I suddenly looked at her pale green eyes shadowing her from the world as she was a small 9 month old child, her pale skin, and black hair reminded me of someone I knew. Selene, her features matched were identical to the child before me as Erika had brought me this young beautiful girl as a nuisance to her normal dominating life.

My bat like wings protruding suddenly as I curled the small bundle in them not hurting her as my plan would soon succeed, the race of a new breed would come from this child. But the only problem would be to shelter her and she needed a mother, my feet dashing away as I came upon an old house the door ajar as I entered it.

The sense of blood coming to my nostrils suddenly appealing my taste for a feast was troubled by a whimper. My hybrid shape changing suddenly to my human shape as I walked in the direction of the blood spill that was in the floor. Finding suddenly a small black haired curled shape crying her heart out as I walked suddenly towards her.

Her face jerking up suddenly as I saw was a girl, her body suddenly squirm away in fright my hand taking her own suddenly as I handed the child to her

Helen- what beautiful child.

She said suddenly my eyes peering at her as she had an immediate bond to my new queen. The soft giggling laughter of the baby making me grin.

Marcus- may I ask why were you crying, in this place. Oh and forgive me for not introducing my self my name is Marcus.

Helen- I am Helen, and thank you for your concern but its private.

She spoke to me, my body kneeling suddenly to her pool of blood as I took a drop of it tasting suddenly the sweet blood retrieving the image of what had happened only a few hours ago.

Marcus- you got hurt, you bled and had a fight, I like that in a woman

I said suddenly her eyes in awe as she stood the baby in her arms as I stood as well. my grin not escaping me as she stuttered like a school girl.

"How did you know?"

She asked me, my eyes glaring at the child as I snatched it away from her, my back turning as I looked at the deep black irises of the baby.

"I have an Acquaintance with memory, but if you don't mind me asking, would you like revenge, in exchange in becoming the immortal mother of this child. What do you say?"

I questioned the girl coming to me as her black irises looked at mine.

"I would say definitely"


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