Author's Note: As always, thank you so much for sticking with my story and thank you for all the incredible reviews! Nathan's dancing the other night was really cute, don't ya think? I couldn't stop laughing. I seriously don't know how he kept a straight face while he filmed those scenes. haha.

Chapter 29: Taylor's Back

"Hales, are you sure you really have to go back to Tree Hill?" Nathan asked his wife at the Orlando Airport. Lucas and Brooke were standing a few feet away holding Abby.

"Yes, Karen said I could have Brooke's old job and we really need the money to start coming in..." Haley sighed as she looked up at her husband.

"Well, there's only two more weeks of camp... I'll come straight home after its over," Nathan told her.

"I know," Haley smiled as she looked into his eyes. She loved him more than words could even describe.

"Mom said you and Abby could stay with her..." Nathan was worried. He and Haley hadn't been a part yet and he knew it was going to be the longest two weeks of his life.

"We'll be fine. I promise," Haley forced a smile as Nathan bent down to kiss her.

"Flight 203 to Tree Hill, North Carolina is now boarding," the announcer called out. Nathan walked over to Lucas and took Abby from him.

"You be a sweet angel for your mommy," Nathan whispered to her. "I need you to take care of her, while I'm gone."

Haley hugged Brooke and Lucas.

"We'll see you in a couple weeks," Brooke hugged her best friend.

"Take care of my husband," Haley sighed.

"I love you," Nathan whispered to Haley and Abby as they made their way to their flight.

"We love you too!" Haley called out. Her eyes were soaked from crying as she boarded the plane. Nathan started crying as well. Brooke hugged him.

"It'll be okay, Nathan. Haley and Abby will be fine. Peyton and Jake will watch over them too," Lucas told his brother.

Deb picked up Haley and Abby from the airport. She could tell Haley had been crying.

"You sure you don't want to stay at my house tonight?" Deb asked.

"No, we'll be fine. Really. Thank you for offering, though," Haley smiled. They rode the rest of the way in silence. Deb helped Haley carry Abby and their bags into the house. Once Deb was sure Haley was settled, she left. Haley had finally gotten Abby to sleep and everything settled in when there was a knock at the front door. Haley opened it slowly and cautiously.

"Taylor?" Haley was surprised. She stepped aside to let her sister in. "Quinn's not with you?"

"Nope. It's just me, this time. God, can you believe mom and dad?" Taylor asked as she carried her bags inside.

"It sucks..." Haley sighed.

"I need to stay here for awhile until I can find some place to go..." Taylor told her.

"Yeah, alright. But you have to get a job. Nathan and I have to work too," Haley told her sister.

"Yeah, I already got that covered. I'll be doing makeup at the mall. Thanks sis! Where's Nathan anyway?" Taylor asked.

"Orlando..." Haley sighed.

"When will he be home?" Taylor asked.

"Two weeks..."

"Great, we have lots of time to have some fun!" Taylor squealed.

"Taylor... No," Haley sighed as Taylor pulled out a bottle of Tequila from her bag.

"Come on Hales, we LOVE tequila!" Taylor jumped up to pour shots for herself and her sister. Haley finally gave in and took one.

A couple hours later, Nathan called. Haley was way past gone at this point.

"Hey Lover!" Haley squealed into the phone.

"Hales, are you alright?" Nathan asked concerned.

"Peachy!" Haley giggled. "I miss you so much, though!"

"Haley, are you drunk?" Nathan asked.

"May-be!" Haley smiled.

"Haley, who's with you?" Nathan asked.

"My sister Taylor. She's got to stay with us for awhile..."

"Where's Abby?" Nathan was very concerned. He'd seen Haley drunk before and it wasn't pretty.

"She's sleeping. Don't worry so much, baby. Everything is under control!" Haley laughed.

"Haley, I don't like when you get like this!" Nathan warned her.

"Nathan, you're miles and miles away..."

"That's the point. If you need me, I can't be there."

"Nathan, we're fine. Okay? I miss you and I love you and I'll call you tomorrow!" Haley told him before hanging up the phone. Within 20 minutes, Peyton and Jake showed up at Haley's home.

"Peyton! Jakey! I've missed you two! What are yall doing here?" Haley asked.

"Nathan was worried about you..." Peyton told her.

"Ugh, I'm fine, really... We all are," Haley grinned as they walked inside.

"Where's Hurricane Taylor?" Jake laughed.

"Bathroom... She's a little sick," Haley told them. "She could never hold her alcohol..."

"Where's Abby?" Peyton asked.

"Sleeping... You know, you can call Nathan and tell him you checked everything out and we're 100 percent okay. And you both can leave too!" Haley informed them.

"We could watch Abby for you tonight if you want us to," Jake offered.

"No. My daughter is staying here with me. Please leave!" Haley yelled. Jake and Peyton nodded before quickly leaving her house. Haley started crying. Taylor walked out of the bathroom, wiping her mouth.

"What? What's wrong?" Taylor asked.

"Everything is falling apart..." Haley cried as her cell phone started going off. Taylor answered it.

"Hey Nathan," Taylor spoke into the phone.

"Where's Haley?" Nathan demanded.

"She's really upset right now, I don't think it's such a good time," Taylor told him.

"Give her the phone, damn it!" Nathan demanded. Taylor gave Haley the phone.

"Nathan... I'm so sorry," Haley cried.

"Haley, what's going on, really?" Nathan asked.

"I'm just feeling overwhelmed, I guess... I don't function well without you. I need you so much Nathan!"

"Baby, I would kill to be there with you, it's just not possible yet. I can't just leave the program..."

"I know... I just love you, Nathan..."

"I love you too, sweet girl. But please, stop drinking. Tell Taylor no more alcohol..."

"I will. I'm sorry, Nathan."

"It's okay. Listen, you need to get some sleep for work tomorrow. Give Abby a kiss for me..."

"Okay. Good night, Nathan."

"Good Night."

Haley hung up the phone and looked over at Taylor who had passed out. She grabbed the bottle from the table and took one last swig from it before going upstairs to get some sleep.