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Summary: What happened to the Pegasus after she took on the two Cylon base ships at Gamoray? This fan fiction attempts to give one possible answer.

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Originally started in 2002

By: Fire Star

Return of a Legend

Part 1 -Pegasus-Rebuilding The Fleet.

The Pegasus was engulfed by a shining ball of light. Cain saw the light just as they fired at point Blank range at the cylons base ships. The loud noise and bright lights caused him to pass out. He hit the deck hard. He wondered if this is what it felt like to die?


Cain awoke in a room covered in a brilliant light. He was lying on a soft bed with his beloved wife Bethany at his side. "Hello Cain. I have missed you so." She whispered.

He sprang back "Am I dead? Is this heaven?"

Bethany laughed "Cain what makes you think you would have earned heaven especially after your latest stunt?"

"Well you are here?" He said "You were always my heaven."

She sighed he was still a charmer. He was never serious in this mood.

"Cain I love you dearly but this is not heaven. At least not as you know or would consider it. We are however on another plane. Out side your time and space. We do not have much time. So, my dear one here your new orders if you will. You are going to save an other branch of humanity my love. Then Join back with Adama's fleet and head to Earth."

"No. I ... I can not. The Pegasus she is gone." Cain said his smile fading.

"No my love she there." Bethany showed him his ship bathed in white light. "We spared her and your crew. She is damaged. It will take all your skills to repair her. There is time and there is a way."

"We need help." Cain said he hated to admit it but Bethany was his wife. He longed to make up for his past failures. "Stay with me. I need you."

Bethany sighed softly. All her sealed life she longed to hear those words. Now it was too late for them. "Thank you Cain for that. I am gone from your life your and existence. I know you will need help and it will soon find you. Be open to it. Welcome it. Embrace life and its gifts. Know you will always have my love and my blessings but, we can not be together now. When your life is over I will welcome you to my arms again but not my love for many yearns I pray. Please not for many yearns." She stroked his face lightly and stepped away once more light and energy.

"How can I do this? I am so tired. Tired of fighting and tired of running I need a war fleet. It's the only chance humanity has." Cain cried out. A desperate prayer torn from a man who never had real faith in anyone besides himself.

"And so you shall have it." Bethany said.

"Cain you must have faith. All will be as you wish. Now it's time for you to go back. I will love you always but please stop being in so much of a hurry to join me." Bethany said as she kissed his cheek. Cain awoke with a start. Looking at his first officer barely registering he was home.


"Commander you are awake that the Lords." Colonel Tolan said

"Auh. Tolan not so loud please, Lords I feel like I drank a keg of Ambrosia. My head is pounding. How long have I been out cold." He demanded

"To long Commander fortunately we are in one Piece." Tolan replied. "Sir we are picking up transmissions. They are human sir. I maintained communications silence per orders but I think we should check it out sir."

"Do it Tolan And As soon as my head stops pounding I want a full report. Get me a headache powder please."

The medic raced to bring him a painkiller.

Cain took it and thanked the woman. "Ok let's go to the bridge. I want a full scan done of the area and open all channels. Listened especially to the once used by our former allies and by the shipping firms even the pirates and smugglers."

"But sir they are all dead? Aren't they?"

Cain laughed "And so were we to the colonies. I have a feeling Tolan. I think it's possible someone may have slipped away like Adama and his fleet. I want to test that Theory." Cain said

"Yes sir" Tolan said not quite believing it was possible. I hope so sir we could use a break.

Cain rose and staggered a bit. He felt like he had a bad Hangover. However he was now determined to find out if what his dream said was true. Had anyone else slipped away? He also wondered there had to have been a few freighters and other ships out there ones who had been away from the colonies at the destruction. Cain had to know , had to find out. He was not going to let the golgomining cylons win. He was going to help rebuild the human race. The cylons were going to pay for their evil. He would do this thing or die trying.


Dr. Zoie watched the commander. He seemed unnerved and a little unsettled She wondered if he been hurt more then it appeared. She went over to her assistant Dr. Anya. "How does the commander seem to you?"

