaze back onto his children.

'Who delivered the death blow?''

'Yuki-chan did.' Yami said as she pointed at him.

The boy's pristine white hair was covered in thick blood and entrails as he had a fitful sleep. He twitched and writhed in discomfort as his nightmare continued. Naruto couldn't stand to see his child in pain.

'Yukio, wake up.'

The young boy opened his eyes slowly and looked towards his father. Had he stayed asleep even longer, the beastly things that pursued him in his dreams might have captured him. They were the ones who tormented him while he suffered his sleeping delusions and made him watch as his family fall to the ground one by one, blood pooling around them and transforming into deep red rose petals. No matter how much he cried and pleaded, they always laughed and hissed that it was his fault his family was dead. He wasn't even safe from them in a wakeful state because there was no way to predict when they would come to torture him yet again.

'Papa…The scary things were after me…'

'It's okay, Yukio. I'll protect you from them.' Naruto said as he picked up the gore-soaked little boy and held him close.

Sayo growled. Again and again she was ignored because of that damn seer brat. She had to be her fathers' favorite. Sure, Gaara paid attention to her a little more often than her siblings because she was a tanuki instead of a fox and he could relate to her because of it. That wasn't enough. She needed Naruto's attention the most.

She clenched her tiny fists into balls and yelled, 'Why's the runt so important? Just because he changed for a—'

'He changed?' Naruto looked down at his son in alarm. He hadn't accessed his full fox form until he was how old? But for it to manifest so young, that could be a potential problem.

'Yeah! And he killed the sentry! Stupid runt!' she hissed, her eyes going into their cross state, flashing gold dangerously.

'Stop that! Don't you ever badmouth your brother!' Naruto snarled, shocking all of his kits. Never before had he been aggressive towards any of them.

'I…Daddy, I…' Sayo broke into tears, ears drooping miserably, her whole body shuddering with her loud sobs.

Naruto felt guilty. He shouldn't yell at them for petty things like this. Shifting Yukio to one arm, he reached out to Sayo, offering to pick her up to comfort her as well. She swatted his hand with her spiky tail and ran away. Humans of this age would not be able to run, but she was a demon. Humans of this age also would not understand what she felt. Sayo was ashamed that she had done something to make her father angered. And it was all because of Yukio. Rage bubbled up inside her and she screamed in 

frustration, sand whipping around her to express how she felt. Thus the war between the siblings had begun.


One month later Sakura lay on the same hospital bed that Hinata had nearly a year earlier. The pain was unimaginable. And it was just two! How had Gaara and Hinata managed nine each? Neji stood beside her, giving a smile that was multisided. Nervous, yet excited, certain and yet… Worried. She gave him what she hoped was a reassuring smile before the pain took over again.

"We see the head!" Naruto reported.
Neji, who was pissed at the fact that demon was looking at his wife down there, took a brief look, and then fainted. Hey, he was a delicate sort of guy.

"Congratulations. You're the mother of two healthy young children."

Neji heard this as he awoke. Kami, he felt like he'd been hit in the head with a brick. Glancing around quickly, he discovered that he'd been pushed aside carelessly and was lying in the corner. He straightened himself as he stood, regaining his sense of Hyuuga pride and approached the bed. The demon smiled at him with contempt and Neji practically could feel his own hair bristling.

"Do I get any congrats?"

"For what?" the smile on Naruto's lips grew wider.

"I'm their father. …Aren't I?" His ivory eyes snapped towards Sakura, who held the twins.

Neji spied a small tuft of hair on the girl's soft head. It was silvery gray.

"I'm so sorry, Neji…" Sakura apologized.

"Where's that son of a bitch? I'll kill him!"

"Right here." The jonin replied as he appeared from the shadows.

"How dare you do that to my wife?" he turned back to Sakura. "How dare you let him?"

"He said he would kill you if I didn't!" Sakura yelled back, close to tears.

"Did you like it?" He was disgusted how weak Sakura had been. She said it was to save his life, but he would have eagerly fought the older shinobi in a fair contest.


"Did you?"

"I…" she seemed like she was hurting on the inside and found that her voice seemed to have disappeared.

Kakashi decided to add gasoline to the fire as he spoke up. "Of course she did. I can pleasure her in ways you can't even imagine."

Neji ground his teeth and flung a shuriken at Kakashi, rage blinding reason. Kakashi blocked it with ease, seeming bemused at the whole thing. He was getting frustrated with this whole ridiculous triangle. If he couldn't kill Kakashi, then he'd just kill the two who were causing this problem. A murderous roar leapt out of his mouth as he lunged at the newborns. He stopped short when he found a kunai in Sakura's hands at his jugular. What was she doing?

"You can't take an innocent life just because of who their family is. That's not right. These are my children and you'll have to kill me before you can get to them."

