"No, we didn't find anything." House spoke down his cell as he passed the helmet back to Cameron, watching as her tangled locks disappear. "Just keep doing tests and we'll be back as soon as we can."

He put his cell away in his pocket and slid his leg gracefully across the bike, slipping his cane into its clip as he kicked up the stand.

He started the bike with a huge rumbling roar.

"You coming?" He said with a teasing grin, his eyebrows wagging slightly as he slipped on his sunglasses.

She shook her head and mounted the bike behind him, her body pressing to his perfectly.

"Not yet anyway." she muttered.

She wrapped her arms around him without prompt.

"I heard that." he answered reaching back and gripping her knees pulling them forward, spreading her thighs wider and pressing her harder to the small of his back. The sheer warmth of it was distracting as hell and he both hated and loved it the instant his hands slid around her thighs.

He could practically feel the heat of a blush that spread all over her body; it was all too easy to imagine every inch her sweet pale naked skin tinged with red.

He shifted slightly, trying to subtly adjust the growing bulge in his jeans.

House leaned forward and gripped the handle bars, her body followed him as if they were one and her hands shifted ever so slightly lower. He revved the bike loudly to cover the sound of the grunt on his lips and his arousal strained to meet her hands.

"Shit." He muttered and he powered the bike in the direction of the hospital.

Cameron didn't her his word through the thick padded helmet.

Driving a motorbike wasn't exactly easy with his hard arousal pressing against the gas tank and the reason for that reaction pressed to the small of his back and gripping him tightly. He drove hard and fast, the bike rumbling beneath him and the arms around him gripping tighter to keep from falling off as his own knuckles turned white around the rubber grips.

There was a small bump as the road surfaces seemed to change, a join between new and old roads.

As they bounced over the join and her hands shifted ever lower and gripped tighter.

Now his erection throbbed between the bike and her laced fingers.

He drove faster trying to distract himself and calm his mind.

House cursed traffic lights as he had to stop at a red light.

Cameron stayed absolutely still behind him, not daring to move away or closer to his hard length that tingled at the tips of her fingers; a monster that seemed to breathe beneath her slight touch.

She felt more than heard the sound that escaped his lips, it was raw and primal as it rumbled through her his chest to hers, making her body shiver against his, not doing much in the way of eradicating their growing problem. They pulled off and drove the rest way to the hospital in a blur, their breathing becoming harsh and rapid against the others.

He pulled into his handicapped spot almost reluctantly and killed the engine.

She didn't move.

He didn't ask her to.

"Do you want to go for another ride?" He said simply as he leaned back, one of his hands brushing over hers slightly before they came to rest on the gas tank.

She stayed still and silent for a moment before her fingers snuck down his body and around him.

"No free samples. You try it, you buy it lady." he grunted and fired up the engine once more.

He took the fact that she laced her fingers back around his waist, her smallest fingers pressing to his length as a positive sign that she wanted to go for another ride. Hopefully one that would relieve the tension that had built over the ride... and the past year or so. He steered the bike to the underground car park. Walking the bike forward he slid the bolt of a large green metal door and pushed it over to reveal a storage room and what looked like a passageway to the underground workings of the great hospital above them. He rolled the bike forward, closing the door back over and shut another bolt over. He pressed down the kick stand but left the engine running, letting it rumble beneath them.

She leaned forward and slid off the bike keeping her body pressed to his as she moved to the side and straddled his right thigh once more as she pulled off the helmet and placed it on the dusty ground. His right arm slid almost instinctively around her waist, he could feel her body shaking against his. His hand pressed at the small of her back and held her to him.

Her scent washed over him like a thick intoxicating perfume, it was mixed with the smell of gas and stiff leather. He touched his nose to her chin and breathed over her flushed red neck.

Finally, he thought.

Tilting his head he scraped his stubbled across her chin.

He watched as her eyes closed, he listened to the small sweet gasp that poured over him. "Do you want to go for another ride?" he asked again in a low rumbling voice that was both controlled and measured.

Her hands slid up his leather clad arms and around his broad shoulders.

"Yes." she whispered.

He grinned against her neck.

"One way ticket, no return journey. Can you handle that?"

