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"How are they?"

A blond woman asked, and despite the fact that the meeting was held in an overly-crowded room, the question still pierced through the gossiping, whispering and planning. The Godaime Hokage wore the thick, white robe that was the appropriate uniform for a Kage, which indicated that this meeting is important indeed.

Feudal lords, clan heads, council members, and ninjas from different levels were assembled rather messily inside the Hokage's conference room. The topic of their conversation was still held in the maximum-security branch of the hospital, located six floors underground. Despite the distance between the ninjas and the people held downstairs, they could still feel the immense chakra flaring around.

The only people, aside from the Hokage –because she was the one who treated their wounds, damn it- who knew the duo's condition was Jiraiya and Kakashi. The Frog Hermit was not in the assembly, as he preferred to supervise the medic-nins in their treatment below.

Kakashi placed the mission report –neatly bundled in a rather-thick scroll- on top of the Hokage's desk. A few seats from the Hokage's right sat Haruno Sakura, the Godaime's top apprentice. She was looking terribly worried, her hands fiddling with the hem of her blouse nervously. Nobody was sure if she was more worried about Sasuke, or, Naruto.

"I found them on the Valley of the End. Both suffered from broken bones and various wounds. Sasuke collapsed near Naruto, and he was unconscious when I found him. Naruto however…" Kakashi trailed off, while the listeners were on the edge of their seats. People who wanted the Kyuubi's vessel removed from the village wanted to seize their chance, while people who believed in Naruto were ready to defend the blond.

"I believe that from the fight forced him to withdraw powers from the Kyuubi no Kitsune. It would seem that he won the fight between him and the S-rank missing-nin, Uchiha Sasuke. The consequences of withdrawing too much power from the Kyuubi overwhelmed him, and now, it appears that the red chakra is in a very unstable state." Kakashi finished, and with a light bow to Tsunade, he made his way to his original position—near the doorway.

The gossips returned, with heads of various people nodding and making gestures towards something. Another particularly strong flare of chakra made the whole building shake.

The feudal lords –and they weren't exactly known for being compassionate towards the much-admired blond teen- instantly jumped to their feet, mouths flapping words to the Godaime. Words that wanted Naruto to be disposed of, before his unstable chakra can cause havoc in the village.

Another chakra flared, and almost instantly, a puff of smoke appeared in the middle of the room. Once the transportation smoke cleared, Jiraiya was standing with his arms crossed over his chest. His usually-leering face was now schooled into a stern look. He turned to the assembled people, and started to explain what was happening downstairs.

"Naruto's chakra is still flaring. However, the last two flares are not from the Kyuubi." Jiraiya said, a triumphant look inside his eyes as the feudal lords' shoulders slumped. "Uchiha Sasuke just woke up, and it seems that Orochimaru's cursed seal is not making things easier."

Sakura sniffled loudly, and Ino immediately rushed to hug her friend. The anti-Sasuke ninjas, which were mostly Naruto's close friends, went into a buzz of talking.

Tsunade heaved a heavy sigh. It seemed that even though the persons involved have ties with these people, politics and personal bias seemed to be influencing the situation greatly.

Jiraiya held out a hand. Silence blanketed the room.

"Killing either of them isn't a good idea," The white-haired legendary Sannin started to explain, "…because the Uchiha brat can still disclose Orochimaru's secrets. And he is a powerful ninja—something that we need in our fight against the Akatsuki."

There was a soft wave of murmurs around the room. Kiba, for one, looked particularly annoyed at having Sasuke—the traitor—being spared of his punishment.

"Killing Naruto is risky, because the Akatsuki might do some… forbidden techniques to revive him and extract the Demon Fox," Jiraiya continued, "…or, the Kyuubi's chakra might become even more uncontrollable if the vessel is gone."

Iruka's grip on his folder tightened. It obviously pained him to think of Naruto as a container of a demon, after all. But if the fact that Naruto is a container, would save the blond…

"So what should we do?!" Sakura's emotional voice asked loudly, and Tsunade shot Jiraiya a stern look. She already heard of Jiraiya's solution beforehand, but it sounded too ridiculous to her ears. But it made sense, and if anybody studied the Kyuubi no Kitsune and its container, it is Jiraiya himself.

"The cursed seal can be easily suppressed by a sealing technique," The Godaime said, regarding Kakashi. The silver-haired man nodded in return; after all, he managed to create a seal to suppress the cursed seal during the Chuunin Exam preliminaries.

