To all those who still have this story on alert, or favorite, or even occasionally think of this story – thank you. And to those new readers out there – welcome!

This story is very close to my heart and is one of the things I am proudest of in my life. I still cannot believe I actually wrote an entire story!

That being said, I know I haven't written another story or updated "Or Not" for a long time. However, I am finally feeling inspired again and am working on completely editing and revising "Or Not." Four years of college have taught me a lot about writing and I feel I'm finally in a place where I can objectively look back on the story I wrote almost five years ago and make the necessary changes to it so I can once again be proud of it. And who knows! Maybe I will get around to writing my "The Truth About Forever" story from Wes's point of view. We'll see…

So stay updated and look for changes to this story in the coming weeks! It will be better than ever!

As a second, and slightly more upsetting, note, it came to my attention about a year ago by a reviewer, that someone had plagiarized "Or Not" right here on FanFiction. This really upset me as you can imagine! Stealing someone's intellectual property is the same as stealing their personal belongings and I am still extremely distraught over this for many reasons. I am also appalled that they would not only steal my story, but then post it on the same site! In case you are wondering, the story in question is called "No Liberties" and was posted by Dizzy-x3. And yes I am positive they plagiarized – it's obvious if you compare both stories. Not to mention I completed my story 6 months before she published hers. I have contacted her as well as FanFiction about the issue but have received no response from either source.

So, if anyone knows what I can do to get either her or FanFiction to take her story down (because it is obviously in direct violation of FanFictions plagiarism policy) I would greatly appreciate it. Plagiarism is a serious offense.

In summary: enjoy the story, keep an eye out for updates and revisions, don't read "No Liberties" by Dizzy-x3, and let me know if you have any suggestions about getting this plagiarized material removed.

Thanks and enjoy!


aka politik780