A Real Fairytale


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Summary: I believed life is like a never ending fairytale. Even though misfortunes keep happening to me. But maybe I can convince my cold neighbor to believe too…

Chapter 1


Fairytales are just made up stories. At least that is what people tell me. But I believe they can be real…


Unable to contain myself any longer, I take a big bite out of my bread and swallow it whole. I know that Madame Miry must be ready to burst a bubble any second now. I take another bite from the bread and swallow it whole again.

It's not that I don't listen or anything, even though that's the way I'm making seem like…, but I've been famished since I missed breakfast because I woke late.

You see, I don't live on my own. I live with a ton of girls around my age who are in Finishing School. This school is called, "Proper Ladies in White Academy". When I was a little girl, about six, I lost my parents in a car accident. So my brother and I went to live with my cousin, Tomoyo. But the story didn't end there.

My brother went off and married a woman named Kaho. He promised he would come back for me once I've finished going to school. So I waited and waited. I was twelve at the time and it felt like I was all alone. That is until I got to know Tomoyo better and we became best friends.

Tomoyo's mother, my aunt, Sonomi sent Tomoyo and I to finishing school. She said, 'we would need it in life'. Little did I know she was right.

Touya still talks to me but rarely gets the time to see me now that he has kids of his own. Kaho is a wonderful lady and I'm happy she is with my brother, but sometimes I wish they had enough money so they could have dragged me along with them on their adventure. But I allowed fate to do what it wants with me, so now I am in a school for Ladies, with my best friend at my side.

"Kinomoto Sakura! How dare you eat with no respect!" Madame Miry said as her beautiful face became red with anger. I looked down with shame and put the bread down. "Come here!" Madame Miry barked out as she cracked her whip on the ground.

I swallowed my pride and walked over to her and looked down. "Kinomoto Sakura. The one girl who is such a problem in this whole school. What punishment should you receive?" Asked Madame Miry. I continued to look at the ground, fully knowing it will make her even madder.

"Look at me when I address you!" Madame Miry yelled. I slowly looked up to her and muttered a small apology. I should have known better than to do such a thing. For Madame Miry raised her hand and it made contact with my right cheek. I fell to the ground and felt the pain run through out my body.

"Get up! Piece of crap, get up!" Madame Miry yelled. Tears began to slip down my cheeks as I struggled to stand. Madame Miry did not like the pace I was going so she grabbed my arm and pulled me up.

"You will receive no meal for tomorrow! Hope you enjoyed that piece of bread you ate!" Hissed Madame Miry. I looked at the ground, not trusting myself to pull away from her. "Go to your room."

I felt the strong hold on my arm finally release. I let my arm fall to my side and I turned away. I walked out of the dinning hall to my room. I entered the dark room and shivered from the lack of light. I slipped down to the ground and just sat there, letting the tears fall down my face.

I stood up and walked to the mirror that hung above the make-up area. I looked at my reflection and touched my cheek gingerly. Pain ran though out my cheek. I bit my lip as I dared myself to look around for ointment. I realized I used the last of it a couple of days ago when Madame Miry smacked me with that evil whip of hers.

I know you all must be thinking, why do I let that woman treat me in such a way? Well I believe one day something good will happen to me. I will be forgiven for my carelessness from someone special. I hate to admit it but sometimes I wonder if I am being punished for something I did when I was little… Or something I am going to do. I fear for my life sometimes. But as mother always says, "Everything happens for a reason." Oh how I wish I could know what the reason is.

Women here are not allowed to do anything really. For women are just there to show as picture. As people always say, "Us woman, are there to be seen. Not to be heard." I hate that saying very much. And you know what's sad about it? Women do nothing to stop it. They let it continue and let it control their lives.

But that's not my right to say anything about it. At least I don't think it is…

I felt my cheek once more and winced in pain. A small knock was heard from the old wooden door. I watched as the door opened, revealing Tomoyo. She looked at me with concern and hurried inside.

"Are you alright Sakura-chan?" Tomoyo asked as she examined my cheek. I nodded and let out a sigh. Tomoyo put her long raven colored hair behind her ear and sat next to me on the cot.

"Sakura, we will soon leave here. Don't worry Sakura-chan. One day your Prince charming will come and sweep you away on his horse and you two will live happily ever after." Tomoyo said as she giggled. I smiled.

I can always count on Tomoyo to lighten the mood.

Tomoyo stood up and walked over to the door. "I'll see you tomorrow Sakura. I'll sneak you in some food. Alright?" Whispered Tomoyo. I nodded. Tomoyo smiled and shut the door gently behind her.

I sat up and looked into the mirror once more. A girl with milky colored skin, big green eyes, and slightly pink lips stared back at me. I gently took the hair pins out of my hair, which made my hair tumble down past my shoulders. I stood up and walked over to the window.

I think I am lucky to have this room. Even though the room is so dark and cold, I still love the view the window gives me. You see, Madame Miry gave me the darkest scariest room out of all of the rooms available. All of the rooms I've been into have been lighten with candles and oil lamps. But my room has no candles and I rely on the sun and the moon for light.

I especially hate it when the clouds are covering the moon. I get so scared at night… But I deal with it as you can tell.

Everyone's room (besides mine), is decorated with lavishing colors, comfortable cots, big windows (but with a bad view), and marble flooring. You know what my room looks like? Well let me give you an image; I have a creaky old cot, messed up wood floors, a small stool that is hiding in a small corner, and a decent size window. Also let's not forget the make-up area. It is a crooked wood table with make-up and jewelry on it. And a wall mirror. Doesn't it sound so beautiful?

