-1The Meal

A Texas Chainsaw Massacre Short Story

By Douglas Paterson

(This Short Story Is Based On Characters Created By Tobe Hooper, It Takes Place Between Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003)

Thomas Hewitt drags the girl down into his basement. His huge hands around her face, ignoring her teeth biting into him, stifling the screams. He throws her down onto the ground, into the bloody, dirty water that continued to leak from the rusty pipes overhead. He bends down to look at her, one huge hand stroking her face gently. She can see into his eyes, a child-like quality to them. Then she realises another horrific detail about the man in the human-skin mask. He doesn't know... He doesn't understand what he's doing. The thought's aren't clear in her head, jumbled in with other things. But one thought rings out above all the others, the sickening knowledge that she is going to die.

She can't scream anymore, she can't cry out. All she can do is cry, the occasional blub escaping her mouth as she tries to protest. She can see two of her friends, still alive, hanging from meat hooks. Their flickering eyes and twitching fingers the only signs of life. She tries to drag herself over to them, but the man in the mask just kicks her back down.

She watches him move over to a table, and hears the clanging of metal on metal. He turns back around, holding with both hands, a huge sledge hammer. She can just make out in the dim light, the old dried in blood that covers the hammer. He looks at her, his tongue licking his rotten teeth and decaying lips. Then before she can do anything, the hammer flies at her friend - Hilton - it connects with his face, the sound a sickening mix of thud and the pulping of skin and muscle, the crack of the skull as the hammer drives its way into him. She screams now, and the man turns to stare at her as she does. She can just make out his smile, he's loving making her scream. He pulls the hammer back again, and again and again, smashing it into the boys head until there's nothing left but a bloody pulp hanging weakly from the neck. Bits of flesh, muscle, skull and brain scatter over the floor, flying into the killer, flying into her. Getting caught in her hair, still screaming she claws at it, desperate to get it off of her. Blood is pouring everywhere, the killer picks up a rusty old metal mug, letting the blood pour into it...

"Come on boy, get a fucking move on". Thomas looks up the stairs as he hears the voice. His uncle Charlie - Sheriff Hoyt as he wants to be known - calling him. He stands at the top of the steps, looking down into the killing zone. "Oh shit, we don't want that one boy," he says pointing to the bloody mess left of Hilton, "It's a fucking mess. Get the other one, he looks beefy. Can live offa him for a couple of days." He spits a wad of blood out of his mouth, then closes the door behind him. Leatherface looks around at the other boy, and rolls his eyes. He picks up a small knife, and walks over to the boy. He lifts him up, off of the hook. For the first time the boy screams out, coughing and spluttering, blood flying out of his mouth. Leatherface grabs him by the head, and stares at him almost lovingly, before stabbing the knife into the boys neck. His eyes open wide as he dies, and there is a momentary shuddering as his life ends. Then his body goes limp, and Leatherface slings the body over his shoulder.

He looks over at the girl, and she looks at him. For a moment all is quiet, then the killer begins his trudge upstairs, heading towards his family, towards dinner.