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Prologue: Crashing Down

The three year old, dark haired girl wrapped her arms tighter around the baby in her arms as the rumbles from outside grew louder. She closed her eyes to dull the flash of light and fire that would accompany the blast. She saw black, then red, as the sky outside was illuminated.

Papa hadn't boarded up those windows yet. Why was he bothering? It wouldn't stop them. They knew that the people of Emberlene were hiding in terror while the planet was bombarded.

Why was this happening?

Questions plagued Shada D'ukal that should never have entered the mind of a girl her age.

"Shada, love, stay away from the wall," her father said as he began boarding another window. He didn't need to say why. Shada knew that if a bomb fell near their once secure house, the wall would bury her. She shuffled on her knees across the floor, Therran still in her arms. He had wailed for the first part of the assault, but he had now cried himself out.

Shada was too afraid to cry. The bombs were getting closer.

She rocked Therran, whispering gently to him through dry lips, comforting herself more than him. Her father moved to another window. Just as he was about to hold up the board to block the view of pain and terror from outside and the non-existent light from inside, he froze.

The board dropped as he rushed over to his children, pulling them close to his body. No words were needed. His embrace said it all. I love you…

Belatedly, Shada realised that he was trying to shield them, for the bomb wasn't going to land near the house. It was going to hit them straight on!

Walls crumbled and fell inwards. What remained of the roof came crashing down. Shada squeezed her eyes shut against the storm of fire and stone. Something heavy hit her and she filled her lungs with air to scream-


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