She smiled as he pulled her arms around his waist.

Though he did have a trim frame, the broadness of his shoulders was all of a sudden apparent as her chest leant heavily on his back so that her arms could reach around him. Her left hand spread wide against his leather clad stomach as her right hand gripped tightly to her left wrist. From neck to knee she was pressed against him, he felt strong and powerful. She wanted to squeeze her thighs together and squirm at her body's reaction to his proximity but didn't knowing that he would be able to read her actions and embarrass her about it later.

The powerful bike rumbling beneath their bodies did little to stem her body's reaction.

He revved the bike so loudly her head seemed to buzz before they moved from the handicapped parking space.

Her whole body tensed around him as the bike began to move.

Her knuckles turning white beneath her gloves, her arms tensing around him and her thighs pressing against his.

At the first corner the whole world seemed to turn and spin, the only thing that was constant was House in her arms and between her thighs. She could feel a slight shift in his muscles as he leaned into the turn encouraging her own body that seemed melded with his to do the same.

Her heart was almost beating out of her chest, her breathing ragged and deep compared with the measured expansion and contraction of the torso in front of her.

She leaned her head slightly to the side, glancing across House's shoulder, seeing the world rush by in a blur of color, glancing down she saw the marks on the road merge to form and almost solid line.

By the fifth corner she was leaning, albeit hesitantly, into the soft turns; her body moving in time with House's but she didn't relax. She could feel him pushing harder, he could no doubt feel her beginning to ease into the turns and wanted to keep her on her toes. Or at least keep her arms and legs tight around him.

And he was succeeding entirely.

He was going faster, leaning further and accelerating harder.

She didn't know what road they were on she only saw colored metal boxes that registered as cars that got in the way of her view of the next corner.

She could feel the wind whipping her hair around her neck, the very air becoming a burden against her arms and shoulders as House pushed the bike faster along the road.

It was exhilarating. She loved every second of it and dreaded its end.

They turned another corner and she felt the bike slow down a little.

She glanced over his shoulder and saw a long almost straight road laid before them.

Oh crap.

She saw his hand move from the bars, and then felt it grip the fingers of her right hand so tightly she feared she may have bruises the next day.

Hold on. Tight.

And hold on tight she did. She pushed her arms further around him, her entire body pressed closer and harder against him than before, her legs squeezing his thighs not caring if it hurt his leg, this was his idea after all.

Then everything happened so quickly.

His left leg moved against hers.

The engine roared.

Her arms became strained around him baring the force of the acceleration on her body and the push of the air as they blasted through it.

His leg moved again.

The bike jerked then sped off again, the acceleration almost harder than before.

She squealed in delight despite the burn in her muscles from holding onto him so tight.

The world whizzed by in a blur of green trees and grey asphalt. Everything seemed to melt away around her; the world and all its troubles leaving her clinging desperately to a leather clad torso as endorphins and adrenaline thrummed roughly through her body.

When they slowed as civilisation fast approached them she realised why he'd bought the bike.


Escape was the reason for too much Vicodin, alcohol and even his obsession daytime television.

In these things he could escape his pain.

Physical and emotional.

She smiled sadly, as much as the tight fitting helmet would allow, at the thought that he'd shared that with her that sense of escape and freedom. She felt almost honoured to have seen this side of him, to be a part of his escape.

Her whole body tingled from the mind-blowing experience and she knew even before the bike came to rest that she could quite easily become as addicted as he was.

Civilisation, traffic and junctions came all too quickly and made the once smooth easy ride a series of starts and stops.

The motorbike came to a final stop; House turned off the engine and pushed down the stand.

Cameron didn't know where she was, neither did she care. She held on tight to House basking in something akin to post-coital bliss, adrenaline and endorphins still rushing through her body by her fast beating heart.

"Was it good for you too?" House asked a rare smile evident in the sound of his voice.

"Mmm." she hummed in response, her grip around him loosening as she brought her hands to his waist squeezing gently in an appreciative gesture as her mouth seemed unable to form words at this time.

House chuckled gently, the vibrations and movement it caused doing nothing to quell the emotions and reactions of her body.

"Can you move? I can't get off if you're sitting there."

She thought she heard a slight tone of longing and disappointment in his voice, almost as if he didn't want her to move; but in her current state she couldn't be sure of anything.

"I...uh...I think so."

She braced herself against him attempting to move her legs which didn't feel as though they could support the weight of a sheet of paper let alone her body.

Her feet touched the ground and her legs began to give way, reminding her of the time she stepped from a particularly exhilarating rollercoaster and ending up in an undignified heap meters from the seat of the ride; she practically collapsed against House, gripping hard to his shoulders in attempt to keep upright.

"Woah there." he said reaching out to her.

She breathed heavily against him until her strength began to return.

Only then did she feel the warmth and weight of his arm around her waist steadying her, and as a bi-product holding her against him.

She glanced at the speedometer, its needle sitting unhappily at zero but had the possibility of reaching a dizzy 180mph.

"How fast were we...?" her voice still sounded weak.

He grinned up at her, his eyes mischievous, "Do you really want to know?"

She shook her head, one of her hands moving from his shoulder to unclip the helmet.

She struggled and fumbled, her fingers feeling numb and clumsy.

House pushed her hips gently until she practically straddled his left thigh, before moving his own hands to undo the tight tricky clasp.

"I'll take it slower going back." he said as she pulled the helmet from her head, her hair cascading over her shoulders in a wind whipped mess.

"No!" she pleaded loudly, her eyes as wide as saucers.

Sure she may have stumbled after that first ride on the big coaster, but she got up and went back on delighting in every single second now aware of the buzz it would create.

This was no different.

House eyed her curiously, a hand resting on her hip once more as the other took the helmet.

"I just..." she started, "You caught me off guard."

"I always do." he said softly, a smirk tugging at his lips. "Do you think you can stand now?"

She nodded resolutely, her eyes still glassy from the numerous natural chemicals thrumming through her small body. She pushed herself gently from him, taking a few tentative steps back; her hand still resting on his shoulder.

He swung his right leg over the body of the bike with more grace than she would have thought possible from his large frame.

"So, I've turned you into an adrenaline junkie?" he asked unclipping his cane, still very aware that her hand was on his shoulder.

"Uhmm." she said in an un-agreeing manor. "Rollercoasters. I love rollercoasters."

House eyed her curiously through narrowed eyes.


"Yeah." she said quietly, enough of her senses returning for her to blush at her admission, "But that was so much better."

"No doubt about it." he said with a soft smile. "Better than Vicodin too."

She smiled warmly back at him.

At which point the House she knew (and loved) returned, the closeness of the situation now glaringly obvious he endeavoured to distance himself by looking incredulously at her hand on his shoulder.

"Sorry." She mumbled.

"Any excuse to get your hands on my hot body." he said with a smirk walking towards their patients place of residence.

"Of course." she said confidently, catching up with him. "I can't wait until the ride back." her voice rumbled with a deep seductive tone whilst shooting him a wicked grin before walking ahead of him.

His eyes followed the sway of her hips and the swish of her windswept hair.

"Neither can I." he whispered to himself, his eyes dancing with amusement.