ATTENTION!!!!!!!! I have decided to take time off of I am not leaving you i just need some time just to think about things!! this isn't the end I am just taking time off!!! please do no get mad at me!!! im kinda into stuff right now and Fanfiction is just slowing me down!!! I have like 3 stories to finish. I just got started on my Fresh prince See know evil Crossover and unfortanetly i haven't gotten the second chapter written yet, thats how busy i am. i hope you all understand the path that i decided to take. But this isn't the last time You Will here From DEGENERATION X!!!! just remember, to keep checking Fresh Prince and any other stories!!!!!!! Cuz you never know! when DGENERATION X Will strike BACK!!!! But until then I leave you guyz with 1 thing to remember!!!! IF YOU DOWN WITH THAT!! WELL THEN I JUST GOT 2 WORDS FOR YA!!!!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNTIL THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!