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I can't believe it. Here, I, Hermione Granger, am, writing a bloody love story. And to make matters worse, my love story. That's right. I am penning my very own sappy romance, like some love-sick fool.

But I feel I must. Like, I owe it to the world to write it down. Because it truly is like none other. And believe you me; I tried to find other stories similar to mine. Sure, some aspects are painfully cliché, but boy, the rest!

As I was saying before I digressed, something you, the reader, will learn I have a habit of doing, I feel the moral obligation to write this all down, almost to prove to myself that it's real. I do know that you will be sitting there, holding this book in your hands, and shaking your head in disbelief. I don't blame you; I would be doing the same. In fact, I still don't believe this. And I experienced it myself! I suppose, psychologically, I could chalk my feelings of disbelief up to the simple fact that it defies logic. But then again, so does magic and that's real.

The odd thing though is that I want to write about it. I don't know why either since I am really not liking these emotions. Plus, as a child on up, I was always given journals. 'That Hermione wants to be an author and all authors must keep journals. It helps,' people thought. But I was, and still to this day am, incapable of keeping a journal. I just bore myself! Even when Harry, Ron, and I watched the most evil wizard of our age fall, when we caused it, I still didn't feel like talking about it. Like, I experienced it already, why do it again?

But this time's different! First of all, there's the bit of me that doesn't even believe it happened, so it's almost as though I am writing fiction. Also, when I write, I tend to be able to figure things out easier. How, you ask, can I do that if I don't write about myself usually? Well, let me reiterate; the problems I figure out are ones that really have nothing to do with my personal life. For example, when I found out about Lupin being a werewolf. It really didn't hit me, even though I'd read the text many times before Snape gave us the assignment, until as I was writing the essay. I don't know. I guess you can akin it to a Pensieve. I mean, people sometimes go back and look at their memories to clear any confusion up. Just looking at it from that different perspective helps.

See? Even there, I couldn't figure out why I was doing it before but then I write it down and the ideas flow through me.

Well, that introduction done, here goes my story.

Wait, it needs a title. Hm… I need something not lame.

A Love Story

Simple, yet forgettable. No, how about something slightly comedic.

For the Love of Hermione!

No, it sounds like a Harlequin Romance. And it also sounds like there's someone fawning over me. Which really isn't what is happening. And it's not even funny. Something that alludes to the contents?

A Separate Time

Oh, Merlin no! I would never pick up a book with that title and I don't expect others to. I still like the comedic part. Hm…

Manipulative Bastard

Ok no. That sounds mean. Though true. But the title in itself is digressing.

From the Files of a…


A Different Sort of Cheese

What?! No—

I got it!

It's perfect!

Out of this World

By Hermione Granger

Love it.

Now that the introduction is over, I shall move on to my actual story. Now to find a way to start that without saying, 'it all began…' or something as horrible as that.

A/N: Ok, First of all, I know I am supposed to be finishing up my other stories but I got attacked my another hoard of plot bunnies and couldn't help myself. Well, actually, this PB has been playing around for months. And since I haven't tossed it out, I know it's good. And I hope you will too.

See, in fanfic, there is hardly any real emotion or believable love. I am not saying that there aren't any in any fanfics. Because I have read a few that are like whoa, real emotion. And there are a lot of actual books, published books, that don't inspire tears or anything within me. So, here is where I try to do that. To inject emotion, feeling into the story. I make no promises, but I'm going to try to make you feel what Hermione's feeling.

Of course, as in my habit, there will be some plot twists and yes, some of my whacked out humour.


Well, do enjoy and remember to review.

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