The Quartet Meet Lily And The Marauder's

Chapter Eighteen: The Lust Potion Chaos

It was a week before the term was due to end for the Christmas holidays. The home work load had eased off, even in Floom's class, Dumbledore had to make him give the students less home work because it was near the Christmas holidays and the students should not be expected to work over the holidays during family time. Floom had begrudgingly and reluctantly agreed.

The snow was coming down heavily and fast, Petunia was stuck in the castle after she had come to drop off a book Lily had asked her to get for her on her day off. Dumbledore had asked her to stay for breakfast and that was two days ago, when Petunia had prepared to leave she discovered she was snowed in and would be for the rest of the week at least.

Dumbledore had sent an owl to Petunia's training supervisor and explained the situation to him. He had been sympathetic and had replied telling Petunia to report to him as soon as the snow cleared enough for her to travel, and that she was not in trouble. Petunia had to borrow her sister's clothes and spare pair of sneakers.

It was Monday morning of the last week of term. Everyone was at breakfast, before lessons started. Peter and Petunia had gotten closer over the last few days and were hardly separable; they were currently talking about everything and nothing.

Unknown to everyone in the Great hall Lucius Malfoy, Severus Snape, Narcissa and Bellatrix Black had worked together and had polluted all the pumpkin juice and coffee along with all the other breakfast refreshments, which meant not only the students from years five, six and seven would be effected the professors would be as well.

Snape and Lucius had brewed the potions so no one under the age of fifteen would be affected. But unfortunately for the Slytherin's Bellatrix and Narcissa had forgotten to inform the house elves that were going to plant the lust potion that only the Slytherin pumpkin juice and other refreshments were to be left untouched. It had been Lucius's idea to get the girls to ask the elves, as he and Snape hated dealing with house elves.

Malfoy was grinning evilly and rubbed his hands together pleased, not knowing he and the entire Slytherin house were about to meet the same fate for the next three days. Everyone was drinking the pumpkin juice or coffee not aware they were about to gain a serious case of lust, Hogwarts was about to turn into a brothel.

Thankfully the full moon was last week or Remus would have had more serious problems to think about then being seriously horny. It was a good job that Ron and Harry had cast contraceptive charms on each other, each month since the Ron had gave birth to Harry and Amelia. Harry and Ron had made the teen Remus and Sirius use one as well, considering they had become sexually active only two days after they had found out the truth about everything.

Harry had been so desperate from not having his mate for over a month that he practically ate Remus alive when he had finally got to grips with him. Lily and Petunia were also under monthly contraceptive charms, Lily because she didn't want to end up with children before she graduated and Petunia because she didn't want to get pregnant by a one night stand or until she had finished her auror training.

Everyone was currently finishing their breakfast. Ten minutes later just as breakfast was over and everyone was getting ready to leave for their first class, they all felt a tingling and burning sensation between their legs, the females instantly becoming soaking wet and the males became as hard as rock. The first, second, third and fourth years were looking at the older students and the professors strangely they were all very flushed and shifting in their seats uncomfortably.

Dumbledore suddenly became very alert when certain parts of his body started to act up in ways they hadn't in quite a long while. Floom quickly ran up to Dumbledore and growled "Albus all the refreshments have somehow been dosed with an extremely strong lust potion, I can tell after all these years as a potions master."

Minerva who had heard looked worried "Oh god Garrett how long do we have before the potion takes over and no one is able to resist? And which students are affected and which are not?" Floom shook his head and replied "Give or take Minerva I suspect no one will be able to control them selves after an hour at the most."

He added "And I'm guessing from here only the faculty and students from years five, six and seven are affected, years one, two, three and four appear unaffected thankfully."

Dumbledore stood and said to Minerva "I need you to go and quickly inform all of the house elves that we need the unused part of the castle on the other side of the castle, preparing for students from years one to four." Minerva nodded, her face was incredibly flushed.

He turned to Floom and asked "Garret do you have enough of the antidote to give to the staff so we can control the students?" Floom shook his head as he began to sweat and replied "No Albus, there isn't an antidote currently available; and I would never be able to brew enough for the faculty, before I'm consumed by the potions effects."

He continued to quickly explain "I was going to stock up mine and Poppy's supplies over the Christmas term. I have no idea how much or how strong the potion that was put into the refreshments was, so I can't say when this will all blow over."

Dumbledore nodded and turned to the students, the ones that had been affected were starting to panic.
Dumbledore cast a charm on his voice so it would be louder he said. "Students in years one to four I want you all to leave the great hall immediately and follow Sir Nicholas and the bloody baron, along with professor's Filtwick and Floom."

He insisted with a firm tone of voice. Clearly showing them how important what he was instructing them to do was, and how it was totally necessary. "Please stick close to them and do not wonder off, it is important that you don't. The castle is going to be split down the middle so to speak. Years one to four are not to leave their end of the castle until told so."

He added "Year's five to seven will remain on this side of the castle with the faculty. No one and I mean no one is allowed to across over to the other side of the castle until further notice. Your belongings will be waiting for you when you arrive. Food and drink will be delivered by house elves until further notice."