"Distracted and unsettled. Lost almost like he has no idea what to do." Was the reply

"Well then go check on him. He knows you best and may be more honest." Zoie said

"Thanks... Just what I need, you know he going to be angry right?" Anya grouched

"Anya just do it. He needs to be checked out. I will be here if you need me." Zoie said

"Ok, Ok But if I am in pieces don't say I did not warn you. You know I missed the shuttle on purpose he going to be so pissed off." Anya said "He will likely want to shoot me." Or paddle me like a wayward child. He still sees me as a kid. That is worse then the thought of the spanking. That might be fun.

Zoie chuckled "Well he likes you. So charm him."

"Yeh like that will work." Anya groused heading to Cain's office. He would never believe I did it out of concern and love she thought. Anya had been in love with Cain for yearns and she could not bring herself to leave his ship. She was a sad case. He was out of reach and always would be.


Anya knocked on the commander's door.

"Enter!" he shouted. His head still was pounding and he was in a foul mood.

"You wished to see me...Sir?" Anya added at the last moment hoping to placate him.

Cain just looked at her his eyes icy.

Frak he is pissed. Anya thought as she smiled at him hesitantly

Commander Darius moved his War star forward. He looked out across the small fleet. He hoped he was doing the right thing seeking out the colonials. He knew that at least one battle star escaped. His people were better protected but they were in need of hope. A larger fleet being that hope.


Anya stood before Commander Cain. " Sir Captain Anya reporting as ordered."

"Anya I like to know why you are still here to report?" Cain was clearly angry. This was going to be bad. Anya thought.

"Sir? I'm afraid I don't know what you mean?" She have to try the innocent act.

"Anya you could not get away with that as a child what makes you think I believe it now?"

"Sir?" She said trying to look innocent.

Cain rolled his eyes and fought his temper.

Cain got up and went to Anya. "You were told to leave this ship. For your own safety I might add."

"Sir I got hurt. My arm was broken."

"Bullshit! You had no intention of leaving you could have gone broken arm or not."

"No Commander I could not leave."

"Why! Frak I promised your family you would be safe. Now you are here. Why Anya. Why did you disobey a direct order meant to keep you safe!"

"I don't know." she lied. She glared at him. Who was he to complain about disobeying orders anyway? He disobeyed Adama.

That defiant attitude and glare sparked Cain's temper. He looked at her. "You will follow my order or else."

"Sure whatever." She quipped. "Like you followed the Commander's?"

Cain caught her anger blazing and before either of them knew what was happening he paddled her backside good. Anya cried shocked and angry that he treats her like a child. She fought him and he pulled her up. "Never defy me in terms of your safety."

She locked eyes with him determined he not treat her like a child. Anya struck his face hard. Then ran her tongue across her lips. Cain lost the fight and kissed her hard. Yearns of pent up rage, desire and attraction broke free.

Anya was shocked but returned his kisses full force. She had been in love with this old war daggit since she was 16. He pulled her to him. He was intent on proving she belonged to him and had to obey him. He had taken her before he knew what he was doing.

It did not take them long to realize it was more then anger at play. Both broke free. Both of them were momentarily stunned.

"Cain I am sorry I could not leave you. I need you. I love you. I have always loved you." Anya pleaded hoping he would understand.

"I know, I know."He said Cain at last understood what Bethany meant Love was closer then he ever thought possible. But, how did this bring him a war fleet he did not know. He paced and looked out the window.

"I swore to your father I keep you safe. Forgive me I lost my temper that should not have happened." Cain said. He felt a little guilty over the spanking. He had almost done more then that and that made hum blush.

"Commander... Cain we are both adults. We ... we can act on our feelings. But sir I won't ever leave you never."

Cain was stunned. Anya was younger then Sheba yet ,she dared defy him. He said nothing gathering his wits.

"How could you and Doctor Zoie stay."

"Sir she had her hands full with the wounded. She would never leave them alone. You evacuated a lot but ,some were to critical to move. Besides, Cain. Zoie loves you to. She is just waiting for you to see it. Cain we aren't leaving so get over it already." Anya stated" If you are worried about us maybe we should join Adama's fleet or better yet find Commander Stolen and my Father."

"What do you mean?"

Anya smiled." Cain my father escaped Delphi just as Adama escaped the colonies. Stolen's been a fugitive for yearns. If the Colonial Fleet could not catch him how could the cylons?"

Cain was stunned. It never occurred to him that the other human civilizations might have survivors too. He sat down." Anya your father what did he command?"

"The whole Third fleet of the Empire. Remember." She said She was smiling broadly.