I look out my window and stare at the cream colored moon. It is a full moon tonight. I feel a smile tug at my lips. It brings back happy memories. Like the time my mother was surprised when my dad gave her cream colored flowers for her birthday. I remember crying because I thought my father's present was better than mine. But my mom expressed that my present was more favored than the rest.

I glance around the cold room and shivered slightly. It seemed so cold and distant. I bit my lip and turned my attention back to the moon. Glancing to the door, I made sure it was not going to open, and I opened the window. It took awhile to get the lock to unlock, but I finally got it open and I breathed in the nice cool clean air. The air was more clean and fresh then the stuffy perfumed air inside the house.

I made sure no one was around and I pushed myself up on the window sill and looked to the huge Oak tree outside my window. I jumped onto the branch and I gained my balance. I then made myself as comfortable as I could and looked up to the moon. A perfect view from what I see. The cool air felt good against my swollen cheek. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply.

I opened my eyes and stayed in the same position for a long time. When I saw the sky begin to turn into a lighter indigo, I knew it was in the dead of night. The time I best be going to bed.

As I was about to get out of my position, I hear a carriage come up into the estate. I look down to see it is in the same estate but in the house over. It's more of a mansion than a house. It is three stories high and about forty different rooms! It must look amazing. I look over and keep as still as I possibly can. I hear the carriage door shut and I look over to see a young man coming out of an expensive looking carriage. I see he is about twenty-two maybe twenty-three; I'm not positively sure.

He looks around and he has a frown on his gorgeous face. He is so handsome! He has messy unruly brown hair, milky white skin, and the most intense burning beautiful chocolate colored eyes I have ever seen! He also looks to have a nice body… but I don't have a good look. I purse my lips and concentrate not to fall over the edge.

I knew once I tried to see him go inside the house, I would have trouble trying to regain my balance. And that's exactly what happened. I leaned back too far and I lost my balance. I let out a small yelp as I grabbed a tree branch. I put my right hand over my mouth and prayed no one in the house heard my loud yelp.

I glance over to the neighbor house and see the young man looking straight at me with his intense chocolate eyes. I stay as still as I possibly can.

I can hear my blood rushing through my ears and my heart beating wildly in my chest. I concentrate my eyes on the ground, praying he is not looking at me but at the beauty of this tree.

I steal a glance over to him and he is staring right at me with his hands crossed over his chest and a scowl on his handsome face. I gulp down the lump in my throat and decide I better go back inside my room before anything else happens. I wait a moment or so before I reach over to the window and grab the ledge.

I take a deep breath and make a lengthy jump and I land inside of my bedroom. I glance back to see if he is still standing there. But he has already gone inside of the mansion. I bite my lip and pray he won't tell Madame Miry about the incident. I know for sure Madame Miry will be so mad if she finds out I was outside on a tree instead of asleep inside of the 'safety' of the house.

I slip off my evening dress and slide on my sleeping garment. It is a pink silk dress like sleeping wear. I go onto the cot and drag the thin blanket over me. I stare up at the ceiling for a moment before sleep claims me…


I open my eyes and inwardly groan as I hear pounding on my door. I fling off the covers and I look out of my window. I should have been awake twenty minutes ago!

I quickly snatch off my night wear and slip on a morning dress. The dress was the color of rich gold and it almost touched the ground. It had much detail. I'm really surprised I was able to put it on without needing help.

The knocking (or really pounding) on the door became faster. I then slipped on the gold colored shoes and looked at myself in the mirror. A pale faced girl looked back at me. Uh-oh! I must look like a ghost! I quickly put some blush and some color onto my lips. I pulled the brush through my hair and put it in a tight bun.

As soon as I finished I flung open the door. Madame Miry's right hand servant, Ann, stood outside the room and told me quickly, "Sakura, you are needed in the front hall! Five minutes ago!" Ann hissed at me. I nodded and felt my face flush. I thanked the blush that I put on silently in my head.

I walked (ran really) down the two flight of stairs and stopped once I reached the bottom. I fixed my dress, put the stand of hair into the bun, and took a deep breath.

I stepped through to the front hall and every girl was standing in a straight line. I felt my whole face go red. I looked up to see Madame Miry looking at me with her eyes narrow. I bit my red colored lip and quickly walked into the line, next to Tomoyo.

Madame Miry glared at me and then turned on her heals. "Welcome Sire! I am so glad you could join us today!" Madame Miry said in her most flirtatious voice, I have ever heard. "Ladies!" Hissed Madame Miry.

We all curtsied and said in our most charming voices, "Good Morning, Sire." Then we all straightened up and smiled charmingly over to the person. As soon as I saw the person, I could have sworn all of my color drained out of my face.

It was the same person as I saw last night! The same chestnut messy hair, the milky white skin, and the intense but now annoyed chocolate colored eyes. He was looking at each and every one of us.

He looked up and down at us and then he looked at Tomoyo. He frowned and then looked at me. His eyes grew wide and his frown disappeared. He then leaned over to Madame Miry and whispered something to her. It must not have been good because her face got all red. She nodded then looked straight into my eyes and motioned for me to come to her. My color was drained completely from my face and I must look like a ghost.

She then says in a curt tone, "You were outside when you were supposed to be in bed?! Well that's one punishment. The second is for being nosy and spying on Mr. Li! That earns you two punishments! Turn around Kinomoto."

Fear squeezed at my heart and I already felt the tears start to form. I slowly turn around and bend over slightly. She then takes her whip and… I take in a staggered breath and feel my knees begin to shake. "Go to your room and stay there for the rest of the day!" Hissed Madame Miry.

I run all the way to my room and slam the door shut. The tears begin to tumble out of my eyes and I fall on the floor beside my bed and I lay my head on the creaky cot and cry.


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