Author's note: This is an AU story. A lot of things will be different from the actual show. I hope you all enjoy it. I think it has potential to be my best story yet.

Best Laid Plans
Chapter 1: First Day

Haley James was an extraordinary young woman. At 16, she had experienced more than most. The James family was very well off financially and had traveled all over the world. Their youngest daughter, Haley, was so happy at every place they visited but in order for her to get into a good college, she needed to be stationed somewhere until she graduated high school. Her parents had always given Haley the best of tutors and her education was far beyond what any high school could give her… except for extra-curricular activities.

In order for their precious daughter to get accepted to Stanford, her father's Alma matter, she needed to be involved in a community. Haley was fine with this. In fact, she was excited to be able to call some place home for more than a month. So, Haley's father, Jimmy James, contacted his best friend and fraternity brother from Stanford, Richard Davis. Richard and his wife, Barbara also had a daughter that was Haley's age, Brooke Davis, and they lived in a small town called Tree Hill, North Carolina.

Brooke and Haley had been best friends since they were in first grade. That was when the Davis's started bringing Brooke along for the lavish vacations they shared with the James'. The girls got along great even though they were pretty different. Brooke enjoyed spending her family's money, while Haley could care less about the money. Boys were always more attracted to Brooke, mostly because she challenged them. She vowed to remain a virgin until she was married. Haley thought it was a great idea for her friend but she had lost her virginity at the age of 14 to her boyfriend at the time, Micah. He was the only boy she had ever been with, and she wasn't ashamed. Brooke was attracted to the more sensitive type of guys, the ones that read poetry and brought her flowers. From the last phone call Haley had received from Brooke, she had found this guy. His name was Lucas Scott, the most romantic guy at school, Brooke had called him. Haley enjoyed romance. It was nice to read about or see on television, but she preferred the athletic type. The type that could be cocky, but sweet, all at the same time. He didn't have to go out of his way to bring her flowers or read her poetry. That stuff didn't matter. For now, her dream guy being an exceptional kisser was enough for her.

It had been arranged that Haley would live with the Davis's until Jimmy and Lydia James could settle down into the home they had recently purchased in Tree Hill. Jimmy still had a lot of business to handle in Europe that would tie him up there for at least 6 months. Haley was excited. She loved the Davis's. They were so outgoing and warm and welcoming. Plus, Haley had always been like a daughter to them anyway.

Haley stepped off the plane, wearing jeans, a tank top and flip flops. She carried her carry-on bag over her shoulder, towards the luggage pick up. She saw a sign reading Haley James or Bust! and grinned at her best friend, Brooke holding the sign.

"Haley!" Brooke called out as she ran towards her best friend. Haley noticed a tall, blonde guy a few steps behind Brooke.

"Hey best friend!" Haley smiled.

"How was the flight? No, more important, how were all the European boys this year? Did you see Francesco in Spain this year?" Brooke asked with a dreamy smile on her face.

"I did. He said to tell you hello and that he's missed you," Haley laughed. She noticed the blonde guy standing behind Brooke trying to listen but not wanting to intrude. She stuck her hand out for him to shake. "Hi, I'm Haley James, and my best friend has no manners." She laughed.

"I'm Lucas Scott. I've heard a lot about you and Brooke has shown me a lot of pictures," Lucas laughed.

"That's pretty scary. Did she show you the ones where we were both missing our two front teeth at the same time?" Haley laughed.

"Um, no!" Brooke laughed nervously. "I wasn't trying to get him to lose interest."

"I'm sure it wasn't that bad," Lucas laughed. He helped Haley with her bags and led them to his car. Haley raised her eyebrow at Brooke when she saw the beat up pick up truck. Brooke shrugged her shoulders and got into the truck.

"So, Haley, Brooke was telling me that you came to Tree Hill for extra curricular activities… does that include cheerleading?" Lucas asked.

"What? Me… cheer? I don't think so," Haley laughed.

"Come on, Hales! I'm captain, if I say you're on the team, than you are. Please, please, please. It'll be so much fun!" Brooke begged.

"Okay," Haley agreed, "I mean, every little bit helps, right?"

Brooke and Lucas nodded.

"Plus, it's a great way to meet people. I can introduce you to the whole basketball team. Brooke tells me you're really into athletes," Lucas smiled.

"Brooke! What else did you tell him?" Haley asked.

"Nothing, I swear," Brooke grinned.

