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Disclaimers: This is TOS BSG fan fiction it is AU. Using original characters developed by myself and my dear friends Arlene President of The Battle Star Galactica Club and Katie our current Vice President as well as TOS characters. Thanks ladies for our brilliance in developing them. As you all know I do not own TOS BSG it was created by Glen Larson and is now owned by him and various corporations. There is no profit to be made on this work unless it is to encourage a continuation of this series. That would be a great payment for this poor author. J . The Cubits however go elsewhere. Please read and review and I hope this work makes you J.

Summary: What happened to the Pegasus after she took on the two Cylon base ships at Gomoray? This fan fiction attempts to give one possible answer.

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Originally started in 2002

By: Fire Star

Return of a Legend

Part 63 Politics or a hangover which is worst

Tigh leaned back in his shuttle glad that Boomer was flying it he now remembered why he had become a warrior rather than going into the diplomatic service. He loosened his tunic glad to finally be done with the meeting and to be able to relax a little. It was not that the time spent was not productive because it was. He had secured a rather solid deal with his counterparts but, his head was pounding. It had been yearns since he had last indulged so heavily in the any form of alcoholic drink. Sadly the people he had been negotiating with were keen to offer the best spirits that they had. Tigh had drank more today than he had in the last few yearns combined. The sad thing was despite his pounding head he had enjoyed it. The negotiations were challenging but, I am so going to have a hangover and I won't be able to chide Blue Squadron again for partying to hard. Well at least I got it done even if between the food and drink I gained a kilo or more. Yes there was a reason he become a warrior and good health and not being hung over were among the chief reasons.


Lucifer listened to the reports. He was not happy with the news. The human fleet had disappeared and they had few leads. He leaned back and considered his options. Sadly the facts suggested he would need to keep Baltar alive and well. The worst part of the situation was that that fact did not really disturb him all that much. Oddly he was beginning to see Baltar as more than just the human traitor he was forced to work with. Human he may be but the man was as cunning as a dozen IL's. Lucifer also had to consider that Baltar had helped save his life. That was ironic in a way. He wondered what Baltar would do if he ever learned that it was Lucifer that had helped destroy the world where his mate lived? It hardly matter he will never learn of it and I can still use his help. Baltar is after all an expert on humanity and self interest requires he like myself work to achieve our goals. In the end we are bound together for now. There is also the point that of all the beings I know of he is the most valuable ally I have because he can't betray me without risking his own death. Self interest is a wonderful thing. It never occurred to Lucifer that the human was influencing even to the point of using contractions as he thought or spoke. He never even considered that his motivations of self interest were also a human trait one of their worst at that.


Baltar awoke and cleaned up. He knew that he had a lot of catching up to do. He hoped Lucifer had analyzed the reports for a pattern. He knew they were missing something obvious and it would not due to keep the Imperious Leader waiting. He needed news so they could make plans. His own life depended on his and Lucifer making this partnership work. Oddly Baltar was not upset and the idea because the IL had proved resourceful and cunning. Traits he admired and knew that they would need if they were to win against the humans. Humans, Baltar barely could consider himself that anymore because if he did then he would have to own up to his own foolish and costly mistakes. No he had to consider himself something else to stay sane. Well if he was sane that is. He hardly thought he was anymore. He rose and went to wash up a little. Looking in the mirror he saw a haggard and tired face. Yet for all that at least he was alive. Alive was so much better than dead because dead he would have to answer for his betrayals and sins and that was something that terrified him. Because somehow he was certain his sins would keep him from his beloved.


