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Everyone listened intently. Rose could see them being drawn in at first, but after a while she wasn't seeing the preset anymore, just the past as she told it. She finished several hours later. It felt as if everyone was in a daze. A few people had tears streaming down their cheeks. Brock Lovett and Lewis Bodine were not crying, but they looked shell-shocked by the story.

"We never found anything on Jack Dawson. There was no record of him at all," Bodine said.

Rose smiled a bit. "Well there wouldn't be, would there? And I've never spoken of him until now, not to anyone." She paused, still wrapped in memory, almost in a dreamlike state. "Well now you know there was a man named Jack Dawson, and he saved me. In every way that a person can be saved." She stopped, looking a bit heartbroken. "I don't even have a picture of him. He exists now... only in my memory."

Rose then was lost in images, and very few of the people in the room heard the door open and a voice say, "I beg to differ."

Rose jolted, like she had been electrically shocked, and looked up. A man of twenty-eight was standing in the doorway, with tan skin and bright blue eyes. His hair was dirty blonde. He was grinning at Rose.

Time seemed to freeze. Brock was looking from one to the other, putting it together. This man looked like what Rose had described. Energetic, full of life, and completely boundless. Never mind that he had thought the love-struck girl had been talking when he heard it. The whole rest of the team was slowly putting it together. They had no idea how, but they understood the simple facts. The woman who had tried to get Rose to go back to her room was the first to exit.

Rose was just staring at him. She was completely unaware of the room emptying around her; all she could see was him. "Jack?" she whispered, "Jack Dawson?"

He nodded, grin widening, and Rose rushed into his arms. He kissed her fiercely. The room was empty now. Rose had tears streaming down her face. When they broke apart, he brushed them away and said, "Why are you crying?"

"I thought you were dead for ten years!" she cried (in both senses of the word) and kissed him again.

"I thought you were dead too," he said when she released him, "and it killed me."

"I'm sorry Jack," she said.

He looked at her in complete confusion. "Why?"

"I didn't keep my promise. I couldn't go on."

He kissed her head and hugged her hard.

"How are you still alive? The last time I saw you you were frozen and you were sinking..."

Jack looked at her. "Please don't be sad now. And they," he nodded his head toward the door, meaning the team, "would probably like to hear my story too."

Rose nodded, and they went to go get everybody back into the room. Once they were assembled, Jack, holding tight to Rose's hand, began talking.

"I wasn't really dead when Rose let go of me," he started, wiping away a tear of Rose's that had slipped out at that simple sentence, "I was just unable to move. So for all intents and purposes, I was frozen. I kept on thinking how badly I wanted to stay alive, and how much I wanted to kick upwards. After about a minute of trying to get movement back into my legs, I was able to kick fully. By the time I got to the surface, Rose was gone. I couldn't see very well, couldn't cry out. There were two possibilities: You were dead or you were alive and in a boat, Rose. I saw lights kind of floating in the distance, and I figured that they belonged to lifeboats. I started swimming, really slowly, towards them, after a while I was really able to function properly. I was still freezing, but I was, quite literally, fighting hypothermia."

He stopped for a minute, lost in thought, gripping Rose's hand as if she were the only thin that were keeping him alive. He wanted to make sure this wasn't a dream, and that he would wake up to find that she was actually dead.

"I got to the boat. Actually, it was two boats. They were tied together. Molly Brown was in the one that pulled me in and so was your mother."

Rose nodded. "I never saw them again," she said, a hint of melancholy in her voice. "No one who would have told me that you were alive."

Jack nodded, and continued. "Yeah. That's right. I remember getting a few coverings or something, and I ended up falling asleep. I woke up in a hospital on land. The doctors there told me I had slept through the rest of the trip to America on the Carpathia. After about, I'd say a month, I was fine. I was freezing for the first week, and I'm pretty sure I got pneumonia." Rose took in a sharp breath. "But I was fine," he reassured her, "I'm a survivor, remember?"

