Title: Last man standing
Author: Me MissyMiss
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst
Summary: What if Sam was not immune to the 'disease and died in the episode Croatoan? How does Dean Cope?

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural, and sadly i don't own the boys either...

A/N: MY FIRST SUPERNATURAL FIC!!! It's just a VERY short stand alone fic

Looking over the horizon he watched the sun rise, he was familiar with this spot, since Dean had been here many times before, this was his spot.

Dean walked close to the edge of the cliff looking down he reminded himself of the easy way to relief the pain. But Sam's last words were for Dean to continue, to find revenge for Sam, Mary, and John. Dean had tried for over a year, Dean spent every waking moment killing every evil thing that crossed his path.

For three years the Winchester family had not been able to kill the yellow eyed demon, but so many times they had come so close.

Dean was done, he was tired of this life, too. Sometimes he would pass by families and he would envy them so much, all Dean wanted was a family again.

Taking a walk down memory lane, Dean relived so many things he regretted, so many things he wished for a do over.

Dean sat on the back of the Impala, and let a tear loose, it was amazing how many tears this spot could hold.

Over the last year, so many times Dean wanted to just give up, and let himself go, but he had his family's revenge to live for, that kept him going for the last year, but that wasn't enough now, Dean was tired, really tired of being on the run, he wanted to settle down, and have a family, this wasn't how he wanted to live.

So many mistakes caused the deaths of those close to him, sometimes Dean felt like he was a curse, everyone around him died. Dean learned his lesson, he never associated with anyone, never made friends with strangers, and talk only of business.

Dean was afraid to fall in love, afraid that she too would die because of him.

Dean didn't want to live like this anymore, he didn't want to live a life of solitude, and grow old with only his regrets to accompany him. Dean wanted to end now.

His family was gone there was nothing left to fight for, someone would eventually take care of the demon, Dean didn't want it to be his problem anymore.

Dean opened the door of the Impala, and sat inside on the driver's side, he turned on the car, and heard the engine roar, he put in a cassette tape and listened to the stereo, it was his favorite song, a song that helped him through his hard times, now it was a song of good bye.

Dean took the keys out of the car, and dug a hole, he dropped his precious keys in, and covered the hole. This was his car and no one else would be allowed to drive it.

Dean walked to the edge of the cliff, shedding a few more tears, he knew this wasn't right, that he shouldn't run from pain, but he didn't want to go on, it was a tiring life with no reward.

"Forgive me" Dean said out loud, after his last words, Dean took a step forward, into freedom, falling through the air he felt the pain blowing off of him, and yet he hated himself for taking the easy way out.

Dean found a way to end it once and for all, but it wasn't the best way, he could of killed the demon, he could have started a family and lived a normal life, but Dean chose to walk off that cliff. This however was not one of his regrets.

A/N: K that's the end, it's poorly written cause i just got the idea, and i didn't really plan this out. My fingers just took control of the keyboard, please review.