Neji took a step back and exhaled deeply. What was he thinking? He had been about to murder children.


"Yes?" she asked, hoping for the best.

"…My kids are going to be better than his."

Sakura relaxed and smiled. Neji had found the light of reason. For this she was grateful because she would hate having Neji despise her because of these children.

"Let's get out of here." Naruto whispered to Kakashi and Hinata (who was acting both as nurse and bodyguard, prepared to break out a gun at the drop of a hat) and the three left silently.



"Now I'm worried about something." Sakura said as the babies dozed off.

"About what?"

"If our children are as wild as Naruto's, I don't think I could handle it."

Neji chuckled, finding it to be so like her. "Trust me; no one could have kids as wild as his. It's scientifically impossible."

He grimaced, remembering a certain incident involving glitter last week. Dammit, he was still finding glitter in his ass!

"If they are, please kill me."


The group fell into a schedule and had even begun to create their own village to pass the extra time. Sure, for now it was only them living there, but it could grow. Even with two years passed, it was small and there weren't really specific positions that had been put into effect. Sakura, who was heavy with child again, watched as Naruto's litter got into trouble. The eighteen were lined up, grinning mischievously. Obviously, they had done something.

"All right. Whose plan was it this time?" Naruto queried, pacing back and forward up the line.

Hana raised her hand as high as she could and so did Osen and Shura. They had done good this time!

"I know tricks are funny, but you don't need to do them so much. Once a week should suffice, not three to nine times a day. Let's see what you've gone and done now."

As if almost on cue, Lee walked (or rather, hopped, seeing as his legs were tied together) up to Naruto. He was spray painted sparkly nuclear neon pink and had a rather splintery wooden bucket to which his hands appeared to be glued to. Naruto briefly noted that his nails were now the same color as his clothes before he sighed and apologized, eliciting a surprising comment from his kits.

"Don't apologize to humans! It was probably their fault in the first place!" Sakae yelled.

"Who on earth taught you that?"

"If we told you, you'd eat them." Koku and Shiro said in unison, ears twitching in perfect harmony.

Naruto looked to his favorite daughter for this moment, the one who'd tell him the truth because she couldn't help it.

"Nao-chan, tell me which sentry was spouting such stupidity so I can impregnate him with only a box of Corn Flakes, a needle, and some Vaseline, without even taking off my pants, and from there I will destroy him with my awesome might."

In a clear, bell-like tone she replied, "I don't know which one. Sorry."

Naruto looked slightly disappointed, then turned back to Lee. He lifted the bucket straight up then blinked in shock about forty nine times before trying to speak.

"Er… On second thought, you might wanna keep that on."

Lee's face was covered in several layers of makeup that made him look like a kabuki actor, but with more pastel shades. His eye shadow was sky blue that contrasted starkly with the excessive amount of blush that made him look like he had severe sunburn, while the rest of his face was pure white. A smear of dark green lipstick gave furthered his appearance of a deranged clown who'd snorted too much crack before he put on his makeup and the kits had made a haphazard attempt to put fake eyelashes on poor Lee. There were several gold bows in his hair to finish the crack-tastic style and Naruto was at a loss for words. Furi, who seemed to be waiting for this particular moment, pulled a mirror out of her pocket and showed Lee his reflection.

Silence and then…

"I'm… So beautiful!" The youthful nin sobbed, causing his mascara to run.

Everyone made a face like this: O.O

Simply because there was no other way to react properly.

"Your children have made this the happiest day of my life! I can die happy now!"

As Lee went off on some stupid rant followed by some song from 'The Sound of Music' an earsplitting roar echoed in the distance. Naruto let the power of a response rumble in his stomach before he replied with a roar just as loud and this went on back and forth for about a minute or so. The children sat back, curious as to what was going on.

"Daddy, who was that?" Haruko asked eagerly. Perhaps it was a fire master. She prayed there was someone out there who could teach her to control fire like Ko could.

"That was my dad." Naruto replied with a large smile. It had been ages since he'd seen Kyuubi.

"Yay! Grandpa!" the children cheered, excited to meet their grandfather for the first time.

As Lee went off on yet another stupid tirade, he was nearly crushed as the mighty orange beast known as Kyuubi strode into the clearing before them. Needless to say, the fox was surprised to see a pack of three year olds charging him.

'What the—'

'Get down!' Naruto shouted at his children, but they were too fascinated by Kyuubi to care for once as they crawled over every square inch of the fox.

'Now you know how I felt with you.' He turned back and snarled at a kit that was getting too close to his family jewels, if you know what I mean. 'Get away from there!'

'I missed you, dad.'

'I missed you too, kit. These brats are yours, right?'


'Tch, they're underdeveloped.' Kyuubi scoffed as he swatted Koku and Shiro with his tails for trying to climb into his nose.