"Yes and Stolen he had a Destroyer if I recall correctly?" Cain said " You are right he was brilliant. Do you think Zoie know how to find him?"

"Ask her sir. She will tell you as long as you promise not to arrest him. We could have a fleet and then join Commander Adama. It would be a lot harder for the cylons if they faced a well armed fleet. At least we have a good chance. Look how hard they got beat with just two battle stars. A fleet would make them think twice." Anya said sounding excited.

"Alright. You have my word I will try to build this fleet. "At her brilliant smile his heart melted. "Now go get Zoie I think we all should have to have a long hard talk. Stolen won't trust me unless he feels he has a reason. You say Zoie's in love with me? Well maybe the solution is for all of us to seal. Then Stolen will be my father in law and he will trust me as family. Your father would also respect our marriage and it make an alliance easier. Go on get her. But first Anya will you seal with me?"

"Yes" She kissed his lips. "It was a dream come true."

Anya smiled and raced out she won." Zoie be pleased to. "


"Zoie go see Cain Now."" Anya said She was not going to spoil the good news. Zoie got up and headed to see Cain Anya looked like she just won the Aryan Lottery.


Zoie was certain Cain was going to be angry for her not sending Anya away. She knocked and then came in carefully ready to bolt at the first sign of his temper.

Cain smiled as he saw her." Come in Zoie we must talk. Please have a seat. I going to be honest with you and I hope I don't make a fool out of myself. Zoie. Will you seal with me?"

Zoie was glad she sat down for surely her legs would have failed her." Sir, did you say seal?"

"Yes. I did before you ask any questions let me explain why. I know commander Stolen is your father, I also know Commander Darius is Anya's. Now before you answer me you should know I also asked Anya to seal with me."

Zoie stiffened, she understood now. Cain wanted their father's ships, his own private war fleet. Cain saw comprehension dawned and her sudden flash of anger.

"Zoie, please hear me out. Its true I need a fleet of ships. The colonial fleet needs us and two battle stars are not enough. A war fleet would help. Anya is right in that. I would also like to bring Stolen home. I never believed he was guilty but, I could not help him much. The best I could do was let him slip away. Yes, I could have caught him but I let him go. I refused to fire on good warriors. No man could be a traitor and have a crew so loyal. But,be that as it may he won't believe me unless he has a good reason. My being your husband may be enough. Now before you refuse outright consider that his people to will be safer as will he. We can have a good life Zoie. I need a family…I need to feel there is a reason to keep going. I know we can make it work." Cain drew her to him. He kissed her. The passion flared." See we a good start. Please seal with me. Let us be a family. You know we have always gotten along well."

Zoie looked at Cain her heart broke. She missed her father but could she seal with the man she loved for that? It was the kiss convinced her. They could make it work. Besides having Cain even sharing him with Anya was more then she ever hoped to have. Plus she see her father again. "Yes. Yes Cain I will seal with you. Yes I know how to find him. I always did."

"Alright let us see Anya and arrange our sealings. We will seal first then seek out your father and his ship. I hoping he will not be alone and we will find other have joined him. If it any comfort I never agreed with the charges against him. It was more to make an example then true wrong doing on his part. A fine or suspension for a few sectons would have been more fair." Cain said

"Thank you Cain. However, he did violate orders people did die because of it. It is a good thing and I am glad you don't consider him a criminal for I truly think had he not done what he did more would have perished."

"I know that Zoie's I willing to forget it. Besides we need warriors the council will see that and pardon him. Adama is not an unreasonable man. Lord knows he put up with me testing him. Stolen will be a piece of cake after that."

Zoie laughed at Cain took his hand and dragged him to find Anya and a priest.


Centars latter-

Tolan watched as they made toasts. He never in his wildest dreams believed he stand as Commander Cain's best man. However he was pleased. His commander deserved happiness. Yet he felt a pang of loneliness. However, he would always support the man, after all he to knew the value of a war fleet.


Alaina walked to her husband's side." Darius... Do you really think we will find them? Do you think our baby alive?"

"Yes, Cain was resourceful Beloved. It's the only reason I allowed Anya to go with him. That and the fact I hope a match be formed. I like Cain he a strong man. Anya needs that to be happy." Darius said." A weaker one would disappoint her. She, like you my love Strong but flexible." He kissed her gently." How is Rose? She seemed upset at dinner?"