A fresh wave of tears streamed down her face, and she leaned against him. He put his arm around her, holding her close. "I got through it, and I went to Chippewa Falls, where I guess you went." He was again talking to Rose, who nodded. "I wanted to be, in any way I could, closer to you," she said. He nodded. "I grew up in Chippewa Falls, then after my parents died, I got up and left. I hadn't been back there since. I lived there for ten years. Then, this morning, on the news, I saw a picture that I had drawn. By the time I called in, I think Rose was already here, because one of your crewmen said that you couldn't come to the phone. I asked him if I could come to the boat you were on, and he said sure. So one of my friends has a flying license and a helicopter, so I asked her to bring me here. The man who had answered the phone came to greet me. I told him I was a Titanic survivor and I had drawn that picture. He asked me who the woman was, and I said that it was Rose DeWitt Bukator asked me to draw that picture of her wearing the Heart of the Ocean. He seemed to believe me after that. He said there was one glitch. 'The woman who we thought had died on the Titanic was named Rose DeWitt Bukator,' he told me, 'But the Rose here is saying that he last name is Dawson. I hadn't really told him what my name was; can't remember how that worked, though. I told him it was the same girl. He led to where she was going to tell the story to you, and I told him not to tell anyone I was here, I just wanted to listen to Rose. And, well, you all know the rest."

He took a long breath, like he had been waiting to tell that for years, just like Rose had. "I never actually told that to anyone, even the friends I've made in the last ten years. Some of the closer ones know I'm a Titanic survivor, but they never asked me for the story. I've been waiting a decade to get that off my chest."

Rose completely understood. None of the people she had become close with knew anything about her time on Titanic; after they had learned she was a survivor, they were a little afraid to press the subject. But Rose thought of it as poison that had to be sucked out. Telling the story did that, and erased the wound. Jack's being alive was just the icing on the cake. It was amazing. And neither of them had moved on.

That night, Rose got up out of the bed she had on the boat. She walked towards the back of the ship. There was a railing there. She stepped on the first rail. She then felt hands on her waist, steadying her. Jack wasn't asleep either. She opened her hand and showed him the Heart of the Ocean. He stared at it. He hadn't seen it since that fateful night. Rose told him about finding in her pocket.

"The worst part of being so poor was being so rich," she told him, "but every time I tried to sell it, I thought of Cal, and I got along without him throughout all those years. Now I want to return it to where it belongs."

He nodded. He understood. She could get by without Cal. He knew what she was going to do. The team wouldn't understand, they would mainly see it as the loss of a material. She was holding it over the edge when Brock Lovett ran up behind them.

"Don't come a step closer," she said, using a similar tone to the one she used when she was trying to commit suicide, except this wasn't as desperate, "or I'll drop it."

His eyes traveled from Rose to the diamond, then he said, "You had it the entire time?!?"

Rose nodded. "I couldn't sell it," she said.

"Yes, I heard you telling him," he said, gesturing to Jack, who was not holding on to Rose. This was her moment, and he sensed it.

Louis Bodine came, along with Bobby. The "Holy shit," uttered by Bodine basically summed up what the three team members were feeling.

"Don't drop it, Rose," Brock said. He was trying to coax her to bring it over. He mind flashed in memory. She was hanging off the back of the Titanic, and Jack was using the same tone to try to get her not to let go. Except now it was being used for a material, not a human being's life.

Bodine was willing to do anything to get that diamond. "Rush her," he whispered fiercely. Jack stepped protectively closer to Rose, giving Bodine a look that would set ice on fire.

Brock seemed to understand Rose's point a bit. "It's her, you schmuck," he whispered back to Louis. He turned to Rose. "Look, Rose, I... I don't know what to say to a woman who tries to jump off the Titanic when it's not sinking, and jumps back onto it when it is... we're not dealing with logic here, I know that... but please... think about this a second."

Rose simply smiled. "Oh, I've had my mind made up for years.I came all the way here so this could go back where it belongs."

Brock seemed to resign to the fact that she was going to toss it over. But he edged a little closer. "Just let me hold it in my hand. Please. Just once."

Rose, to everyone's surprise, holds it out. Brock takes the diamond in his hand, but Rose was still holding the chain. Brock was completely lost in the jewel. His hand closed around it. "My God," he whispered.

He looked up, right at Rose. "You look for treasures in the wrong place, Mr. Lovett," she said, "Only life is priceless, and making each day count." Rose met Jack's gaze. He smiled.

His fingers loosened on the diamond. Rose pulled it away from him, and threw it over.

Brock was a bit shocked that he had it, and to have it go. He rushed to the rail in time to see it sink into the inky blackness of the water.

Bodine was horrified. "Aw, that really sucks, lady!" he yelled at Rose.

Brock seemed to be going through a thousand different emotions, and finally settled; he began to laugh. He laughed hard, holding his hands up. Rose knew that he finally understood, even if no one else from the team did.

The next morning Jack and Rose were transported back to Chippewa Falls by way of helicopter. Rose was leaning against Jack the whole time. They were holding on to each other's hand for dear life. When they landed, Jack kissed her hair and said, "Welcome home, Rose."

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