Tangles of Love


PLOT: She loves him. He loves her not. But what if the world turns upside down? Will she still love him after he had hurt her all these years?


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CHAPTER 7: SPECIAL SIDE STORY: The Beginning of THE Sasuke-Sakura Affair

Adjusts microphone


Audience stares at the announcer.

"Hello, everyone! As very usual, Naruto's here! And I'm here to give you…"


"A special on our favorite couple, Sasuke and Sakura! (beams to everyone)


No one's clapping.

"Who told you that they are our favorite couple??"


"Yeah, yeah…who told you that they are EVEN a couple?"

"You are all so mean! (cries) You're always….(sniffs) ganging up on me….I'm just….(blows nose) I'm just….AAAAAAAAHHH! (breaks down)"

2 men dressed in suits and shades take Naruto away.

Camera zooms over the cruel, devilish faces of the audience.

Their eyes are glowing red.

"One down.." they whisper….

Evil laughs.


Audience shouts…

"Don't tell me, you're back again—"

Audience practically stops at the horrible sight in front of them.

"Okay everyone! Since Naruto was unfortunately taken to the hospital due to a nervous breakdown, oh that poor fellow! I'll be taking his place from now one…please take care of me!!!" (bows then beams to everyone)


"And…(suddenly changes to the villain with dark aura around him) don't you ever do to me what you did to Naruto. Because I too, opposes this special program and I just don't have any choice because they blackmailed me into doing this…and don't worry! (aura turns brighter) I'm also against this couple!!"


Then everybody claps.

"Be(pouts)cause(moves hips to the left)Sasu(moves hips to the right)ke(moves hips to the left again)is(moves hips to the right again)mine!!(moves butt upwards.)"

Mysterious, unknown substitute laughs evilly.

Silence from the audience.

Everybody stops clapping.


More Silence.

Mysterious, unknown substitute's eyebrows twitch.

"D…do you not f-feel threaten by me?"

Audience observes.

Thick eyebrows

Large eye bags

Even larger nostrils

Long ears

Very thick lips

Distorted face

Long arms

Lumpy stomach

Stout legs

Three feet

Distorted body

Can not even be classified as a human.

The audience answers in unison.


Mysterious, unknown substitute falls down to the ground, anime-style with the legs and arms stuck up.

It all happened during a rainy afternoon.

"EEEH……it's this late already?" Girl looked at the skies, worried. She snuggled her already wet sweater closer to her small body. She continued running.

Clack clack.

Went her boots across the wet ground.

Drip drip.

Went the raindrops on the ground.

Swish Swish

Went her hair swaying with the wind.

"You know….you'll trip with those clumsy feet of yours."

Clack clack.

Her boots stopped across the wet ground.

"You will get sick with this rain."

Drip drip.

Slowly the raindrops were beginning to go.

"You'll have trouble drying your long hair."

Swish Swish

Her hair stopped swaying with the wind.

Girl stopped running and just stared at the calm boy across her. Boy was leaning against a wall, his arms in his pocket, gazing at something very far away.

Thump thump

Went the girl's heart.

"You…go home already." Boy said without even removing his hands, without removing his gaze.

"M…may I know your n—name?" Girl stammered with imploring eyes fixed on the boy across her who wouldn't remove his hands in his pockets, who wouldn't remove his gaze from that very far place.

Thump thump

Went the girl's heart.


Thump thump

Boy finally moved. He stopped leaning against the wall, kicked the wet ground a few times with his right foot and began to walk away without removing his hands in his pockets.


Thump thump

His dark eyes met with the girl's green eyes for a moment…before he left.

Girl followed the boy's retreating figure.

Just for a moment.

Thump thump

Went the girl's heart.

Silence from the audience…

Girl screams in the background.

Everyone turns to look.

"Speaking of the devil..the monster..the demon…" Mysterious, unknown substitute announces to the microphone…

"Oh..it's Haruno Sakura." Bored audience says in unison.

Sakura's eyebrows twitch..

"Don't 'Oh..it's Haruno Sakura' me! What do you think of me?? A boulder on the road that's waiting to be ignored?"

"No, you are a very icky green vegetable among thousands of desserts."

"Or you can be a very icky flower among hundreds of roses."

"Or better yet, you can be a very icky bargain dress among millions of designer outfits."

Evil laughs.

Veins appear on Sakura's large forehead.

"And who the !!#!$!%^!%^!!!(*(! (censored) showed that….that….that video here!!"

Silence from the audience.

Sakura stares evilly at Mysterious, unknown substitute.

"Are,,you the one??" Gets a chainsaw.

"You..you're mistaken! I just replaced Uzumaki Naruto here…"

Sakura turns into a super saiyan.



"I was the one…"

Thump thump

Went the girl's heart.

Boy eneters large hall.

All the girls gasped.

Mysterious, unknown substitute faints.

"Why?" Girl asks.

"You…you don't go out anymore….when it rains, that is…" Boy inserts his hands in his pockets.

Girl turns around. "Of course! Who would ever go out when it rains outside?" Girl suddenly turns surprised. "Don't tell me…"

Boy gazes at a very far place.

"Don't run away anymore. It sucks." Boy says.

"Do you still like me?" Boy asks.

Audience gasps.

"W,,,,well.." Sakura fidgets. "You're my first love and all. It's hard not to. Though I'm trying, really, to stop liking you. Don't worry, you'll soon get rid of me. Because I think you're not worth it…And..and…and…I don't know..even if you're not worth it, even if I wasted four years in loving you…I.." Sakura begins to cry. "I still like you."


Audience fails to breathe with the heaviness of the atmosphere.

Mysterious, unknown substitute does not breathe anymore.

Sasuke sighs. 'Being your first love is somehow great…and I give you my gratitude for that…."

Thump thump

Went the girl's heart.

"But I somehow realized that being your last would be…"

Thump thump

"I don't know…perfect maybe?"

Just for a moment.

Just for this moment.

Their gazes meet again.

Just like on that day.

Sakura stops crying. Her hands are shaking, clasped in front of her mouth.

"Please.." Sasuke pleads.

Thump thump

"Your heart…please tell it…"

"To continue beating for me."

Sakura cries again.

With the thumping of her heart.

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