"She still misses her mate. It's been two yearns and I am worried. No male her interests her. I'm afraid if it were not for Terran..."

"I know. I considered matching her but she would be unhappy. Maybe there will be one in Cain's fleet to raise her interest."

"We can only pray so Darius for Rose needs a loving mate to." Alaina said

He hugged her agreeing.

Darius hugged her and pulled her to his arms. He wrapped them around her and they stood there watching the stars." So beloved do you think Anya caught Cain yet? And what of Sheba she was always jealous."

"That husband is your fault. You had to try to match them when Anya was a girl and Bethany was still alive. Sheba did not understand. Her people they are such conservatives. Only one mate, wife at a time. She was Gemon remember?"

" Well how was I to know. Know it would be seen as an insult. After all Anya a princess. And she only have been a second wife."

"Darius men are so dense sometimes. I love you anyway sometimes."

He clearly had no idea that some women did not like to share. Then again he was spoiled by his wives.


" Father We will need to find food ,Water soon. We have fuel a plenty but the rest?"

"I know Bethly but what can we do. The cylons have scorched every habitable planet. I only one other idea. I pray it is still intact." Commander Stolen told his Eldest child. He loved her for being willing to run with him. He been forced to Leave Zoie behind and wondered if she had died hating him for it. But She knew he only had one chance to get away. He knew about the lose of the Pegasus and it grieved him deeply. Cain had been a good friend and brave warrior. If only...

"Bethly we are heading to the old Delphi boarder. Maybe we can scavenge what we need. There is a small system maybe it got missed."

"Yes Father " Bethly said hoping it was true for they had over 5 passenger ships now to defend as well. They found stragglers who tried to meet the Galactica and missed her. No they were in trouble and needed food and water soon. The irony was they found 3 full jumbo tankers and a miner. Fuel was never a problem or arms but the basics were. Stolen's fleet had over 20 ships, but not a single agro vessel. He hoped to find one in the ghost yard of ships and a tanker for water.


"Excuse me Father mother. Grandmother sent me to get you. Seems we got a big problem. We are low on fuel. I had an idea." Rose said.


"Ok lets head toward the Ghost yard. Even if we don't find traces of Stolen we might find a salvageable ship or two. Tolan I know for a fact there was an old cruiser there. It was scrapped in 2067 and I know Hacker can bring her back on line. Its not a battle star but I hope it will do as a first command for you."

"Commander? I … I would be honored sir but will we have enough crew?" Tolan asked.

"Yes, We are stopping at Hades II first."

"Sir? That is an old Gemeon prison colony?" Tolan said

"Yes. But it was never listed on the star charts. I think we can recruit staff there. Gavin the Co is an old friend. He ... well he wont have run it as a prison. I be willing to bet the men and women there are fine warriors. And likely will be willing to join us. Gavin thought they deserved 2nd chances. So he would turn them into warriors. He was from Leon so they will all be Spartan trained."

""Oh Lord." Tolan said Spartan were a very hard core group and he was to command a ship full. Cain was insane.

"I have faith in you Tolan besides Gavin will help you."

"Won't he want command?"

Cain laughed" No, He was a ground ponder, a major who will likely be annoyed to be even your xo. He hates ship board duty."


Major Gavin cursed loudly and clearly. They were running again. Hades he hated cylons. They had food water supplies but no way out. Hades II had finally lived up to its name. Only the fact that cylons were patiently stupid saved them so far. "Jarvis we need a ship to get the off this planet."

Captain Jarvis began to chuckle he never thought he see the day his friend wanted shipboard duty." Well sir as long as you get the big chair?"

"No bloody way. Where in Hades is Cain or Kronous when you need them."

"Sir we almost got that old Cruiser on line,but we no weapons. We would be a sitting fowl. Kal and Dene have an idea to raid the tin heads. We have to anyway. Redel says we need a rear compositors or something." Jarvis explained.

"Lovely. Hold off one more day. I have to check one thing first." Gavin headed to try one more time to raise help.

Come on Cain's answer.
Gavin thought

Gavin almost fell out of his chair when Cain came on." Well its about Fraken time. Where in Hades have you been Cain!!" he said forgetting the differences in rank.

Cain roared with laughter

"Sorry had a problem or three to deal with, ready to get picked up old friend?"