As Tsunade trailed off, Jiraiya added with an amused leer, "Naruto, on the other hand, needs other methods to release the chakra, in a less destructive way."

The leer remained on the Sannin's face as he continued.

"He needs to mate with somebody."


Chapter One


A feminine voice resounded in the hallway, her tone frantic and slightly afraid. The Uchiha wasn't on his room, and she was given strict orders not to let Uchiha Sasuke out of his room, under any circumstances. She already asked for back-up, but they're taking too long.

Her eyes found the gorgeous-looking Uchiha's form, standing in front of the last door in the hallway. She was about to run after her patient, but a wave of burning red chakra washed from the gap between the door and the floor. Her eyes widened in realization.

"The Kyuubi no Kitsune's vessel's room…"

Though there hasn't been any spoken order about keeping Sasuke away from the blond teen on the other room, she wasn't stupid. After all, these two beat each other up badly—resulting to their confinement here. She knew it was a bad idea to let Sasuke near Naruto. The vengeful Uchiha might try to harm Naruto while he's still unconscious.


She called out instead, feeling her knees buckle helplessly as another red chakra waved from the room. Her tone was pleading and a tad desperate. The meeting upstairs was taking an awful lot of time… why is the back-up not arriving yet?!


She was about to call out again, but the other person turned so that only his left eye is visible. It was colored like blood, and it seemed to be glowing eerily. She felt her whole body shake. She knew Uchiha Sasuke from years back, but he looked so petrifying now.

"Don't disturb," Sasuke said coldly, and in a split-second, a wave of black-purple chakra came hurtling towards her.

Do not disturb us.

From the bursts of fiery-red chakra, Sasuke expected the hospital room to be in complete disarray. Instead, Naruto was suspended mid-air, with a complex circle of spells glowing in a combination of moss-green and charcoal-black.

The red bubbling mass of energy was present, something that Sasuke remembered from the fight between him and the blond years before. Three out of nine tails were present, curling and uncurling randomly, the motions absolutely ruthless, yet immensely powerful.

Sasuke hasn't recovered completely from his wounds; he hasn't rebuilt his chakra stores. Being in the same room as the feared-and-wanted Kyuubi, even though it's just a tiny portion of its power, was enough to make him breath heavily in fatigue.

The younger Uchiha stepped closer to the floating blond, with hands protectively grasping a scroll where a very effective shielding technique is inside. He expected the hot mass of chakra to push him away.

It didn't.

Instead, the three tails disappeared, slowly, one by one. It was followed by the shrinking of the bubbling energy mass, then, the animalistic nails shortened into their normal length.

Right before his eyes, Naruto's unstable chakra flares subsided. There were a lot of questions that ran around his confused and wearied mind.

Before Sasuke could even step closer to the patient –to hold his hand, to peek at his face, to touch his shoulder…- a couple of ANBU members bound him with a chakra-limiting rope. He recognized Hyuuga Neji as one of his captors. The red Sharingan faded into ebony black, as his powers were restricted.

"Uchiha Sasuke, we're going to escort you to your room," The Godaime, who was standing outside the opened door, said, and Neji pulled at the ropes that hugged his torso.

As soon as his feet left the complex array of spells that controlled Naruto's chakra, before they could even drag him away, before they could even marvel at Naruto's sudden stability, a particularly strong wave of scarlet-orange chakra went flying towards them.

Everybody was back to the conference room once again.

All the ANBU members involved in the escort-Sasuke-back-to-his-room mission sported bandages. The Godaime's robe was a bit dirtied. The latest chakra wave that Naruto unleashed was awfully strong; it even pushed Tsunade –the physically strongest fighter in the group sent underground- ten meters away from the room.

"It's true that I have no idea if there should be specifications about Naruto's… mating partner," Jiraiya admitted into the room. "But I considered the Kazekage, since he once possessed the Shuukaku."

Lee made a muffled gurgling noise. Neji shot him an unreadable look. Kiba rudely remarked about Lee looking red in the face.

"However," Jiraiya almost faced the bowl-cut ninja, since he didn't miss Rock Lee's reaction to the earlier part of his statement, "I think that from the scenario we saw earlier…" His voice trailed off suggestively.

This time, it was Sakura who made the gurgling sound.

"Uchiha Sasuke should be the best candidate."

Yamanaka Ino failed to catch her friend, as Sakura fell to the floor with a sickening thud.

To Be Continued

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