When they got to the Davis house, Lucas pulled up to the curb and parked his car. The maids ran out to grab Haley's bags.

"Well, pretty girl, I need to get going. Mom and Dad needed help with the store tonight… It was really nice to meet you Haley. I guess I'll see you at school tomorrow," Lucas smiled at Haley, than leaned down to kiss Brooke.

"Bye boyfriend," Brooke called out to him as he got into his truck.

"So, do your parents approve?" Haley asked as the girls walked inside.

"They like Lucas as a person… not so much as a boyfriend. His family isn't as well off as ours," Brooke sighed.

"He seems really nice," Haley smiled.

"Oh just wait 'til you meet his twin brother. He's definitely your cup of coffee or whatever the hell they call it," Brooke laughed. Haley laughed with her.

"Haley, dear, we're so glad to have you here with us," Brooke's mother came down the stairs and hugged Haley.

"Thank you, Mrs. Davis. I'm glad you're letting me stay with you. Will you please tell Mr. Davis thank you, as well?" Haley asked with her best manners.

"I will. Unfortunately, he's out of town for the week. He has business in Richmond, but he's pleased to have his best friend's daughter here to be a positive influence on his own daughter," Barbara Davis smiled before exiting the foyer. Haley raised her eyebrow at Brooke and Brooke just laughed at her mom.

"Come on, Hales, let's get you unpacked. I need to see all the incredible clothing you brought us from Paris," Brooke grinned as she put her arm through Haley's and led her up the stairs. Brooke began to fumble through Haley's clothing. She let out a sigh.

"Sorry, Brooke, but mom wouldn't let me bring the good stuff. She said public school would ruin them," Haley laughed.

"Oh, Haley, I forgot you were always more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl… I'll rub off on you, just wait," Brooke grinned.

"You haven't after ten years, it's not going to happen," Haley smiled as she threw a stuffed animal at Brooke. "So, how come with a house full of guest bedrooms, your parents put us in a room together?"

"It was my idea. This room is so big and lonely and it's not like I have boys over or anything. I thought it would be fun," Brooke squealed. "No boys allowed up here, Haley. I know you like to get freaky every now and then, but that's my rule. Okay?"

"Okay," Haley laughed.

The rest of the night, the girls spent catching up on everything they had missed within the last year, both falling asleep, a little after eleven. The next morning, Brooke's maid came in to wake the girls.

"Haley, Brooke… Wake up, it's the first day of your junior year!" the maid called out as she opened the drapes to let the sunlight in. Brooke immediately bounced out of bed and ran down the hall to get ready. Haley was feeling a little sluggish, so by the time she got out of the shower, Brooke had already laid out her clothes for her.

"A skirt, Brooke?" Haley asked annoyed.

"Yes, we dress to impress. It's your first day at Tree Hill High. First impressions mean everything, especially with teenagers, now hurry up. We can't be late," Brooke insisted as Haley put on the skirt with the tank top and flip flops that Brooke had laid out. Brooke smiled at her. "You look great. If I was a boy, I'd ask you out!"

Haley rolled her eyes as she grabbed her book bag and followed Brooke out the house and into her cute convertible bug. Brooke was so cheery in the morning, it almost made Haley want to hurl but she held it in. She was pretty excited about this new experience. When Brooke pulled into her parking space, Lucas was already waiting for her.

"Good morning, girls. You both look great," Lucas grinned, then kissed his girlfriend.

"Listen, Luke, I've got to get to the principals office for student government… Do you think you could possibly show Haley to her first class?" Brooke asked with a smile.

"Of course. Come on Haley James, let's show you what Tree Hill has to offer," Lucas grinned as he walked her to her first class. "American history, advanced placement with Dr. Shultz… me too."

"I'm glad I'll know someone… maybe this year won't be so bad," Haley smiled as they walked into the classroom. Lucas sat down beside Haley.

"Yo, Luke. We saved you a seat," a guy whispered from the back row.

"It's okay, Skills. I'm gonna hang out with Haley up here. She's Brooke's roommate," Lucas answered. "Haley, that's my friend Skills back there." Haley smiled at the guy.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you, Skills," Haley whispered.

"I'm Rachel," the red head sitting beside him spoke. Haley nodded her head and turned around as the bell rang.

The rest of the day continued very gradually for Haley. She met a lot of people, most of whom, she had already forgotten their names. At lunch, Haley made her way to a picnic table outside. She sat down and watched everything that was going on around her. She was relieved when she saw Brooke run over, waving.