"Umm," she said in a positive manner, whimpering and nodding at the same time.

"Good girl." he muttered and pressed his lips to hers.

His left hand moved to the back of her head as his tongue plunged and ravaged her mouth, tasting every sweet morsel of her. He moaned into her mouth as her tongue caressed his and she sucked hard on his intrusion. His hold on her tightened, his hand fisting in her hair and his right arm grinding her against his thigh.

She was so sweet, so pure, and so innocent that his sinful body craved her, needed to press inside her and make her just as dark and sinful as he.

He growled and reached his hands down to cup her ass and drew her over the gas tank of the bike. It difficult to say the least, the movement caught Cameron off guard and her small weight fell against him threatening to topple the bike but his good leg and strong arms coped well. And as their teeth clashed together she realised the purpose of his movement and lifted her right leg over the bike, but there was little need as his arms carried her well.

They groaned and grunted loudly as she settled around him over the still rumbling and vibrating bike. They knew they'd have to separate again if anything was going to happen to alleviate their arousals but the feeling of being pressed so deliciously together was too wonderful to ignore.

House continued his hard kiss and ground his hips up to hers as his hands made light work of her jacket. He was glad it was dark in color as he tossed it on to the dirty dusty floor of the room. His followed soon after, her small hands passing all over his chest searching for skin. His hand pulled away her shirt as if it were made of rice paper; it fluttered to the floor to join the growing pile of various cloths.

Their hips rocked gently together in a perfect rhythm that left them in doubt as to how marvellous this coupling would be. The shuddering vibrations of the powerful engine beneath them only added to the sensations making them moan and groan as some sweetness was touched and pleasure was invoked in their quivering bodies.

He lifted her legs higher around his hips and pressed his arousal harder to her core as his kiss trailed down her neck and his nimble fingers clicking as he unclipped her bra and slid it swiftly from her shoulders. His large rough hands rested on her hips as his eyes cast over her body.

He smirked ever so slightly and licked his lips. His eyes feasted on her as his hands tested the smoothness of that immaculate looking skin.

He was tempted to whisper his thoughts. Stunning. His hands swept up her ribs. Beautiful. His fingers tweaked her erect nipples in the coldness of the room. Marvellous. He palmed those delightful soft mounds. Perfect. But he held back, there wasn't need; his actions would speak louder than any words and the situation didn't call for platitudes.

His hands moved back down to cup her ass and grind and hold her to him as he kissed down her neck and over her chest, tasting her. She arched and pressed her body to him, legs and arms curling around his hips.

The most glorious sound he'd ever heard being issued from her lips.

House kissed her nipples and breathed his warm breath over her heart.

His hands squeezed her supple ass as her nails raked up his back, clawing at his shirt. A hiss escaped his lips at the feel of her nails tearing up his back. Almost reluctantly he lifted his arms over his head and let his shirt fall on top of their jackets.

Their lips met hungrily, his hands sliding up and down her thighs, memorizing her.

She moaned into his mouth and wrapped her arms around his neck, her body writhing against him as her tongue explored him feverishly.

The bike still growled beneath them like a beast waiting to be released, the scent of sweat, sex and gasoline filled the air in an erotic high octane mix.

He squeezed his arm around her waist and reached hand to the rubber grips and revved the bike loudly.

"What do you say to kicking this up a notch?" he grunted into her mouth.

She smiled up at him with the sexiest grin he'd ever seen. "No complaint from me."

His hands slid down her legs and tugged off her boots with ease before he lifted her off the bike, his hands making swift work of the fastenings on her pants.

Cameron's hand slid across his thigh to cup his erection through the denim of his jeans. He grunted and dropped his head to her shoulder as she rubbed him through the rough fabric. As her hand continued to stroke him the other undid his belt buckle and buttons.

He groaned as she snuck her hand inside his boxer shorts and freed his length, her hand palming his erection carefully.

"Crotch Rocket." she murmured thoughtfully.

He grunted and pushed her pants and panties down over the slight of her hips and the swell of her ass.

"Your ride is ready and waiting." he muttered watching as she kicked off her pants and panties from around her ankles, her body naked to his roaming eyes. He would have loved to have taken her home and tasted every part of that stunning body of hers but they had a case and this position offered him control, comfort and kept his leg covered from her view, though the feel of his cane pressing to the inside of his shin reminded him always of his handicap.