'Excuse me? No they're not! Show him!'

The kits hopped off the older fox and got back into a line like they had been in before the demon had arrived. Eighteen sets of ears and tails appeared as Kyuubi scrutinized the row as the rest of the little community came outside to see what was going on. He admired aloud the fact that five of them had the Byakugan and complimented his breeding choice. Hinata, who had arrived moments earlier, barely flinched when the demon began sniffing her to recognize her scent and then turned to Gaara, who greeted him quietly. He straightened up and contemplated his next words.

'Nice choices kit, but you couldn't have gotten a Sharigan?'


'Why not?'

'I only know three and I don't love any of them.'

'So? You don't breed for love.'

'I do.'

'Then all these kits came just from these two? Why do you have all these humans here?'

'They're friends.'

'…All demons do need a good pack of humans to do their errands.'

A large part of the eighteen howled their agreement. Even though they lived amongst them, they couldn't quite understand the concept of equality. Humans were humans. Demons were demons. What was to be said? It was worst with Sayo, whose tail bristled until her fur stood out straight like a bull thistle if she ever came remotely close to a human.Once, Sakura had made a dress for Ko that turned out to be too big for the little pyromaniac, so she offered to the night fox and Sayo had proceeded to filter dark chakra into her little teeth and bite her. Sakura nearly lost her arm because of it and happily stayed her distance from the girl. Koku and Shiro went along with Sayo sometimes because they didn't want to get on her bad side (though most of the eighteen already were), but they found humans to be more like things to play with than to despise. Sayo couldn't even see them as true brothers because every time she saw them, she saw Hinata's eyes and remembered that they were half human after all. She wasn't, Gaara's children weren't. They had more demon blood in them than Hinata's stupid kits. They were special.

She was special.

She was better than all of those other brats, she knew it.

Kyuubi noticed the dejected looking girl standing away from the other kits and licked her head with his heavy tongue. 'Tanuki, eh? I bet Shukaku's pleased with you.'

He lifted his angular head and took a deep breath through his nose, sniffing in the many scents of the little village. 'Do I smell food? You wouldn't hold out on your dad, would you?'

'You know there's not enough for you. Let's go hunting.' Naruto sighed and looked to the seemingly never-ending forests and Kyuubi's lips curled into a fox smile, baring his black gums.

'Hey grandpa, how come dad's not a fox like you?' Furi queried as she resumed swarming over Kyuubi's body with the rest of the kits.

A mischievous glint twinkled in Naruto's eyes. 'But I am.'

He shifted into his fox form, rivaling Kyuubi's size but with resplendent gold fur instead of a smoldering orange. The children gasped in awe and leapt from Kyuubi to Naruto who told them to go eat dinner. Pita, who was the only one to dare stay behind, strongly lived up to her namesake as she clung to Naruto's back.

'Pita-chan, go eat.'

'I wanna go with you.'

And rather suddenly, all of the kits decided to be headstrong and climbed back on the two foxes. Save for one. Toshiro had lost interest in the whole situation. He wasn't really interested in all that demon-human rivalry and things like that. Simple work satisfied him. Toshiro wasn't the type to try and take over the world. Too much to maintain and there were all those people you'd have to manipulate and exert power over and it was just too much of a hassle to lie, cheat, and steal his way to the top. He sat cross-legged on the ground and plucked grass out by the roots, swiftly weaving it into a design he had yet to come up with.

His siblings could take over the world on their own time.

'You might see some scary things.' Naruto remarked, trying to dissuade his many children from the hunt, but they were just as pigheaded as he was.

'That's okay.'

'They really are like you. You know what they say, 'the hell you give to your parents lives on in your own children twice as strong'.' Kyuubi snickered.

"Now you know how I feel when you don't listen to me!" Gaara yelled at his husband, having learned to interpret the demon language as he really didn't have much else to do.

'You kits obviously aren't going anywhere, so let's go!' Naruto bayed proudly and three generations of demons went hunting.


After a brief trot and approximately twenty four minutes of searching of the undergrowth, there was a deep growl. Naruto and Kyuubi exchanged glances. It hadn't been either of them. A large bear-like demon lifted itself from the grass and approached them on all fours. It reared up on its hind legs; long, shaggy fur swinging as it lumbered closer. Kyuubi was unimpressed by its blood crusted claws and the low grunts it gave as its red eyes glinted with malice. It opened its mouth, saliva dripping off its thick, ivory fangs as it bellowed. Naruto ignored the hot blast of stale air that had just been blown into his face and waited for it to do something. Since it thought it was being ignored, it roared again, its base-loaded cry starting to grate on the foxes' nerves.

'Shut your damn mouth and tell us what you want!' Naruto growled.

'That's a paradox, kit. He can't tell us if his mouth is shut.' Kyuubi gave a slow chuckle that further enraged the bear.