Athena went looking for Apollo she knew he was not going to like what she had to tell him. She had done as Colonel Tigh had asked and read up on the old laws, customs and traditions of Kobolian Society. What she had read had shocked her. She had not really believed him when he had explained things to her. She had been so used to the idea of Democracy and freedom that she never really considered that it had been and was really all an illusion. Ok maybe not all but, the fact was the Council for all its posturing really was under the law required to yield should the Seal Holders demand it. In fact it could be argued that the Seal Holders had allowed the elections so they themselves could spend their time and energies on the more important aspects of Colonial Society. In the last 1000 yearns that had meant running the war. She had never rally considered this before. However most if not all the Seal Holders were or had been in the Colonial Military and most had held senior ranks. Men like her father and grandfather and even Commander Cain had risen to become Battlestar Commanders. She now suspected that at least a part of their promotions had been because of who they were. That was not to say that they did not earn their places because frankly they had but, it might have given them that last point in their favor over say another officer. She knew that Colonel Tigh had been over looked but then even if he held a Seal or was in line for one he had always rubbed many of those in power wrong. He never pulled punches. So he had not gotten his own command earlier. Of course it could also be argued that he liked serving under Adama and maybe a part of him had deliberately kept himself from advancing. In any case she knew he got away with a lot because of his place in society. She sighed deeply at that thought about their place in society, yeah like she wanted to act the role of pampered princess. She may have been slightly spoiled but, she had worked hard to gain her place. Athena had to fight her father to get his approval if not his blessings for entering the academy. He had never wanted that for either her or Zach. If Athena were truly honest she would say he had never wanted it for Apollo or himself either. Adama was a great warrior but, she suspected he would much rather have been a priest or scholar. Of course time had forged him and he was now a warrior who was one of their greatest. She knew he would remain that even as he tried to help their people grow and survive. Whatever he had felt about his role he would set it aside to do the job he was handed. He was a Seal Holder and he held that duty as sacred. For all he pretended to be just an average man Adama never would be. He was royalty and he was now about to show it. Like the Lords of Old Adama would use his Seal to remind the people of who and what he was. He would use it to bend them to his will and maybe just maybe ensure they survived. That meant that she and Apollo as his children had to step up and support him. Apollo would likely have the harder role as his heir. For the first time ever she did not envy her elder brother. He would have to begin his training to take their father's place. In many ways Apollo had been lucky. Adama had let him have his career and never pressured him. In fact Adama had encouraged Apollo to be a typical warrior. Of course Apollo excelled and lived up to the high standards of the family but that was because he wanted to not because Adama demanded it. Adama had only ever asked that his children do their best. Apollo, Athena and even Zach had done so out of love and respect for him and in Athena and Zach's case out of a desire to match or exceed Apollo's achievements. Athena now understood the reason why her father had encouraged her to take on bridge duty. It was not that he had expected she would not be a good pilot but because he wanted at least one of his children, heirs safe and secure. Ok as safer was perhaps more relative. He had indulged his eldest by allowing him to remain in the squadrons far longer than one might expect. Looking back she could see Apollo should have been moved up over two or three years ago. However, Adama had let him remain with Blue Squadron and slowly added to his duties. Giving Apollo more command responsibilities while still letting him do what he loved and fly. She suspected that at least part of this was because Adama wanted Apollo there to look after Zach when he came up through the ranks a wise choice but, a tragic one for both her brothers because of the Cylons. She prayed that this never occurred to Apollo or he would be destroyed. Athena knew he still blamed himself for Zach even if he had done the right thing. Now however they both had to step up and act more like the heirs they were. Apollo had to begin to show his leadership on the bridge while she would perhaps finally get more time in the squadrons. It was a fair trade off. Of course of Arian had a child then they might be given some reprieve and be able to be more active again. On the positive side however Apollo would inherit the Seal and the problem of dealing with the Council she on the other hand might just get the Galactica. She grinned at that knowing she would much prefer that legacy. Of course because she loved her brother she would learn the politics of the council of only to help him and her father keep them from stabbing them in the back. She made a mental note to go speak to Siress Tiena. While the idea of the lady as her step mother had been a bit much as a trusted friend and ally well that she could do. It was time she stepped up and supported her father and his new wife. She had once watched her mother navigate the political world with skill and cunning she could do no less.


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