But his arms lifted her with ease, much more ease than the previous time considering she was ready for the movement this time and her legs slipped around him and her arms slid around his neck as if it were a natural occurrence between them.

He lowered her to the gas tank his throbbing length pulsating between their stomachs as he kissed her hard, her hips tilting and vibrating against his length as the bike rumbled beneath them. He lifted her legs tight around him, crossing at the small of his back and over the body of his bike, his hands encouraging her hips to roll to his in a slow rhythm.

The smell of burning gas that filled the air was intoxicating, but not as entrancing as the moan that issued from her lips.

His arms flexed around her, holding her tightly and pressing her more insistently to his member.

Her wetness seemed to pour over his length in copious amount.

"I guess I wasn't the only one to think the first ride was good... but I know this one will be much better." House bit her bottom lip gently as he lifted her body high over him. Her arms and legs tensed around him, as she tried to help him by holding her weight.

There was little need.

Their eyes met in a blaze of fire, passion and lust, burning hotter than the fuel that fired the engine that growled beneath them.

She sunk achingly slowly around him, both of their bodies straining to make the sensation last as long as possible amongst so much stimulation.

Their voice groaned together forming a chorus with the singing engine beneath them.

"Sweet Jesus." House muttered as his he became entirely enveloped in her tight wet warmth.

"Oh God." She whispered in response.

"I think we can agree that no part of the holy trinity has anything to do with this." House grunted between gasps as they became accustomed to each other, his hands smoothing gently up and down her long lithe back.

"Agreed." she sighed. "This is going to be over soon isn't it?" she said more as a statement than a question, a hint of disappointment featuring in her voice.

But he answered anyway.

"Yes. But I think it'll be worth it." he said encouragingly.

"I'll let you know when we're done." She said as she flexed around him as she lifted and lowered her body slightly.

"Deal." He grunted as his hands slid down to find purchase on her hips.

Their breaths mingled and swelled together into cool air and spread moist and hot across their faces as their hips rolled and rocked to each other in an increasing rhythm. Small teasing kisses were exchanged amongst grunts and gasps.

Words were beyond them.

He hissed as her arms and legs tightened around him, her body straining to increase their pace.

She moaned as the rough fabric of his jeans teased her sensitive flesh.

He pressed his lips fully to her mouth and devoured her, delighting in her taste and savouring the flavour of her sweet moans. His left arm snaked entirely around her waist and his right hand reached forward for the throttle. His knuckles turned white around the black grip and he revved the engine loudly.

She very nearly screamed down his throat and her teeth bit his tongue so hard it bled over their taste buds. Her hot velvet muscles quivered around him once in a very teasing manor.

He rocked his hips harder to hers, kissed her more deeply and leaned forward pressing her over the handle bars, stretching her over the gas tank.

House shivered in anticipation and gunned the engine for all it was worth.

She tipped her head back and cried out as she came. He groaned against her neck as he climaxed, his hand dancing with the throttle in time to the shaky jerks of his hips as he pressed himself into her.

Their sounds mixed with the growl of the bike shivered and shook like a primal cry into the air.

House switched off the engine already feeling slightly light headed from the fumes in the air; now would not be the time to pass out from CO2 poisoning.

The sound of their breaths seemed to echo around the room in the sudden silence.

Minutes seemed to pass by, their hands gently wandering over the others bodies as they calmed down from their natural high.

House nuzzled and kissed her neck softly, scratching her skin with his whiskers then moving up and along her jaw to her chin and finally to her lips, brushing them gently with his own.

"Worth it?" he asked.

She nodded. "Better than rollercoasters."

"Better than motorcycles and Vicodin." he admitted.

"We should do this again sometime." Cameron said boldly.

House smirked.

"I said a one way ticket, no return journey and you agreed."

"And I can't go back after sex like that." she answered confidently.

He smiled.

"Good answer." he muttered and he kissed her deeply. "We'll definitely be doing this again."

"Sex is better than anything else." she whispered.

"Especially with you." They muttered at the exact same time.