A/N – This is the trailer for my next story. I haven't worked out the story. It was really supposed to be a one-shot, but I couldn't leave it off where I wanted to. I still have to really think of the plot. Right not it's just a bunch of scenes I have that I'm trying to piece together. I'm working on the first two chapters, but after that it may take me a while to come up with the rest. The trailer, just to warn you, it's a little long and mostly action and no words.


She didn't know…

Shows Gabriella hanging around with Troy.

It was a one sided relationship

Shows Gabriella and Troy being cute together and practicing.

Because Troy had a secret…

Shows Troy thinking about something leading to a quick flash of none other than Sharpay Evans.

His heart belonged to another

Shows Troy and Sharpay kissing

They've been neighbors since forever…

Flashes to a quiet neighborhood, two little kids playing together.

Something special was always there

Two kids around the age of 7 run along a beach on vacation. They stop and watch the sun set before the boy leans in and quickly places a kiss on her cheek.

A relationship no one knew about…

Shows flashes of Troy and Sharpay n various dates

And those who knew…

Flashes to Ryan and Kelsi followed by the Evans and Bolton family gathering together, zooms in on Jack Botlon.

Were sworn to secrecy

Shows Jack Bolton arguing with Chad before shutting the door in his face.

He could never bring himself to hold her hand

Shows flashes of Troy and Gabriella on dates, never able to hold her hand, grasping her wrist instead.

But they had to pretend…

Shows Troy and Sharpay in their normal cliques as the Basketball King and the Ice Queen, being cozy with Gabriella and Zeke.

No matter how much it hurt

Flashes of Troy not into basketball and Sharpay being alone.

Living with hidden meetings…

Shows flashes of Troy and Sharpay meeting secretly.

Cryptic words…

Shows them talking and arguing in the hall ways, an indistinguishable glint in their eyes.

Secret glances…

Shows Sharpay and Troy sneaking glances at each other.

And forbidden touches

Flashes of Sharpay and Troy touching intimately.

It was all part of their plan

Shows flashes of Ryan, Kelsi, Troy, and Sharpay hanging out and having fun.

But what happens when the act

Shows Sharpay being the Ice Queen in the halls.

Seems a little too real?

Shows Troy kissing Gabriella.

What happens when people find out…

Shows Chad, Taylor, and Gabriella thinking to themselves.

That all this…

Shows more flashes of Troy and Sharpay being 'themselves'.

Was a show?

Flashes to Chad, Taylor, and Gabriella arguing with Troy and Sharpay.

Hearts will be broken…

Shows Troy and Sharpay crying and staying away from each other.

Trust will be shattered…

Close up to Gabriella crying, wandering the halls alone.

And friendships will be strained.

Flashes of Chad, Taylor, Zeke, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan, and Kelsi all hanging out appear.

But Prom is coming up soon…

Shows students dancing the night away.

What will happen?

Flashes quickly to a blonde and a brunette dancing slowly. The scene fades to a close up of a ring…

Behind Closed Doors