Chapter 5: Time for Vacation!

"Hey, Strawberry, wake up! Don't make me hit you!" Ryou yelled because Ichigo was sleeping.

"No!" she yelled. Ryou kept pushing her, so she had no choice. She picked up her bags and left, saying good-bye to her loving parents.

"Ryou is unsually quiet today, I wonder what's wrong." Ichigo thought. For some reason, Ichigo felt unbothered that Masaya broke up with her, maybe she's found love for a certain person.

"Great, the bus is here Let's go." Ryou said. He picked up Ichigo's bags for her and went inside. Everyone else had picked a parnter for the bus ride, so Ichigo was stuck with Ryou. "Oh great, I'm stuck with him." she thought. The ride was pretty long, to get there. Ichigo hated long rides, she always tended to fall asleep. So she fell asleep on Ryou's shoulder, which of course, made him blush. But he didn't feel like waking her up, since he felt really comfortable with her on him.

"Well, well, well. Zakuro, look at the two little lovebirds over there, who go by the name of Ryou and Ichigo." Mint smiled.

"They seem really comfortable being with each other." Zakuro replied.

"Predasite! Predasite!" Mini mew started to warn them about an alien.

"I thought Kish was done with this world domination thing." Mint yelled out. Keiichiro stopped the bus and let everyone out. "Hurry!" He yelled out.

"Power Pendat Metamorphis!" They all said and turned into their mew mew forms. A mutated Raccoon started attacking, an alien appeared.

"Hello, my name is Chica. Kish's older sister." the alien said. "Kish might've stopped with reclaiming the Earth, but I will not rest! Attack!" The Raccoon started attacking and threw Mint and Pudding against a tree. Ichigo couldn't stand them doing that, so she decided to attack.

"Strawberry Bell, Full power!" Her attack damaged the raccoon, but it didn't destroyed the predasite controlling it.

"Ribbon Zakuro's Pure!" Zakuro used her move and it destroyed it. The raccoon went back small and ran away. Lettuce was a little hurt too, but was okay.

"Those mew mews are stronger than they look." Chica whispered and left. Mini mew ate the predasite controlling the poor raccoon. Ichigo was still tired and slept the rest of the way. She was sleeping on Ryou's shoulder again.

"We're here!" Keiichiro announced. Everyone got out and went onto the ship.

"Wow!" Pudding exclaimed. "It's so big! Look a chair! And a pool! And an arcade too! Wow!

"Alright then, pairs. Zakuro, you will go with me and Mint." Keiichiro started. Mint was so happy to be with her idol. "Lettuce and Pudding together and Ichigo and Ryou together." Keiichiro really wanted Ryou to confess his feelings to her.

Ryou and Ichigo slowly walked together to their room, holding hands. "Why am I doing this? I don't love Ryou. I can't love Ryou! But I feel so safe with him, why?" Ichigo thought. "Would you come on, Strawberry?" He pulled her. "You're such a jerk, you know that?" "Yes, I know." Ryou said with a smirk.

A few days passed and they had such a great time on the cruise. Ryou really wanted to confess his feelings. So he sat Ichigo down. "Look, Ichigo, I have to tell you something. I...I...!" He started. "What?" she asked. "Nothing! Want a drink?" Ichigo shook her head and Ryou ran out of the room in search of keiichiro.

"I can't stand this!" He yelled. "Look, I know why you paired Me and Strawberry together. You want me to confess my feelings. But I can't... I tried, but I still see her and Masaya as a couple!" "Ryou, you have to. Have faith in yourself and tell her. Please. I can't stand seeing you getting hurt over her." Keiichiro led Ryou in the room, and Ichigo too, so he can confess his feelings in front of everyone. There was music going on and they started dancing. "Ichigo, I have to tell you this now!" "Yes, what is it?" She asked blushing. "I--- I---- I love you! Okay? I love you so much!" Ryou screamed it out and everyone heard. "I didn't want to believe it, but I love you too." Ichigo said. Their lips met in a passionate kiss. Everyone clapped for them and they danced more. "Hey, Ryou, it's Christmas. What do you want me to get you?" Ichigo asked. "Nothing. I got my Christmas Wish." She smiled and they kissed again. Lettuce felt a little sad, about them being together, but she would always have Pai. Ichigo and Ryou were now sure of each other's feeling and all was well for the rest of their trip. "Thank you, Ryou. Now I don't care if Masaya broke up with me. As long as you're by my side." Ichigo said with a smile. Ryou smiled back and kissed her again and they lived happily ever after. (well we don't know for sure, if they're gunna break up or not )

stay tune for my next fanfic Ichigo possessed (an IchigoxRyou fanfic)

Ryou: What the heck was that? "I got my christmas wish?" That's a really dumb line to put in a fanfic.

Sakura: Fine then. I'll back an IchigoKish or Ichigomasaya next time!

Ryou: You better not!

Sakura: I'm just kidding. Kish is really cute, but there's no way I'd put her with Masaya (digusting) (I might put her in one with Kish)