Sakura: Hiya, this is my first fanfic! Hope you like.

Ryou: Yeah right.

Sakura: Did you say something, Blondie?

Ryou: (acts all innocent) No of course not! I would never shun you, your magesty!

Sakura: Good, now on with the fanfic.

Kish: (appears) Hi, I wanna read too.

Sakura: Kish, I already told you, this is a Ichigo/Ryou fanfic not Ichigo/Kish.

Kish: I'm going to sue you! (cries and runs away)

Sakura: What a baby. Okay read my fanfic or die!!!! (just kidding)

Lost Love

Chapter 1: Masaya and Ichigo over?

"Oh my god! I'm sooo late!" Ichigo stumbled out of bed to meet Masaya. He said he needed to tell her something really important. She quickly got dressed and ran out the door

"Wait, Ichigo! Don't you want breakfast?" Her mom, Sakura, asked.

"No! I'm late!" Ichigo just ran out. "Gosh, I hope Masaya isn't mad! Stupid freakin alarm clock!" Ichigo kept on rambling in her head, and she bumped into someone. "Owwww! Oh, I'm so sorry!" She got up and realized it was Ryou! "Ryou?"

"Huh? Oh, Ichigo. Hey! You going somewhere? I'll walk you if you want." He said smoothly.

"Sorry! I've got to meet Masaya in Ice Cream Paradise." Once she said that, Ryou had a sour look on his face. You can so tell he was jealous. Ichigo said a quick good bye and left. She went in the store and spotted Masaya, looking at his watch. She quickly sat down. "Hey, Masaya. Sorry for being late, but I would've been on time if I wasn't getting praised about my clothes and hair from passing walkers."

"It's alright. Now, I have to tell you something. Wait. Do you what some ice cream?" Masaya asked smiling.

"No, thank you." It was hard to resist for her not to blush from his cute smile.

"Well, I thought we should... go steady!" He said happily.

"Oh, of course!" Ichigo kissed him on the lips and people in the store clapped for them. Too bad that was Ichigo's vision.

He really said this: "Well, I thought we should see other people."

"What? See other people? Are you breaking up with me?"

"I'm sorry. I just need to move on. Probably to older women."

Ichigo was speechles and couldn't say a word. She ran out of the door, with tears. "No! It's a dream! It has to be! Masaya, my beloved Masaya! It's not a dream, it's a nightmare!" Ichigo woke up in a bed, tears still in her eyes. "Thank god! It was a dream! Yes!

"You okay? I found you running from that place you met Masaya, crying." Ryou said feeling concerned.

"Oh, no! It wasn't a dream! He really broke up with me!"

"Masaya broke up with you?" He saw her slightly nod.

"Oh, Ryou! I can't believe he dumped me!" Ichigo forced herself into Ryou's arms, crying.

He blushed slightly, but held her tightly. "I don'tever want to let go." Ryou thought, when she was in his arms.

Mint barged in, to tell them that the cafe was full of customers. "Um... am I interupting something?" she asked referring to them holding each other.

Ryou and Ichigo quickly broke apart. "No!" they said at the same time. "Nothing, nothing at all!" Ryou yelled. "Now what do you want?"

"Well, the cafe is full. We need help and I actually worked!" "What a shocker." Ichigo said under the her breath.

"Well, I don't think Ichigo could work today. If you didn't know, but, Masaya just broke up with her."

"Oh, I'm sorry! Now get to work!" Mint slammed the door.