"No I just love inviting the cylons to tea. Get your astrum down here or commander or not I will beat you." Gavin said

"We are in route we will be there soon hold on old friend. Hold on." Cain said smiling.

"Thanks." Gavin said


Darius ships moved in. He saw the cylons battering the planet. He grinned with an evil look." Lock on missiles 1 to 12. I think we can give those tin heads a surprise."

From the other side Stolen moved in. He too saw the base ships, however do to the angle he had no idea that Darius was there" Lock on missiles at the closest base ship. Fore on my mark. ... Mark" Missiles launched simultaneously and the base ships were caught off guard.

"Commander you are not going to believe this but... All but two base ships are destroyed." Corporal Jackson said to Darius.

The Pegasus came into a firefight. The remaining cylons raiders tried to engage the 2 separate war fleets.

"Launch all Vipers " Cain ordered "Tolan looks like our fiends found us. "

"Delphian fleet this is Commander Cain of the Battle star Pegasus. We are here to help. Stolen don't even think of trying to run. Zoie be really pissed if you don't come to our wedding feast. Oh Darius you too. As Anya and Zoie both became my wives a centar ago, Sorry it took me so long Gavin but my wives insisted on a few private moments."

"Wives... Cain you old war daggit you never did do things by 1/2's .Stolen thanks for coming old friend we need help fast. Darius ... There a few cylons anti destroyers so watch it." Gavin said

Darius laughed as his ship fired three missiles. The anti ship emplacements took a direct hit. " No, worries my friend, I shall have them as a snack. "

Gavin grinned it should be interesting for none of these men were used to following anyone's path except their own. Well at least the cylons would soon be done for.

Zoie and Anya entered the bridge. Both looked at each other and grinned. Seems their respective sires found them. It was going to be fun to tease Cain about this one.

Cain smiled. "Well lets finish those golgoagmonging cylons. Move us in. Launch reserves I want them to be toast now. We've a celebration to get underway and the cylons need to be dealt with first."

"Just like you Cain to consider the cylons a minor inconvenience to you party." Gavin said now amused.

"Well they are." Cain responded. Darius rolled his eyes he forgotten how juvenile his old friend could be at times.

"You will explain this to me. Marring my little girl without permission." An annoyed Stolen said

Zoie smiled at least he not run off. Well at least not until he had it out with her new husband.

"Daddy let us have our honeymoon first before you beat him to a pulp." She said

Anya laughed "Hey don't forget about me. Then our fathers can talk calmly to Cain. Come over for dinner when you are done playing with the cylons. Zoie lets go get ready."

Zoie smiled and followed her out despite her fathers call. If he wanted to see her he could just pop over for dinner.

Gavin thought he fallen into a vortex nothing made sense anymore. Well at least he had help for his people.
" Father cylons are falling back." Bethly said our vipers will finish them off no problem."

"Good." Stolen said lets get ready to go see Cain. We need to find out what mischief Zoie's got herself into this time."

Bethly smiled. She wondered if Tolan was still with Cain. She always thought he was a ice looking man. One she like to know better.

Tolan looked over at the monitor he was shocked to see Bethly there. He forgotten Zoie was a twin. He smiled. "So are you all fling over? Need coordinates or anything." he knew they were still on the far range of the scans.

"You better believe I am coming over. How dare Cain marry my daughter without asking my permission." Stolen said " And why were we not invited to the weddings. Darius I don't know about you but I annoyed."

Darius grinned. "Well at least I can say I wanted this for a long time." He frowned" Perhaps not a double sealing but, then Zoie's calmer so maybe she keep My Daughter and that crazy son in law of ours out of trouble. I doubt it but we can hope."

Stolen chuckled and Bethly looked away smiling. Tolan looked down at his monitor and began to choke back his laughter.. Cain glared at them all.

"I am not crazy." Cain said

"Yes you are." Gavin quipped. Hey, would someone mind getting us transports. We need fuel and techs. But before all that I need to give all three of you the bad news and not over an open com link."

"What bad news?" Stolen demanded.

Gavin knew that they not be pleased to learn of the newest generation of the Cylon base ship. It was rumored to be 3 times the size of an older model with guns that could rip a Battle star apart.

"Well come on over. Gavin I am sending someone to pick you up. We need fuel Lets hope there is some left." Cain said

"We secured the tankers Cain." Gavin said " Stolen Darious how is your fuel status?"

