By Captainkodak1


Kim nervously sat behind the wheel of her vehicle. She sure could use Sadie right now. Her mission had failed. Ron was not with her this time. It got on her nerves sometimes that she just could not seem to complete a mission without him. For instance, there was that time that she had fought Drakken and Motor Ed in the car parts shop and lost. It took two cans of paint thinner, three washcloths, four towels, one bar of soap and two bottles of shampoo to get all the red paint out of her hair and off her body. The clothes went straight into the trash. She really was "Red" that night.

Now she was in so much trouble. Her life was in danger. She had been on a special mission and was caught. The spotlights of her captor silently pinned her down in the night. She did not move. There was nothing she could do. Maybe she should have tried contacting Wade for help, but that was not possible now.

"I'm so dead!" she whispered to herself. Her captor had requested that she remain still with her hands on the steering wheel. The partner of her captor stood watching her from the other side of the vehicle. He even had a pair of manacles in his hands as he smiled at her.

She had faced many things before but this sitch was the biggest trouble she had ever faced. One of Drakken's crazy lasers? No big. Killigan's exploding golf balls? Anything is possible for a Possible. Shego's plasma blasts? So not the drama! But this? This could land her in a world of hurt.

Laying her forehead on the steering wheel, she took slow breaths, calling upon all of her martial arts training to calm herself. The sound of the crunch of gravel came closer as her captor approached the window. He had caught her fair and square. She had been so intent on completing her mission that she didn't even see them until they captured her.

A light blinded Kim as she turned to face the person who had stopped her.

"Miss Possible, here is your license and your registration."

The Highway Patrol Officer pointed his flashlight to the ground as he handed back Kim's items. She released the steering wheel with her left hand and took the items, placing her license back in her purse and the registration up in the holder on the visor. The Officer handed her a thick clipboard with a slip of paper on top.

"Okay, Miss Possible. I clocked you doing seventy miles per hour in a fifty-five mile an hour zone. Also, you were cutting in and out of traffic. So, I am also charging you with careless driving. The speeding tickets is four points, the careless driving is also 4 points. I'm sorry, but this could mean loss of your license. It will be up to the judge. Seeing as you do what you do, I have a feeling he'll go lightly on you. If you would just sign here and here and then initial here, we'll be through."

Kim signed the ticket in the places the Officer indicated. She then initialed the paper in the proper place and handed the board and pen back to the Officer.

Taking back the clipboard, the Officer tore off her copy, folded it in half and gave it to Kim. He then touched his hat with his finger in a slight salute.

"Have a good evening, Miss Possible. Please drive safely. I'm going to be the talk of the Patrol Room. I'm the one who pulled over the Kim Possible. My daughter may not speak to me for a week, but she'll get over it."

Kim tried to smile as she took the paper. "Thank you, Officer. You did what you had to do. I'm not above the law. I'll take my lumps. It's just that when daddy sees thisā€¦ Well, I really don't even want to think about it."

The officer patted her on her shoulder and walked back to his cruiser. He had always heard what a big hero Kim Possible was. It was nice to know that she made mistakes like anyone else. However, unlike so many other celebrities she was willing to take her lumps and not make a big deal over it. His opinion of the young girl went up several points.


Later, at the Possible residenceā€¦

Kim set the paper at her father's place at the table then went to wait in the den. Ron and Rufus had come over after she called on her cell phone. The date they had planned was definitely off. She had been trying to get back to his house for their date when she was stopped. Ron sat with her while Rufus stood on her shoulder, massaging her face. Kim heard her father's chair scrape across the kitchen floor. They sat quietly until two hands came to rest on Ron's shoulders.

Ron leaned back to see a stern-faced Mr. Possible looking down on him.

"Excuse me, Ronald, but I need to have a word with my daughter."

Ron stood up and stepped back from the couch. "Yes, sir, MrDrP, sir."

Kim stood and placed her hands in front of her. She gave her father a small wry smile. Her father crossed his arms and glared at her.

"Kimberly Ann Possible!!! We need to talk!"

Kim turned and gave her father the same slight smile she had given that night on Halloween. He beckoned to her with a finger. She stepped forward to follow her father toward the kitchen. She may save the world and fight villains, but when her father called to her like that she felt very, very small. Ron held her hand as long as he could as she walked toward the open door. Mrs. Possible walked out of the kitchen with Tim and Jim in hand.

"Awww, M-o-o-m-m! We want to stay and see what happens to Kim."

Kim turned to look back at Ron one more time before taking the final step into the kitchen.

Ron settled down on the couch to wait for Kim; at least he hoped to be able to speak to her later. Ron knew he had to be brave for Kim. He had her back on missions against all the villains in the world. But MrDrP could be a lot scarier than MonkeyFist any day of the week. He settled down on the couch when the yelling started. 'I'm here for you KP', he thought.


Before he left, Ron brought Kim something to drink. She was grounded for three weeks: the first week with no visitors, including him; the second week he would be allowed to visit her but only for thirty minutes each day; the third week would be a light grounding. Her bank account was confiscated to pay for the ticket and the increased insurance. The family attorney would be contacted to help keep her driver's license. Not that it mattered. She had to hand over her license to her father and it would be at least a month before she got it back.

Ron bent over to kiss her goodbye as she shifted slightly in her seat. The pillow she was sitting on was testament to the last part of her punishment.

"I can't believe he did that. He hasn't done that since I was nine!" she grumbled.

Ron kissed her lightly on the lips before turning to leave. "It'll be okay, KP. I better go. No need to make matters worse."

Kim sighed as his hand caressed her cheek. "Love you, Ron."

"RONALD, you've said goodbye! I believe it's time to leave!" a stern voice boomed from the doorway.

"Leaving now, MrDrP!" Ron answered. He waved goodbye as he walked out the door. Rufus crawled out of his pants pocket and climbed up on his shoulder. Ron turned to his little buddy.

"Yeah, I know, little buddy, but she'll be alright."

Ron turned up his coat collar and headed for home, his thoughts going back to the events of that evening. The shouting had been at a minimum. Kim didn't cry too much. But the last event, that would stick in his mind for a while. Kim sure could hit the high note when she sang. But she hit some new high notes tonight when Ron heard the series of pops come from the kitchen.


Call me evil. This came to my mind the other day and I thought I would put it to the screen. One's first speeding ticket is something that sticks in your mind. Somehow I see Kim being an "aggressive" driver. I am sure she would end up getting a ticket somehow. This is just my thoughts on it.

This is the Captain.
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