A Real Fairytale


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Summary: I believed life is like a never ending fairytale. Even though misfortunes keep happening to me. But maybe I can convince my cold neighbor to believe too…

Chapter 2


Fairytales are just made up stories. At least that is what people tell me. But I believe they can be real…


The silence was unbearable. I have been stuck in this room for a week now and I hear nothing besides my own shallow breathing. I try to hear people or really footsteps outside my door, but no suck luck… for a whole week!

I think Tomoyo forgot about me and Madame Miry is doing it on purpose. Ever since that incidence with Mr. Li, I've been confined to my room.

I begin to pace back and forth since I have nothing else to do.

For a second punishment they boarded up my window from the outside so I cannot climb out and escape, even though I wouldn't even think of leaving Tomoyo here alone.

For the second time in a week, I begin to cry. Not crying hysterically, but enough for me to feel so tired I usually go to sleep after.

I crawl into the cold bed and rock myself. "I wish I was home. Before all of this happened to me and my brother. Why can't I be happy and less clumsy? Then maybe Madame Miry wouldn't despise me so."

I stop rocking and go over to the window. Judging by the way the wood is slightly light I assume it is around late lunch. I could hear the girls outside laughing and talking gossip and the play that is coming out soon.

I remembered then that in a month we were supposed to go to the play and have men escort us.

Who would want that? I guess I do. Hopefully I won't be confined to my room then.

"When do you think Sakura will be out of that room of hers?" A girl named Nakime said. Nakime is a stuck up but nice enough girl.

"That's not how a proper lady would say it. It would be said like this, 'When do you suppose Ms. Kinomoto will be able to come out of confinement to her room?' That's how you would say it, Nakime." The second girl, Ana said snottily. Ana is the know-it-all girl and thinks she is perfect.

I could hear no more of their conversation because they suddenly spoke in whispers.

"Mr. Li!" I hear all the girls yell as I could hear running and a barking Madame Miry after them.

I bet most of the girls are hoping Mr. Li asks one of them to the play. I defiantly do not want him to escort me to a play when he told on me and wasn't even shocked when Madame Miry smacked me with her whip.

I leaned forward and tried to hear the girls were saying.

"Girls! Please! Let Mr. Li have some room to breathe!" Madame Miry scolded them. "We're Sorry, ma'am." The girls said in unison.

"Mr. Li, what brings you here? I thought you had a meeting to go to." Madame Miry said flirtatiously. I bet right now she's batting those fake eyelashes.

Mr. Li's voice was cold and unmoving. "I was. Now will you lead me to your big tree?"

I have a sudden shivering feeling run down my spine. He's talking about my tree! The wonderful tree in front of my room window!

"Well, I suppose so." M. Miry said gently. I could hear their footsteps coming closer and closer until they were right in front of the tree.

"Madame, will you let my men cut down this tree? I simply must have it out. Did you know bears and snakes climb trees like this and they hide away ready to attack the person below? I simply must think about the young girls here."

I felt like my only friend was suddenly screaming for help and begging me to stop them. But the sinking feeling in my stomach stopped me from doing so.

"Well I suppose. If you say it will save my precious young ladies. I would do anything for them."

Such a lie! She knows he only wants it down because I might spy on him. She's horrible!

"Thank you Madame. I will have it down by the end of this week. G' day, Madame Miry." I could hear his footsteps fade away.

I suddenly felt like crying and wanted to do something. Anything.

Today is Friday so it will be cut down by Sunday! Oh no! I have little time to plan! And yes, I am going to do something. I can't just let people cut down an innocent tree and also gives oxygen to our environment!

I began to pace. Walking on the little room I have. My head began to swim in horrible ideas. Like Tomoyo suddenly saying "Cut down the tree!" And Madame Miry succeeding in making my life a complete nightmare. From when I wake up until the time I lay my eyes close to sleep.

My stomach began to go haywire. The complete feeling of hunger, lack of sleep, and numbness in my fingers dawned onto me and I couldn't stand up any longer.

The last thing I knew, I was lying on the floor and the last thing I saw was a small dark hole into of my ceiling…


I could hear someone calling my name. A soft but rich voice called over and over again, but they seemed too far to touch. I couldn't open my eyes and I couldn't feel my fingers still.

"Sakura… Sakura… The tree… Go… hole… the hole… will… guide you… wake up before it's too… late…"

I swung open my eyes and had to blink a couple of times before I noticed I was in a room I've never been before. It was so spectacular and so adult like I almost hade to squint my eyes because of the glare of the gold.

I slowly got up from the comfortable bed and fixed my day dress. I looked so out of place in a beautiful place like this. But I looked around debating which the door is and which the wall is.