"We are fine." Darius said.

Stolen held his tongue unwilling to completely trust this just yet.

"Stolen stop being stupid I am not going to toss you in the brig, at least not if you start showing some sense." Cain said

"Hey, be nice that's my father you are speaking to ."Zoie warned.

Stolen chuckled enjoying Cain's sudden red face.


The three fleets commanders moved to have a council of war.

The commanders all meet aboard the Pegasus.

"Lords of Kobol Cain you are a sight for sore eyes." Darius said smiling.

"Where my daughter Son?"

"Preparing a feast for us. Come let us have a drink then catch up." Cain said smiling. He ignored the son part.

Darius smiled. "Alright. But I should shoot you."

Cain laughed saying "And make Anya a widow so soon? Yes you could but Anya be upset with you."

Anya and Zoie prepared a feast. both were excited

"Zoie I'm so happy. I was afraid..."

"I know Anya I know. We all worried we never see them again, Lord I am going to see my father. He looks like he is ready to shoot Cain." Zoie said

"Yes. Mydad to. But he can hardly complain having 4 wives. Cain only has us two."

Zoie smiled at that so calm reminder. "Yes well my dad single...or at least he was."

"Well if he still is we have to find him someone." Anya said smiling.

"See you all in a little while." Stolen said He was laughing.

Cain nodded and cut off the com. He saw Tolan trying to hide his laughter in a cough. "Tolan go to the bays escort our fellows to my quarters and send a shuttle for Gavin."

"Aye sir." Tolan said at last regaining his military bearings.

Cain went after Zoie his swagger stick beating against his thigh.

Zoie darted out her laughter ringing down the halls. It was fun to make Cain relax.

Cain wondered for the first time if maybe just maybe he gotten his hands to full with Zoie and Anya both. He smiled however and went to his office. Soon he be facing two fathers who be highly annoyed with him,forhe had stolen their little girls. He grinned he was a lucky daggit. He just wished Sheba was here to see him so happy.

It took only a few centars to finish off the straggling cylons. There was a general sense of joy in the combined fleets. Cain smiled as he suddenly realized his ship soon be completely re-manned. He was even more ecstatic to find 4 fully operational vipers in a hidden hanger. All they needed was fuel. He looked at Gavin with a frown.

"Well Cain I am a ground ponder what do I know about fling those rust buckets? They are all yours. "

"Gavin you are a pain but I sure am glad to see you alive and well." Cain hugged his old friend. Gavin was shocked but pleased to. He and Cain had once been close as brothers. The four officers meet in Cain ready room.

"Well gentleman I think we are going to give those golgomining Cylons a nasty shock. " Cain said with a smile. "Are we going to join forces?"

"You bet your astrum we re!" Darius said pounding his fist onto the table. He looked at Darius who nodded.

"What about the Colonial fleet? Can we find them again?"

"Oh yes ... And I think If I bring you gentlemen and your people along Adama might not toss me in the brig for the next 100 yearns."

Gavin and the others Laughed thinking Cain was joking. Zoie and Anya looked at each other. They had all seen how angry Adama could get. They hoped their husband as right.

Darius frowned " Why would Commander Adama be upset with you?"

Cain had the grace to blush. "Let's say I kind of a disobeyed a direct order..."

"What did you do?" Stolen asked "I mean what could be so bad he want to shoot you?"

Before Cain could answer "Father it was not so bad really." Zoie said

"No we were fine. We caught those three base ships off guard and Cain destroyed two of them. The third ran like a rodent." Anya said

Cain glared and both men looked ready to shoot him.

"Cain I toss you in the brig myself for that one." Stolen said then he really frowned as he suddenly realized Zoie been on board.

Darius dove for Cain throat. However Tolan caught him." No sir we had to, the fleet have been destroyed 220 civilian ships to protect." Darius and Stolen were furious.

"We join you Cain but I will shoot you myself if ever you endanger my daughter again." Stolen said He did understand but he was a father who loved his daughter.

"Only if I don't get him first Cain that was foolish." Darius said.

"Wait you don't understand." Anya pleaded." Cain he did not know. ...We were ordered to evacuate. "

"But we could not go to many seriously wounded people here. We stayed of our own choice. The commander thought we evacuated." Zoie finished.

"No your fathers are right I was reckless. But Never again will risk you both." Cain said