All the younger students got up and were lead out of the hall by Sir Nicholas and the bloody baron, along with professor's Filtwick and Floom. Once they had left Dumbledore turned to the older students that were still sitting and were getting more sexually frustrated by the second.

Malfoy and Snape we pissed at Narcissa and Bellatrix for screwing everything up. They were now affected and they knew how long it would last as well. Nobody would be leaving their common rooms or dorms for the next three days if they weren't given the antidote.

Dumbledore told them "The faculty and every student from years five to seven has been affected by a lust potion. We do not know how strong or how much anyone as consumed of the potions content in their pumpkin juice or coffee. But we do know in less you all get to your common rooms with in the next fifteen minutes there will be chaos."

He flushed slightly as he added "I don't think I need to tell you all how to get this potion out of your systems quicker. I think that is obvious and something I'm not going to discuss with you. Just know that I would not normally condone this behaviour in less it was necessary."

He explained "If you resist the effects of the potion for too long and do not have the antidote you will go insane. There is unfortunately no antidote available at the current time, so I'm afraid your only option is to help each other so to speak."

He concluded "I want you all to go to your own common rooms and stay there, or if you insist upon or can not control yourself please do not pass any further beyond the potions class room. The other younger students are beyond that point and I do not want them seeing any of the activities that are sure to happen over the next few days. Thank you please can you go straight to your common rooms."

Everyone left the great hall and headed to their common rooms to work off the potion, or to put it bluntly to screw the potion out of their systems. The potion was already starting to affect the nine friends and Petunia to the point where they could no long resist.

James and Lily were far too gone to make it to the head boy or girls set of rooms so they had to make do with James's bed in the boy's dorms in Gryffindor tower.

Hermione and Ginny quickly ran up the stairs to the girl's dorms and on to Ginny's bed, seeing as it was near to the door. They quickly got on the bed closed the curtains and cast a silencing charm.

The others quickly headed for the seventh year boys dorms. Lily and James quickly ran to James's bed and got on top of it. James removed his glasses and put them on the cupboard by his bed before he closed the curtains behind them.

Harry and Remus quickly got on to Harry's bed because it was nearer then Remus's. Harry removed his glasses and put them on the cupboard at the side of the bed, they then closed the curtains behind them.

Ron dragged Sirius to his bed; because it was nearer they also closed the curtains behind them. Peter and Petunia headed straight for Peter's own bed and quickly shut the curtains behind them. Frank did the same with Alice.

The last thing any of them heard after that was James, Harry, Sirius, Petunia and Frank casting silencing charms before everything from the outside was silent.

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Three days later each of the five couples had all done it in the shower at least twice. They were exhausted by the time the potion was completely out of their systems. Less then nine hours sleep was all they got between the ten of them the whole time.

The ten of them were currently down in the common room eating sausage and bacon sandwiches, thankfully a charm had been put on each of the plates and would keep filling up with sandwiches until someone tapped the side of the plate with the tip of their wand.

They were drinking ice tea that the house elves had prepared obviously thinking the students wouldn't appreciate drinking coffee at moment after what happen no matter how exhausted they were. And as for the pumpkin juice that had been the main thing they had been drinking when the whole thing happened, so that was a big no, no.

Minerva was currently telling them what was going to happen; she looked exhausted many cringed at what she had been doing and with whom to end up looking as exhausted as she did.

She said "Professor Dumbledore as informed me that all lesson will start again next term, and everyone is to either sit back and relax or go back to bed and sleep" she smiled when she said the word sleep. A few students sniggered at this making Minerva turn bright red.

She cleared her throat and continued. "Tomorrow as a treat all students from year's three to seven who wish to go will be permitted to go to Hogsmead. That includes you Miss Evans. Albus owled your supervisor and senior trainer and he said he wants to see you in his office first thing Saturday morning before you travel to Potter manor. He has been informed of what happened, and wants you to take a few days off to recover."

Petunia and the others had to stifle their laughter when she said recover. That would take more then a few days, their bodies were aching in places they didn't even know could ache.

Minerva continued on for another five minutes before she excused herself. Hermione asked "So will you guys be packing to night or to tomorrow night? I and Ginny are packing our things tonight."

Harry replied "Me and Remus are going to pack our things tonight as well" Remus nodded agreeing with Harry. Sirius added "Me and Ron will most likely pack are things Friday night."

Petunia added "I'm going to have to pack my things for Potter manor on Friday after I leave here. I'm heading back to my flat in London Friday afternoon; the snow should have cleared enough for me to get out of the school grounds by then. Then I will meet you all at Potter manor Saturday evening."

Peter sighed "I guess I will do mine tonight, get it out of the way and double check Friday night." James nodded "I'll do mine Friday afternoon." Lily added rolling her eyes in her boy friends direction "Well I'm doing mine tonight so I don't have to worry on Friday night or Saturday morning before we leave if I've left anything behind." James rolled his eyes at her.