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So I'm glad to say that it's here at last, the third -...and sadly final- chapter of Face Plant...

Falling Face First

Face plant: to fall flat on ones face, to plant ones face in the dirt, to trip and land face first on the ground.

Renji assessed his situation; he could either choose to get away and keep his job and life...or stay and have wild gratuitous sex with Ichigo, and die the next day...hmmm, tough choice...

Renji's mind was in turmoil, here was his one chance to get it with Ichigo, so why was he worrying? 'Because Kuchiki-Taichou will kill you both, that's if Rukia doesn't get to you first...' said a familiar voice in his head. Oh great, he REALLY didn't need him listening in on this. Hissing at Zabimaru in his mind to shut the hell up and go away, he made his decision.

Lifting his bound up hands over his head he lent against the wall behind him, turning his most seductive look on Ichigo. "Have some fun?" he asked innocently, "I should think we could have a lot more than just fun..."

A wicked smirk crept onto Ichigo's face...what a gamble! It sure had payed off. And here he was right now, standing in front of him, offering him his body. Something stirred within him at the prospect, as his blood started to heat. He would make the older shinigami cry out in need for him, he would make him make all the noises he had in Ichigo's dreams. He took a step toward Renji, and despite the other mans consent Renji flinched slightly. Ichigo wasn't sure if it was from apprehension...or something more.

He placed a hand on Renji's waist gently, advancing forward slowly; he wanted to cherish this, to remember it forever. He breathed in his smell, warm and sweet. And he could feel the power coming off of him in waves. Here was a man of great power, a completely dominant male, and he was surrendering himself to Ichigo. The thrill of that knowledge ran through him, coursing through his veins and concentrating below his belt.

He pressed himself against Renji, body flush with the older mans. Grinding their hips together he put his lips to the redheads neck, sucking and nipping at the flesh he found there. He smiled against Renji's skin as he felt the older man shiver slightly. He started to bring his arms back down again, but Ichigo growled harshly, putting a hand up to keep Renji's in place. Renji shuddered at the feeling of being overpowered. It was strange, yet oddly arousing to be so much at another's mercy.

Before he knew what was happening Ichigo had grabbed Renji's shoulders, spinning him around quickly and throwing him down onto his small bed. Ichigo pushed Renji's hands above his head once more, pinning them to the bed with one of his own. With his other hand Ichigo quickly removed Renji's clothes. Discarding them quickly, he looked down at the body beneath him.

Gods the man was hot! Renji's hair had snapped free of its band and was spread across the pillow, his face was slightly flushed and his body was to die for. Ichigo ran a long finger along Renji's well defined muscles; sure that he had never seen anything so beautiful. Looking up he caught Renji's eye, and the older man stared back at him defiantly.

Ichigo's stomach was in his mouth. That was what he loved. The rawness of the man beneath him; even though he was being held down, his face still said that he was in full control. A creature of so much power, so much experience...so much desire.

Ichigo crashed his lips down onto the older shinigami's, making Renji gasp in surprise. Ichigo took the opportunity to explore the others mouth, sweeping it out with his tongue. They fought for dominance, but in the end Renji handed it over to Ichigo; not because he had to, but because he wanted to. He could feel every emotion coming off of Ichigo in waves. Lust, passion,...possessiveness. And he wanted it all. He thrust his hips up against Ichigo, grinding into the man above him. Ichigo mewled quietly, responding by grinding down against Renji harder. Sitting up, Ichigo straddled Renji's hips, slowly and torturously removing his clothes. Renji gulped, okay...a strip tease...what more could Ichigo think of to torture him? He was painfully hard already, and Ichigo wasn't making things any easier. Renji lifted his arms, but they didn't get far before they were slammed down on the mattress again.

Once Ichigo's clothes were gone he grinned down at Renji. "You move your arms...and I stop." Renji nodded, he understood. But what was Ichigo threatening to stop? Sudden realisation hit home as Ichigo's warm mouth slid over his cock. Renji shuddered, groaning as Ichigo's tongue ran up and down his length. Now he knew why Ichigo had tied his wrists together in the first place. The strain of keeping them in place, of not being able to grab something, was killing him. All he wanted to do was burry his hands in Ichigo's hair, to drive him lower over his cock. But if he did the younger man would stop. His hips bucked involuntarily, driving his cock further into Ichigo's mouth. The younger man ignored his gag reflex as he was forced to deep throat Renji, but he held his hips firmly to the bed to prevent it from happening again.