'You know what I mean. Now seriously, what do you want?'

'Kitsune no Kyuubi!' The bear bellowed, hitting the foxes with another wet breath.

'Which one?'

'The younger! I will kill you!'

A swarm of winged beasties of a multicolored hodgepodge rose from the trees and shrieked. Kyuubi was getting extremely pissed. Was it too much to ask for some quiet? I mean really, bear demons were so stupid, they couldn't stay quiet for long without trying to rip someone's throat out. This would end quickly. Naruto took a deep breath and let an inferno burst from his mouth, scorching the enemies in a single mighty flame. The useless leader fell with his idiotic minions, cooked all the way through. The kits crooned how cool their father was and they clambered haphazardly off the fox, going to rip horns and things such as that from the burning carcasses. They sure hadn't inherited any Hyuuga squeamishness. Of course, Naruto wasn't surprised by Gaara's kits.

'Easiest hunting trip ever.' Kyuubi remarked as he and his son ripped into the bear.

Osen and Shura, wanting to be just like their father, tried to bite one of the winged demons, but received a whack from one of Naruto's tails.

'Don't eat that. It's poisonous.'

The two rubbed their aching heads, muttering the foulest demon obscenities under their breath. Since they couldn't eat anything, they turned their attention to the other kits.

Primarily Ko.

The girl had found a large stick and was using it to push smoldering corpses into a large, stinking pile. She was satisfied when she had about fifteen bodies and she pulled the black ribbon that had been tying her hair up out of its ribbon and held it by its tip in her little fingers. A flame snaked over the strip of 

fabric and when she dropped it into the pile, it exploded into a blaze that engulfed everything in it. Naruto would be upset with her for setting her ribbon on fire again, but she didn't care. The fire was too pretty for her to be concerned with what Naruto thought. It danced and devoured its fuel hungrily and she loved it. She loved it almost as much as she loved her parents.

But not quite.

Of course, Sakae had to go and ruin her fun by taking off her gloves and turning the fire into a giant piece of orange-red glass. Ko frowned at her sister and pouted insolently. Sakae really didn't give a damn. That girl was going to get hurt with her obsession someday and she'd rather have an angry sister than a dead one. The crimson fox stalked off to start her fires elsewhere and Sakae slipped her gloves back on. She admired the cream colored pieces of her attire she never took off. They had been specially crafted for her and enchanted with dozens upon dozens of layers of spells to keep her curse in check. She admired the red pentagram mixed with the spiral that kept fox demon magic contained. She'd had them as long as she could remember and she'd have to wear them for the rest of her life if she didn't want to destroy all that she held dear. They'd grow with her so she'd never have to get new pairs unless several hundred seals all broke at the same time and the gloves began to get damaged. Who could love a creature like her? She could never take them off, even if she wanted to touch the skin of her beloved.

She could never be allowed to truly feel.

'Want to play, Sacchan?' Furi, the most fortunate of all the foxes, asked with a large smile, extending her hand to her sister.

If only she knew how much that hand meant to Sakae. But she wasn't quite mature enough to understand.

'Yeah…' Sakae tentatively touched Furi's hand as she always did, seeing if her sister would suddenly turn to stone like she did in her dreams, then gripped it tightly when she did not.

And the final member of the family we'll turn our attention to for this time was gathering blackened feathers before he dropped to the ground and began to convulse, feathers scattering over the ground. Naruto cried Yukio's name as he went into his human form and dashed to the boy. As Yukio shook, he began to speak in voice that didn't seem to be quite his.

'Be wary of the one with tails of three,

Who shall poison our family with her devilry.

Should thee rise our kind may conquer or fall,

If we lose then we lose all.

Scorn the traitor who hides within,

Should they die, we shall win.

Strive strong, never break,

True inner demon never wake.

Destroy the snow and boil the rain,

Fight anything to stop this pain.

Seek the one who speaks with sky,

The wings of dark against us fly.

Win and with the power of grand,

Humans fall, demons stand.

The raven to the devil,

He said this at the least,

The power of the fang and claw,

The rule of the beast.'

He then fainted in Naruto's arms, breathing returning to normal. The vision had taken too much out of him.

"What is this?" Naruto murmured in confusion.


Yukio slept with a mild fever for the rest of the evening as Hinata, Gaara, Kyuubi, and Naruto pondered over the meaning of the boy's prophecy. The tails of three had to be Sanbi, but neither of the foxes had seen her in years. Not much else made sense. Dark wings, traitors, and someone speaking to the sky? Why did prophecies have to be so cryptic?

"Argh! I don't get this! Something bad is going to happen and we don't know what to do because this doesn't make any sense!" Naruto complained loudly.

'Kit, if it made any sense, it wouldn't be a prophecy.'


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