Chapter 2:

"Ichigo! Where are you?!" Ryou called out, but no answer. He finally found Ichigo in the woods, sitting down, her claws covered with more blood than before. He had found out that she had been piercing herself with her own claws, in order to break free from the predasite. Her back, stomach, arms, and legs were covered with blood. The predasite still squeezed. She then got up and stabbed Ryou yet again. "Ichigo! You've got to snap out of it. You're losing too much blood. If this continues, you will die!" Ryou did not want the girl he cared for die so easily. "R-Ryou..." Ichigo started. "I can't help myself. I want to stop, but this predasite... it won't go away. Please help me." Her claws extended and she tried to get Ryou again, but he managed to get away. Her eyes filled up with tears again. Ichigo couldn't stand what she was doing, so she pierced herself with her claws again.

Ryou ran after her and tried to stop her from doing this to herself. He had no choice, he had to fight her himself. He managed to strike her a few times, but most of the times, he got pierced. When Ryou had to hit her again, he starting crying. "Ichigo, I'm sorry. I have to do this!" He yelled out. Ichigo ran into the tree a few times, hoping that the predasite would break away, but it didn't. She continued to pierce herself, and Ryou couldn't stand it. But then Ichigo just collasped, she had lost too much blood. Ryou tried to haul her to her feet, but it was all an act. She stabbed Ryou with all of her claws, making him collasp against a tree. "Ichigo..." Ryou started. He panted for air, and he lost alot of blood, as well. "No! No! No! Noooooo! Ryou! Ryooooooou!!!!!" Ichigo screamed out so loud, that the predasite was forced to break away and Mini Mew came out of Ryou's pocket, went back to normal size and ate the jellyfish thingy. Ichigo ran and put Ryou against her chest, holding him very tightly. "Ryou! Please, don't die! I----I---I love you!" she screamed out. She gave Ryou a long passionate kiss, knowing it was the only one she could ever give him. But she was wrong. Ryou slowly opened his eyes and licked his lips. "Ichigo, tell me what you said again." he said. "I said I love you." she replied. "Hmmmm... is that so? I love you too." Ryou and Ichigo kissed one more time. Ryou had enough strength to get up and carried Ichigo back to the cafe. "What on earth happened to you guys?" Keiichiro asked once he came out. "I told her..." Ryou explained. Keiichiro smiled and said "I knew you had it in you, Alto." Their wounds were dressed up and were happy that they finally got their feelings across to each other. Don't worry about Masaya, Ichigo dumped him!

Ryou: That hurt... you've got problems, you know that?

Sakura: Why thank you. And you should take anger managment classes, okay?

Ryou: At least I got kissed.

Sakura: -- You Perv.