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Chapter 9

After the close encounter with her step-dad, Kayleigh was extremely shaken. House didn't know exactly what had happened to her in the past, but he knew it must have been worse than he originally thought judging by her reaction. He felt like he personally knew what she was going through which just made it worse, especially seeing how it hurt Wilson also.

House was worried that if he called Wilson and told him what had happened he would want to come rushing home. He was right, but he eventually convinced Wilson that coming home right now was the very last thing he should be doing with Kayleigh's crazed step father somewhere out there, and he was able to make him stay at work for the rest of his day- although House would have loved for him to come home right that second. House wished they could simply end this whole thing by calling the police, but with Kayleigh being a run away they couldn't risk that. It seemed like there was no easy solution to this- no simple diagnosis.

Kayleigh was slumped on the couch and House was limping around the room, pacing. She knew she was now stuck inside all day with a bored and anxious House, and this was not a fun prospect. She finally voiced her concern that her step dad may call the police now that he knew where she was but House quickly countered that with the fact that he would have shown up with the police in the first place today, if he wasn't worried about Kayleigh reporting him for the abuse. They would just have to wait it out.

Kayleigh decided that she would call her mother tomorrow to try and talk things out- she realized it couldn't hurt now that they knew where she was. It was the only hope for getting her step father to leave them alone and she desperately hoped she could convince her mom that this was where she belonged. She couldn't of asked for a better father- and even House wasn't so bad once you got used to him. She began to watch his endless pacing around the room.

"You know House, you're an asshole, but I'm glad my dad has you. You guys seemed happy... at least before I came along."

"Oh don't play the pity party on me kid. You make your dad happy, which makes me happy...even if you are a pain in the ass."

"I think that's definitely one of the nicest things you've said to me." Kayeligh said with a laugh.

"Don't push it. I don't want your dad to know that I actually have real emotions. That would just complicate our relationship!"

A few hours had passed and thankfully there was no sign again of Kayleigh's step-father. They spent the afternoon watching General Hospital, much to Kay's dismay so she took the opportunity to ask House some questions she had been wondering about.

"So did you and my dad know each other before you worked together, or did you meet at the hospital?" Kay had assumed that they had met at work but she had recently been wondering if that was the case.

"Your dear old dad was wasted, got into a bar fight, and I saved his ass. The rest is history." Kay was disappointed, as she was expecting a real answer and not one of House's made up stories.

"Very funny," Kayleigh rolled her eyes at him "I'll just assume you met at work..."

"For once I'm actually not being a sarcastic bastard, but you can ask your dad when he gets home."

Eventually Wilson did make his way home safely much to the relief of House and Kayleigh. House saw how much more visibly relaxed Kayleigh was once Wilson was around, which assured him that Wilson's incessant worries about being an inadequate father were not justified. Kayleigh eventually fell asleep on one of the couches, with House and Wilson on another couch across from her. Wilson was fixated on Kayleigh and seemed to be off in another world. House reached out and stroked his hair, which seemed to startle Wilson a little.

"You alright?" House asked quietly.

"Yeah...just worried about Kayleigh..."

"We'll figure this out. I know you're worried about being her father, but for what it's worth you've been a better dad to her in the short time that you've known her than most fathers are to their kids their whole life. So quit worrying." Wilson leaned into him as a sign of thanks. He had Kayleigh, and he had House and it seemed like for now that was all he needed.