"...Ichigo...gunna..." with a moan of pleasure Renji came into Ichigo's mouth as he hit climax. Ichigo swallowed it all, moving back up to look into Renji's eyes he asked, "You ready?" The vice-captain nodded, pupils dilated with the after effects of pleasure.

Ichigo grabbed a tube of lube from his bedside drawer; squeezing some onto the palm of his hand he coated three of his fingers, then his entire length in the gel. Placing a finger at the older man's entrance he was about to insert it when he heard Renji snort. "Oh come on! How many times have I practically been killed? With all the pain I've felt before, I'll hardly be able to feel this!" Ichigo understood the logic, Renji was right. They were so used to pain now that he probably wouldn't feel any at all.

Grinning he replaced his fingers with his cock, "well if you say so, who am I to complain?" without any warning he drove into Renji. The older shinigami gasped at the unusual feeling of being filled, but true to his word didn't seem to be in any pain. Ichigo pulled out and pushed back into Renji, adjusting his angle to try and hit what he knew must be there. Renji groaned quietly, pleasure coursing through his body. Wrapping his legs firmly around Ichigo's hips he used them to push the younger man further into him, his head falling back at the sensation of the captain level shinigami being inside of him. All the while struggling to keep his arms above his head.

Ichigo increased his rhythm, thrusting hard and fast into Renji. Suddenly the older man groaned loudly, arching off of the bed in pure ecstasy as his prostate was hit. Ichigo memorised the spot, adjusting his angle to hit it dead on every time. With every thrust of Ichigo's powerful hips Renji saw starts before his eyes. The pleasure was building inside of him and he never wanted it to end.

The sight of Renji moaning and writhing beneath him was almost enough to push Ichigo over the edge, and he could feel himself reaching climax fast. Wrapping a hand around Renji's weeping cock he started pumping him in time to his thrusts. Both men shuddered as they neared climax. With a heady moan Renji came hard into Ichigo's hand, shuddering as he hit release. Feeling Renji's muscles convulse around him Ichigo couldn't stand it anymore, and at last he came inside of Renji, panting hard.

Pulling out of Renji Ichigo led beside him, but had to huddle close so as not to fall out of the tiny bed. Reaching up he undid the cloth around Renji's wrists, and the older man brought his arms down, quickly pulling Ichigo into an embrace; cradling the younger in his arms possessively.

Still breathing heavily Renji sighed. "Well, I've probably lost my job and my life now because of you, but I guess it might have been worth it..." Ichigo grinned, "Well I guess I'll take that as a compliment." He said. They led like that in silence for a while until Renji finally said, "so who do you really love Ichigo?" Ichigo looked up at him, startled, "what do you mean?" Renji looked over at the box on the floor. "You said anyone's name would open it, and that you hadn't said you liked me; that this was just "fun". So who do you REALLY love?"

Ichigo sniggered, then burst out laughing, unable to hold it in. Renji glared at him, hurt and confused. "Oh you idiot!" gasped Ichigo through his laughter. "I lied of course. Your name is the only one that will open that box, and it's been that way for quite a while now. And even though I didn't say I like you, I also didn't say that I didn't like you." His tone became serious again then, "the person that I love is you, and I know it to be truer now than ever before. I'm not a romantic person Renji...but perhaps I could try to be for you."

He straddled the older man again, lowering his lips to his to meet in a chaste kiss. Bringing a hand up to stroke the side of Renji's face he pulled back and whispered quietly, "this is the way I feel about you, no lies, no false promises, no notes in empty boxes." He kissed his lover again softly, stroking his fingers through his silky hair.

Renji swallowed the knot in his throat, looking up into Ichigo's honest face. "I...I love you to Ichigo..." he whispered quietly, before capturing the boys mouth again, in the most magical kiss he had ever had...

And that my friend is how it happened...Renji found himself about to do a face plant into the dirt...but before he could hit the ground he was caught in strong arms...And instead of falling face first in the mud, he fell face first in love...

Face plant: To fall head over heels in love, to fall for another, to trip and land in your lovers arms...

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