Feeling my way around, I finally found the door and pulled it open. When I peered out I noticed it was pitch black and windy. How can it be windy? This is a house for goodness sake.

I walked forward. I won't let fear take over me. I will save that tree! No matter what it takes! I will win this round! Then let's see what Mr. Li has for me next!

It must have been my imagination because the wind disappeared and the darkness turned into light. A happy feeling swept throughout my insides making me smile.

I know I'm going to win.

I worked my way to my room. At first I thought it would be locked, but a miracle happened and as soon as I turned the lock, it opened revealing the room. How?

But I ignored it and closed the door quietly behind me. The familiar feeling of hunger and despair filled my stomach. I gagged once but took in a deep breath.

I looked up at the whole that was as huge as ten balls that the boys play catch with. Now all I need to do is think of a way to get up into the hole. I thought for a moment debating what to use.

"If I was a fairy with wings, it would be much better." I muttered to myself as I sat down on the cot.

That's it! The cot! That's what I need to do! I began to move the cot under the hole. It took a good fifteen minutes to do so but I eventually got it in the right place.

I climbed onto the cot and reached for the hole. "This is defiantly not the way I imagined the way I would spend my day." I said as I began to jump on the bed. My hands finally reached the ledge and I pulled myself up.

"I guess I have to thank Madame Miry for not filling me with food." I said as I stood up. I fixed my dress and began to walk the way I think is where the tree is. "I think I should have brought a flashlight with me." I whisper to myself as I have to squint to see in the darkness.

I feel something in front of me. As soon as I step closer I hear a creak and I fall down!

I scream as loud as any human can go to. But the air is knocked out of me and my eyes flutter closed.


I open my eyes. Darkness is everywhere. No matter where I look I see darkness. "Hello? Anybody there?" I yell. But all I hear is my echo. I shudder and try to stand up. But then I notice I am straight up and there is no ground and no sky.

"Help! Someone please!" I scream. In return I hear my echo.

"You humans are to blame! I hope you all suffer! You have no right to cut me down! Put that saw down!" An unfamiliar voice yelled.

"Hello?" I say into the darkness.

A slight pause then a small voice answered, "Hello? You're awake! I thought you were a goner."


"Can you help me? These people here are trying to cut me down. They don't seem to understand me. Since you've came here, Sakura, all you've ever done is give me unconditional love. I am very grateful for that. But can you do me one last thing? Please make these humans stop there cutting. If they cut anymore… you'll die."

The sudden shock of sound flooded into my ears. I could hear cutting or rather sawing.

"Make them stop!" The tree howled.

Suddenly the pain the tree was feeling seeped into my skin and clenched my heart. It was squeezing so hard. A scream of pain left my mouth.

The cutting stopped and I could hear the people outside telling someone the tree was screaming. But of course how could a tree be screaming?

"Now is your chance, Sakura! Wish with all your heart and you'll be out of here. And for my last request; always treasure the land and Mother Nature. Be careful ok?" A little tiny girl's voice said inside my head.

Then it hit me; the tree was only eight years old. It's only a little girl.

I closed my eyes and wished with most of my heart to be out.

Suddenly I felt the wind and warmth against my skin and a small sigh escaped my lips.

"Sakura!? What are you doing here? How did you get out- Oh I mean how are you feeling?" Madame Miry said with a slight blush on her face from her mistake.

I opened my eyes and stood up. I walked in front of the tree and opened my arms like I was going to receive a hug.

"If you are going to cut this tree down, then you'll have to cut me down with it!" I said with force. If they didn't think a woman can stop them, then think again.

"Sakura, move! You're embarrassing me!" M.M. yelled.

"No! I will not let you cut this tree down! Don't you know that tree's help us for oxygen? And that they are living creatures, just like you and me! They breathe and they help nourish our air! They help from pollution! Please don't cut this tree down!" By now tears are sliding down my face by the millions.

"… It's the only thing keeping me alive here." I whispered.

M.M. gasped. The tree cutter people just stood there. Then I noticed Mr. Li. He had a smirk on his face.

"Very well. Come men. Let's leave this plant loving girl to herself." The men picked up there tools and off they went.

Madame Miry was pissed. You could see it all over her face.

"Sak-" M.M. said but was cut off by Mr. Li.

"You win this time, Ms. Kinomoto." He leaned forward then took my hand in his and lifted my hand onto his lips.

You should have seen Madame Miry's face! It was filled with so such anger and so much hate! I suppose Mr. Li hasn't kissed her hand before.

Mr. Li looked up and said quietly so only I could hear, "But next time I will win."

With that he left me alone as I slumped down the tree until I fell on my butt and tears continued to fall freely.


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