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The End

Shin took a step back after he kissed Mizuki. Mizuki knew she was on the verge of tears but right now she didn't care who saw them. She was too emotional to run away or hide. She looked up at him and put a smile on her face.

"Shin, you realize…you made everything so hard right now. Everything was easy. Back then it was simple, I loved Izumi and that was my story. Now it's…complicated all because of you. Amazing how you changed it so quickly." She could feel the tears roll off her cheeks as she was putting on her fake smile. She noticed Shin's hurt expression and realized something.

She was utterly clueless. She doesn't know who she loves anymore. For all she knows its Izumi or even the immature younger brother.

"Tell me Mizuki, do you feel anything for me at all?" Shin asked with genuine curiousness. And finished "If you have no feelings for me then I'll leave and never come back."

Mizuki's smile disappeared, her tears stopped rolling down her face and thought. 'Do I feel anything…for him?'

Shin sat down on the bottom bunk to brace himself for her answer. He already guessed that she chose Izumi. He was the one her age and…he was good looking in an ugly sort of way…and he could give Mizuki a comfortable life. Shin always hated to admit it but his brother was smarter than him.

"I feel something for you." She told him. It just dawned on her. Izumi was support. He was a good friend and a crush but…lover or boyfriend? Mizuki couldn't pick him. He just hurt her too much. He just wasn't the right one no matter how she looked at it.

"I chose you, Shin." She told him. Her hair was no longer covering her beautiful orbs. They were staring at the guy in front of her. Shin got up and softly walked over to Mizuki and cupped her face and kissed her. He then pulled away and whispered in her ear "Go tell Izumi, it's not fair to him." He then gave her a light shove towards the door.

Mizuki stared back at him and sighed. She didn't want to know how he'd react to her ending it. It wasn't like she meant for this to happen. It's just…the way it is. She walked down to Izumi's door and opened it. She took in a deep breath and stepped in. There on the bed was Izumi reading a book. He turned and smirked "Couldn't keep away?"

"Sano…I need to tell you something…." She took in another large breath and stared at the wall in hopes of it calming her. Sadly, it failed miserably.

"Yeah? What happened?" Sano asked concerned. He got up from his position on the bed and was now in a sitting position.

"Ichooseyourbrother." She told him quickly.

"What was that?" He asked confused.

"I choose Shin. I'm sorry. I know you probably hate me but…I can't choose you." She told him honestly.

"I understand. I never really thought I stood a chance after I saw the way you talked with him. It was over but at least I tried…right?" Sano knew he felt like punching the wall and kicking Mizuki and beating her but he didn't. He couldn't do that to her…She was special.

"I want you to realize that if Shin ever hurts you, you'll always have me." He told her earnestly.

Mizuki smiled and took a step forward. She kissed him on the cheek and whispered "Good-bye,"

Izumi watched as she turned and left the room. He let one single tear fall off his face.

"It's over, I lost." He whispered to himself. He then proceeded by punching a wall. His hand immediately started to bruise. He fell on the bed and put his hand on his face and thought.

With Mizuki

She opened the door to her room and smiled. Shin was reading a book. She quietly shut the door and noticed that the young Sano didn't notice her….yet. She crept up behind him and kissed his neck. Shin who was sitting in a chair dropped the book and fell off the chair.

"What the fuck?!?!?!" He turned around and sighed "You scared the shit out of me! I thought you'd be longer."

"All I needed was to say good-bye. I really should reconsider my choice; I mean did I pick the idiot brother?" She smirked as she saw Shin become very pale.

"I may not be as smart as Izumi but that doesn't mean he's better!" Shin huffed stubbornly.

"Aw, I know! I'm just kidding!" Mizuki smiled and kissed his cheek as he was still in the process of getting up.

"Mizuki, I love you." He told her when he was up and he cupped her face and kissed her lips lovingly.

"Shin, I think I love you too," She smiled as she kissed him back.

"Good enough…" And they kept on whispering and kissing for the next hour until lights out.

The End

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