Chapter 2
By Captainkodak1


Kim slowly made her way up to her room, her bottom still stinging. Her dad had only popped her about three times when he got very quiet and asked her to leave the room. She had just sat down on the pillow that Ron had gotten for her when he had ordered Ron to leave. She really did not need the pillow but it seemed to make Ron feel better. Ron somehow had made it his fault. He had made big plans that night and had told her not to be late. However, she had been shopping with Monique and forgot about the time. Her "Kimness" came out in full force as she sped across the city and right into the speed trap. Seeing Ron's face, knowing he blamed himself, hurt her the most. After Ron left, Mr. Possible told her to go to her room.

Sitting on the edge of her bed, Kim knew she had really messed up this time. She had never seen her father as angry as he had been earlier. Even when she had been caught lying that time on Halloween he did not raise his voice at her. It was not just the grounding that hurt. Her dad knew how much she thought of Ron. Forbidding her to see him for a week had really torn out her heart. The rest of the grounding was not that bad. However, his pulling her across his lap completely devastated her. Then, when she had stood up and faced her father… the look on his face. He seemed so angry …yet there was something else there: disappointment. She could handle the grounding --- even the spanking --- but that look of disappointment on her father's face that was the worst.

Quiet footsteps climbed the stairs to her room. She turned to see her mom carrying a tray of food. Kim had forgotten that tonight was supposed to be a dinner date. She had not even eaten and it was nearly nine. Her mom quietly crossed the floor and laid the tray on Kim's desk, then walked over to Kim's bed and sat down beside her. Turning to her mom, Kim saw a face filled with concern, disappointment, and love. Kim collapsed sobbing in her mother's arms.

"Mom, I am so sorry. I really messed up, but why, Mom? Why?"

Kim's mom caressed the shuddering body of her daughter in her arms. Kim continued to cry, repeatedly asking the question: "Why?" Rocking her daughter back and forth, Anne Possible waited until Kim calmed down and then helped her sit up and handed her a few tissues. Kim wiped her eyes and looked back up at her mom.

"Kimmie, you did something tonight that really upset your father. He loves you, Kim, and what you did really disappointed him. He was very afraid for you."

"Afraid? But I do a lot more dangerous things on missions and he doesn't seem to be afraid then!" Kim whimpered.

Her mom knowingly smiled. "Yes, Kim, but do you really know how scared he is when you do leave on a mission? Do you know the time he spends walking the floor until you're home or he knows you're alright?"

"But…but he never seems to be that way when I see him."

"Yes, dear", Anne reached out and cupped Kim's chin in her hand. "But, you see, he is so proud of what you do. It tears him apart sometimes to see you go off on these missions. However, he knows the good that you do, and that it means so much to you. He also knows that Ron is with you almost all of the time. So, he never lets on what it does to him."

"But what happened tonight. I mean, I know the tickets are bad and I might lose my license…" Kim stopped when her mother placed a finger on her lips.

"Kimmie, he can't always protect you on your missions, but when you're home he's determined to protect you at any cost. He's going to protect you even if it means punishing you, though it tears him apart inside."

Anne shook her head. "Kim, he loves you so much. Now you're seeing Ron."

"But Ron has always been around", Kim mumbled.

"Yes, dear", Anne said with a little smile. "Ron has been around, but things have changed between you and Ron, haven't they."

Kim wistfully smiled and nodded. Her mom bowed her head a little.

"Now your father has to deal with that, too. He's realizing that you're growing up and that he may not be the most important man in your life. Your father fears he's losing you. Tonight, he was very upset and he lashed out. He was upset not just with the tickets, but that you were taking chances just to be with Ron. You've spent a lot of time with Ron lately, haven't you?"

Kim bowed her head. "Yeah, I even flaked on going to the Space Center with him the other day 'cause Ron wanted to go to Lake Middleton."

Her mom nodded. "Yes, you did, and that hurt him."

Tears fell from Kim's eyes. She wiped them away with the Kleenex.

Anne put her hand on Kim's shoulder. "Your father is very upset with himself right now. He knows that he lost his temper with you tonight. That is something he has never done. He couldn't face you right now, so he asked me to tell you that you will be grounded for two weeks. Ron can come over anytime, but you have to stay in the living room and he can only stay an hour. You will come straight home after school or cheer practice. On Saturday, you'll be allowed to go to Temple with Ron if you wish to, but you're to come directly back home afterwards."

Kim's face rose, her eyes brightening a bit.

Anne's face became stern. "Your father's going to talk to our attorney to see if we can get one or both of the tickets reduced or dropped. You'll be expected to pay for that, as well as the fines for the tickets. Our insurance will increase because of this and you'll be expected to pay for some of that."

Kim face dropped. "But that will clean me out. I won't have any money to do anything. I do good with babysitting but not that good."

Anne sighed. "Yes, Kim, it's going to hurt, but you did something wrong and you're expected to face the consequences. Now, when special things come along like birthdays and the prom, if you have held up your part of the deal, your father might help you. This will be a deal between the two of you. Understand?"

"Yes, ma'am", Kim said softly.

"Okay, now eat something and get ready for bed. Tomorrow's Saturday and if you want to go to Temple with Ron you'll need to get your sleep. Do you want me to call Ron and fill him in?"

Kim nodded.

"Okay." Anne stood up and was headed down the stairs when she turned back to face Kim. "Kimmie, your father loves you very much. Sometimes he may have a hard time showing it. Give him some of your time; time to get used to you growing up."

Anne smiled and disappeared down the steps. Kim went to her desk and ate the meal her mom had brought. She had finished getting ready for bed when she glanced over at her computer. She could hear her father's footsteps in his study above her room. Kim sat down and started to type an email to her father.

Through My Daddy's Eyes

As my father sees me, so shall I.

As a daughter, all my self-worth comes from how much my father values me.

The amount of affection he pays me as a child is what I will expect from a mate.

The respect he shows my mother will be what I will tolerate from a husband.

The time invested in me as a child, will equal the amount of time I invest in him during his "golden" years.

How he sees me in his eyes, is how I will see myself. A little girl becomes exactly what her father says she is. In short, I will be the product of what you do and say around me, to me, and to others.

No compliment or blessing is any higher than that of my daddy's. In short, how you see me, is how I will be.

The least little comment, especially negative, I will take to heart.

You think the sun will rise and set with me, but without you I have no world.

You are my daddy--and little girls NEED their daddies.

I love you, Daddy,

Your Kimmie-cub.

Kim pressed "Send" and then got up and climbed into bed. She turned off her light and cuddled down to go to sleep.


Kim awoke to find someone in her room. It was very dark but she could sense someone standing at the top of her stairs. She hid her face just so. She could see who it was without their knowing it. The figure stepped forward to reveal itself: it was her dad. In the light of the moon spilling through her windows, she could see tears rolling down his face. He took a few steps toward her. She closed her eyes and controlled her breathing so he would think she was still asleep. He seemed to stand there for hours. Then she felt two warm lips press on her head. They were two warm lips that she had not felt in a long, long time. Memories of skinned knees and hurt feelings that seemed to disappear when those lips touched her came back to her. She smiled just a little. She sensed him still standing there when she heard him whisper.

"I love you, Kimmie-cub."

He turned and headed for her stairs. Two luminous green eyes watched him as he disappeared down the step.

If anyone had really listened hard, a low whisper would have been heard in response. "I love you, too, Daddy."


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