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It had been a week since the incident with Derek. That's exactly one week, 7 days, 168 hours, 10,080 minutes, and 604,800 seconds since I last spoke to Derek. For the past few days I made sure to take separate routes and avoid him in every way possible. It was extremely helpful that no tapings were scheduled recently due to the director having to attend a funeral on another continent. I had kept away from Casey's house and she understood why. I wasn't depressed though, and I was happy that I was finally getting over the whole thing.

The first thing I'd done to help myself heal was to eat lots and lots of Chocolate Chunk ice cream. When I started having trouble fitting into my jeans, I decided on a different strategy. I focused on things that I had been pushing aside after moving to Canada. More time was spent on my studies and that meant I had less time to let my mind wander into the "Derek realm". He'd made no effort to talk to me, which also helped a great deal.

Unfortunately, life couldn't come that easily. Something just had to happen or it would be too perfect. It was only a week from the day that Derek had crushed my heart and stuck it into a blender when Casey decided that I had to revert back to the "real" Molly. She scheduled a Girl's Night sleepover at her house knowing that Derek would be there so that I could finally get over it once and for all. I guess she was tired of my face dropping every time someone mentioned his name. Emily was all for it, especially since she and Trevor were going through a rocky period in their relationship. It's extremely hard to turn down the both of them and survive to tell the tale, so I agreed halfheartedly to attend. I told her not to expect any miracles though.

"Hey Mol! Why don't you come on up for now? My mom's working on dinner so we can just start with face masks." God, how could she be so freaking happy all the time?!

"Sure, Casey." I trudged up the stairs behind her and kept my eyes forward. Maybe my peripheral vision would do me a favor and stop working for the evening.

When we got to her room I saw Emily in deep thought as she looked at two small cream containers. She looked up when she heard us enter and gave me a small wave and returned to her task.

"Casey, I'm not sure which comes first. The SpaFusion or the GlamGirl moisturizer?" She held up the containers so that Casey could read them.

"Hm… Well, usually I start with GlamGirl products and work my way up to SpaFusion." Emily nodded and placed them down in the new order.

It seemed that I was in for a long, grueling night.

After we'd finished categorizing every product that Casey deemed usable for the evening we had to wash up for dinner. I'd been doing well until then, because I realized that I could not avoid Derek if he was sitting at the same table as me. I tried desperately to think of some way to get out of dinner; but every scenario I worked out in my head ended with Casey dragging me to an anorexia treatment facility. That would be a bad thing. So, I made my way down to the table and grabbed the seat near Marti.

"Smolly!" She squealed as I sat down. "Are you and Smerek getting married yet?" I wasn't quite sure exactly how to respond to that.

Right as she said it Derek was making his way to the table. He just raised an eyebrow and sat down. Unfortunately he was sitting right across from me so I couldn't ignore him if I tried.

Marti was upset that I hadn't answered her question. "Are you getting married or not?!" She whined.

"Uh, Marti I don't think Molly's old enough to get married just yet. Wouldn't you agree Nora?" I threw George an appreciative look. I had to give the guy credit, he may be a little clueless, but at least he picked up on the tension between me and Derek.

"Yeah, Marti why don't you give those two some time and ask later." Nora replied.

Derek was doing a great job at making it seem like nothing was happening at all and this was just an everyday ordinary conversation. I was having a harder time.

"So, Molly, you haven't been here in a while. You're not avoiding us are ya?" Nora joked.

"Of course not. Just been-uh- busy that's all." I chuckled nervously.

"Yeah, Derek's been busy too lately, spending a lot of time with Emmalyn." She smiled.

Casey snorted. "I'll be he's been busy."

I couldn't help but choke on the sip of juice I'd just taken. It was a touchy subject, but Casey's comment had been so unexpected. Derek shot me a glance. It didn't seem like he was glaring or trying to seem mean at all, in fact it was the exact opposite. It was sort of like he was apologizing with his eyes. I shook my head to get that thought out right away. Derek would never apologize. Especially since he probably didn't think he was wrong.

After dinner I went back upstairs but Casey and Emily decided to stay downstairs and watch a movie. I just wanted to get away from Derek's unwavering stare. So, I quickly changed into my pajamas and pulled the book I'd brought with me out of my travel bag. When I was getting into the story, I heard a knock at the door and figured Lizzie was looking for something.

"Come in." To my surprise it was Derek.

I dropped the book I was holding in shock.

"What are you doing in here?" He had no right to seek me out after what he did.

"I wanted to talk to you."

"Oh, that's really funny. Now all of a sudden after hurting me, you want to have a nice little chat? Well, Derek…I don't really know what to say. I'm really upset that you would do something like that to me, and that you would rub salt in the wound by coming up here. I'm just trying to get on with my life and forget this ever happened okay?" I was starting to tear up so I averted my gaze.

"Look, I'm really sorry about that okay? I didn't want Emmalyn to find out and I was freaking out I guess. I'm sorry about the kiss. It was a mistake. And I was a jerk. Could we just forget it didn't happen and go back to being friends?"

Why did Derek Venturi want to be my friend all of a sudden? And who said we were even friends before?! "Yeah, sure, whatever. Is that all?" I hoped he would leave soon so that I could collect my thoughts.

"Yeah. I'm really glad you're not mad anymore. You're a great friend." He held out his hand for me to shake it. I did so quickly and he finally left the room.

Now, I just had to figure out what that was all about.