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Epilogue: Healing

Shada D'ukal was lying on her bunk, staring at the grey ceiling of her quarters on the Wild Karrde. Almost three years had passed since she had first experienced a thunder storm whilst serving on this particular ship, and she had faced more than one since. The Karrde was currently docked on Mon Calamari.

She didn't even know that Mon Calamari ever had thunder storms.

Yes, the reason behind her lack of sleep was indeed the raging storm outside. She had dreamed, woken, tossed, turned and generally failed in all aspects of getting back to sleep. Granted, things had definitely gotten better since Talon Karrde had first encountered her during one such storm- she no longer jumped in fear at every crash of thunder from outside, at least. Still, it didn't make sleeping an joyful experience.

That's when the comm beside her bed buzzed.

"Shada here," she spoke sharply into it. She could guess who was on the other end.

"My dear Shada, did I wake you?" She was right. The voice was tinny and unclear, but it was Karrde nonetheless.

Shada rolled her eyes at the question, as a particularly loud rumble of thunder echoed outside. "Guess," she said dryly.

"Shada, you know I work only with solid information. I don't guess." There was a pause, "Care to join me for some kaff in my quarters?"

The scowl that had set itself into Shada's features began to lift into a smirk as she inquired, almost slyly, "Since when have you had a kaff machine in your quarters?"

"Oh, you know. It's a recent addition."

"One of the perks of being the captain, I suppose."

Karrde chucked melodically, "Quite right, Shada, my love."

He waited for a reply to his invitation but there was only a moments silence, followed by the click of the other comm link being turned off. He smiled and watched the door expectantly.

Across the hall, Shada had left down the comm link and slipped through the door of her own quarters silently. She knocked lightly on the door of Talon Karrde and let herself in once the lock was released.

The End

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