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"Lizzie, what are you still doing in your pajamas? It's almost time to go to school." Casey asked, pouring a glass of orange juice for herself, while eying her younger sister curiously. Lizzie was, indeed, still in her pajamas, and sitting on a stool at the end of the table in the kitchen.

"Mom doesn't want me to go to school. She says I'm warm, and thinks I have a fever. And I made the mistake of coughing in front of her. I feel fine! But you know how mom gets." Lizzie said.

"Oh, that sucks." Casey said, lifting the glass toward her lips, but out of nowhere, Derek swooped in and grabbed the glass from her hands, passing her while he chugged down the orange juice. He went to the cupboard and grabbed a bag of fruit snacks, then placed the empty glass back in front of Casey, all so quickly that Casey couldn't reply until the damage was already done.

"Ugh! You jerk. Get your own damn orange juice next time!" Casey glared at the empty glass and Derek, knowing that there would be no orange juice for her that morning since the glass had contained the last of the carton.

"Hey, I was just following your directions." Derek shrugged popping a fruit snack into his mouth, and leaning against the counter.

"Oh, yeah. Because I remember telling you to take my glass of fortifying orange juice." Casey snapped.

"No. But you did tell me to stop drinking from the carton. And I just did not want to deal with that 'Oh, that's disgusting, Derek' rant that you go on every morning." He said. "Plus, I saw the carton in the trash, and, hey, I wanted some orange juice." He gave his Derek Venturi smirk. The smirk that made all the girls swoon. Except Casey. It made Casey want to knee him in the groin after smacking him across the face, to wipe the smirk off his smug face.

"You pompous, self-centered, son-of-a-bitch." Casey murmured quietly to herself.

Derek heard her, but decided to ignore her, and take notice to Lizzie.

"What's with you kid?" he asked.

"My mom won't let me go to school." she sighed.

"Lucky you." Derek winked, before leaving the kitchen.

"Lucky you." Casey contorted her face, mocking Derek.

"Man, I have P.E. Today. I was going to beat Nikki Callahan in dodge ball. That girl need a nice hit in the head."

"Sounds like Derek." Casey said.

She sat fuming over Derek. He was so insufferable, and he did whatever he could to get under her skin. Why her? She hadn't even seen him yet that morning, but the first thing he does is something to make her mad. He couldn't just go in and out of the kitchen without disturbing her. He had to do something.

Then a light bulb clicked in her head, an idea flashing like a neon sign through her head.

"Oh, my God. Lizzie. I have the best idea.

What!?" Lizzie exclaimed, once Casey explained her idea.

"It's perfect! You sneak into his room while we're all at school. Just snoop around everywhere. Everywhere. You're bound to find something I could use against him!" Casey said, excitedly.

"No. No. No way. Not going to happen. No." Lizzie said. She was not about to go search the entire of Derek's room. She had just snooped around a bit once, and the guy-ness of the place had creeped her out enough to last her a life time away from his room.

"Lizzie, come on! We've never embarrassed Derek in a way that didn't help him. We need to find something good. Something personal and private, he wouldn't want anyone else to know. Something he'd keep confined in his room!" Casey explained.

"But Casey! You don't understand that room. It's s disgusting. It's Derek's!"

"Please! Please, please, please! Pretty, pretty please!" Casey pleaded.

Lizzie looked uncertainly at her sister. She didn't want to, but she couldn't stand her sister's begging.

"...Fine." Lizzie sighed, defeated.

"Oh, thank you, thank you! So much!" Casey said, giving her sister a hug.

"Yeah." Lizzie scrunched up her face. "Your welcome."

Lizzie sat on the top steps of the stairs, holding her chin up with her hands. I can't believe I said yes. She thought as she tried to will herself into going into Derek's room, while also trying to think of a really good excuse to tell Casey why she couldn't when she got home.

But she couldn't think of one.

Casey and Derek had left for school a half-hour ago. Her mom had taken Marti somewhere, and George was off running some errands. Her mom had made him a list.

They trusted her alone, especially since they all felt she was sick, even though she felt fine. Nora had made her the little sick packages that she always made when either Casey or she was sick. Orange juice, ibuprofen, two cans of chicken noodle soup, ect. Things they could use themselves when they were sick, since Nora usually never had the right time to take care of them herself, which she felt bad about, thus resulting in the sick packages.

So she sat there, nervous and frustrated that she gave in so easily, but she knew she was going to do it.

So she got up and went to Derek's bedroom door. Her hand hesitated when it went for the handle, but the she forced herself to grasp it and open.

She stepped inside and closed the door. The room was a mess. Laundry everywhere, on the floor, on the bed, sticking out from under the bed, and flowing out of the closet. There were random papers on the ground near the trash, like he'd tried to shoot them, but they missed, and he never bothered to pick them up. There were a couple plates, and cd's that were out of there cases.

"Ugh." Lizzie said out loud.

The first place she went to was the closet. She used a hockey stick to sift through the clothes. Then she used it to move around things that were on a shelf in the closet. Finding nothing, she moved on to under the bed. Nothing but disgusting things like socks, and half eaten pizza slices. She made the large mistake of looking under the bed, and found some questionable pieces of reading material.

She searched the table tops, under pillows, inside of books, on the other shelves in his room, and everywhere she could possibly think of, and found nothing of interest, and nothing that surprised her, and definitely wouldn't surprise Casey, and most of wouldn't embarrass Derek.

When she was about to give up, she realized she hadn't gone through his drawers. She made her way warily toward them. The first drawer held nothing of importance. A bunch of band t's. The second drawer, she refused to go through, since it was his underwear drawer. But the last drawer was filled with papers, and notebooks.

She picked up a few and skimmed through it. Lyrics, and little notes he wrote. A couple mentioned a girl, but no name was revealed. Still nothing that meant enough. She shoved a notebook back into the drawer, frustrated. The notebook hit against the back of the drawer and that's when Lizzie noticed it shift slightly.

Lizzie opened the drawer above and examined it. Then she did the same with the top drawer, and realized that the first two drawer's backs ended a bit farther back than the last drawer. A false back? Lizzie thought to herself. Why would Derek have a false back to his drawer? ...Unless he's hiding something!

Lizzie moved her fingers along the edges of the drawers back, until she found a place for her fingers to push it out. Lizzie heart beat faster as she pulled the back out, wondering what Derek could be hiding.

It was a tape.

A tape to Derek's video camera.

Lizzie took it and went downstairs, grabbing the video camera along the way. She hooked the video camera to the tv downstairs. She was slightly scared of what might be on the tape, seeing that it was Derek, and the possibilities were seemingly endless. But she willed herself to play it. And after less than 10 seconds of it playing, her jaw dropped.

"Oh. My. God."


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