"Haley! I'm so glad we have the same lunch. How is everything, so far?" Brooke asked.

"It's great. The people all seem so nice," Haley smiled.

"Well, everyone's talking about you…" Brooke grinned.

"What? What are they saying?" Haley asked curiously.

"How hot the new girl is," Brooke smiled.

"Whatever," Haley laughed.

"No, really. What do you have next period?" Brooke asked as she took a bite of her sandwich.

"Um, free period in the tutor center…" Haley read from the paper.

"That definitely means they hired you as a tutor, tutor girl!" Brooke laughed.

"What?" Haley asked.

"That's what that means… You'll be tutoring the dumb kids next period… That's a great extra curricular to put on your application to Stanford," Brooke smiled. Haley nodded.

Across the lawn, the basketball players were eating together. Lucas was sitting next to his twin brother, Nathan Scott. They were fraternal twins and different as night and day. Nathan had dark hair, while Lucas was blonde. Nathan was hard core athletic and struggled with school work, while Lucas excelled in athletics but also had the brains.

"What's up with that chick next to Brooke?" Nathan asked his brother.

"That's Haley James. She and Brooke have been best friends since 1st grade," Lucas answered.

"She's pretty cute," Nathan grinned.

"Forget it, man. Her family has more money than Brooke's. It would never work out," Lucas tried to discourage his brother.

"I want to meet her," Nathan grinned.

"She's a cheerleader… meet her at the pep rally," Lucas spoke as he ate his lunch. "So, what do you have next period, anyway?"

"Tutoring. I've got to be tutored this year. Coach Durham doesn't want to risk me being ineligible this season," Nathan answered.

"I told you I'd help you out at home…" Lucas spoke.

"Nah, it's okay. I hear the tutor chicks are pretty cute," Nathan winked at his brother. Lucas laughed.

The bell rang dismissing everyone to their next class. Haley walked into the tutor center a few seconds after the bell rang. She noticed a dark haired boy sitting at the table.

"You're late," he said without looking up from his notebook.

"Sorry, I'm new here," Haley began as the boy looked up. He grinned. "This school is really confusing," she said as she sat down in front of him.

"No, it's not. Not really," the guy laughed.

"It is if you've never been to school before," Haley smiled nervously.

"Wait, so they have a girl that's never been to school before, tutoring me? This should be interesting…" he laughed.

"I've had all the best tutors in the world. My family traveled Europe a lot so it was hard to have time to go to a school… but if you'd rather have another tutor, I think I can have that arranged," Haley replied.

"No, it's okay… But why start regular school now?" he asked curiously as he tapped his pencil on the table.

"I need extra curricular activities on my application to Stanford… Please stop that with the pencil. It's driving me crazy," Haley spoke.

"Sorry… Stanford, that's a great school… Good luck with that… I'm Nathan, by the way," Nathan said as he closed his notebook.

"Haley," she smiled.

When the bell rang, Haley made her way out of the school towards Brooke's car.

"Haley!" Brooke yelled from near the school's gym. Haley glanced up at her. "Cheerleading practice, day one." Haley rolled her eyes as she walked over to where Brooke was standing.

"I didn't bring any extra clothes," Haley whined.

"Don't worry, I brought them for you," Brooke grinned as she tossed the clothes to Haley. When all the girls were changed and ready, they walked outside the gym to practice outside. Coach Durham was being strict on the girls having practice with the boys this year, something about distracting his team.

"Well, as you all know, my best friend Haley has joined our team. Haley, this is Peyton, Rachel, Bevin, Teresa, Lauren, Mackenzie, Maria and Hannah. Okay, now that the introductions are out of the way… We have a pep rally to get ready for!" Brooke squealed.

"Don't you love when she gets like this?" Peyton whispered to Haley. Haley smiled.

After a 3 hour practice the girls were finally on their way home.

"So, anything interesting happen today?" Brooke asked Haley.

"No, not really, but I did meet this really cute guy in the tutor center…"

"Oh, really? What's his name?" Brooke asked.

"I don't remember," Haley laughed.

"Well from what I understand, you've got the pick of the school… Well, besides Lucas, I mean… Make them squirm a little," Brooke laughed. Haley smiled.

"Yeah, I think I'll try that," Haley grinned as she turned up the radio and began to sing along with Michelle Branch.

This was going to be a great year…

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