Some more typical Supergirrl humor. This contains Fax, Miggy, and whatever it is you call Sam/Max. Mam or Sax. Anyways, I got the title from a song lyric, kudos if you guess which one. This is a tiny bit perverted, but really funny, so I think most anyone can enjoy this.

Disclaimer: I do not own Maximum Ride, or the Temple of Doom from Indiana Jones, which I make a joke about in here.

"Oh, that feels simply exquisite. Can you do my left foot, Sam?"

The incredibly attractive, shirtless male at Max's feet nodded, let go of her right foot, and went to work massaging the left.

She leaned back onto her comfortable lounge chair, enjoying the massage. "Can I have my chocolate-chip cookies, please, Iggy?"

Max laid her head back onto the soft pillow, opening her mouth so he could hand-feed her some of the best cookies on Earth. She watched the also shirtless, extremely buff guy place one cookie at a time in her mouth, letting her chew the fresh-from-the-oven treats before giving her another.

After her cookie-cravings had been satisfied, she clapped her hands once, saying, "I need some affection, boys."

Max watched the resulting scuffle with mild interest as the three guys punched and kicked each other in an attempt to reach her first. Finally, the shirtless Fang broke free of the fight and kissed her. Ignoring the disappointed sighs of the other two guys, she kissed him rather happily for a moment, tangling her fingers in his thick black hair. When she pulled away, Max asked, "How's progress on my project?"

"Well, Lissa was attacked by Erasers, a swarm of locusts, sucked into quicksand, mauled by a bear, fell off a waterfall, and was chased by an extremely persistent goose."

She looked up at him, disappointed. "That's all?"

He shrugged. "It was a slow day. Tomorrow, it's Lissa in the Temple of Doom, so it should be a bit more interesting."

Max lie there for a few minutes, mentally comparing the naked chests of the three males before her, trying to figure out which one she wanted right now. It was a close contest. "I need one of you to carry me to bed."

"I will!"

"No, it's my turn!"

"You're both lying, it's my turn!"

She sighed, pushing a lock of hair out of her face. "Don't fight, you'll just have to take turns. Sam, it's your job tonight."

Giving the other two a gloating look, he hurried to her side, and effortlessly picked her up, bridal-style. Max closed her eyes and allowed herself to be carried to her bedroom, which was huge, with a high ceiling and a four-poster canopy bed. He gently deposited her on the bed, and she noticed that both of the other guys had followed them, and were standing there, looking like they wanted to tear Sam's guts out.

She crawled beneath the soft, pre-heated covers. She was well-fed, content, and comfortable, but there was still something missing…..

"This bed is too big and lonely. Sam and Fang, strip. You, pyro, get in this bed right now. I want to snuggle."

As the three males scurried to obey her, Max smiled. Life was good.

"Wake up. Come on, Max, wake up!"

"God, why isn't she waking up?"

"Do you think she's in a coma or something?"

"I dunno, it might be some sort of post-traumatic stress from the isolation tank."

Bending down, Angel poked the sleeping Max on the shoulder. She rolled over, ignoring her. Nudge gave her a gentle kick in the ribs. Fang grabbed her face, squeezing it, "You need to wake up, right now."

Max groaned, batting him away without opening her eyes, "Fang, go away or just take your shirt off."

Iggy laughed," What did you say?"

She sighed, "You too. Take your shirt off as well, please."

He stopped laughing.

Max realized what she had been saying, and her eyelids snapped open. "Crap."

Don't we all wish we had dreams(Or realities) like that? I've just posted another MR fic called Kindness, it's under the M section, just to warn you.