The Lost Commodore

by Lahara

A/N: Hello all and welcome to my first fanfiction! I've had alot of stories floating in my head for a long time that was fanfiction, and finally have enough nerve to sit down and actually WRITE it, let alone post it online. While browsing through I noticed there are many instances of Jack Sparrow and Will Turner ending up in modern day... but not so much with the dear Commodore Norrington. For shame! So I hoped to remedy this problem while also expelling some creativity and fantasies. Teehee.

I also want to give you, my dear readers, the heads up that there will be a great, great, GREAT deal of hidden meaning and connection woven into this tapestry of mine. Some things will be just out of silliness or hidden nods, while most are on a higher level that I placed with great intention. If you can find... well... any in a chapter I bow gracefully to you. Please review, but be gentle. Constructive criticism has nasty sharp edges and I'm a bleeder, so if you could buff the edges a bit I'd be ever so grateful. Enjoy this filtered flight of fancy through my mind, and remember to keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times!

Disclaimer: I sadly do not own Pirates of the Caribbean, nor my dear Commodore who plays center stage in this writing. I can however, make him do what ever I want within the confines of my mind.

James Norrington: -whimpers-

That being said, Natania and anything of Natania's belong to me. Oh, and she can do whatever she wants with said Commodore.

Natania: Whoohoo! I win!

Natania Raphael would come across at first to many as an average college student- just another face in the mass of students in any school located in New York City. She was average looking to passing glances, mostly since she never had the time to poor effort into her looks as she trudged towards class. Her dark brown hair that was nearly black was drawn behind her head in a loose ponytail. Her skin was pale, transparent she would often jest, but clear and without a freckle, just a small beauty mark on her jaw line. Her features were faintly Eastern European, and slightly almond shaped eyes peered out from behind thin oval glasses. Natania's bright brown eyes were often hidden by them, and their lovely warmth seemed to bring attention she was unaccustomed to.

This evening was her last final, physics. Wearing her favorite beaten-up brown coat, a black shirt which proclaimed fondly 'I'm not dead yet.' in white letters, and blue jeans, she took a seat at the front of the classroom. Natania was always exceptionally smart, never having too much trouble in her classes. Her fondness for art, science, history, writing, and even Japanese made it difficult for her to find a place to focus her energy. As a child this would bring even teasing and made her feel very isolated. She also had a very kind soul, if rather stubborn at times. Natania felt compelled to help others, even if it left her exposed or others would take advantage of her. Such openness left her scarred over her 20 years of life, but she never lost it along with her special spark of life.

The test didn't take terribly long, but still was an intellectual drain. Most of her time was spent trying to properly replicate a diagram of oscillating waves of an electric field and magnetic field that light was composed of. An uneventful drive later, and she arrived home. Natania collapsed on her couch, the strap of her messenger bag slipping off her shoulder as it crumpled onto the floor next to her. Now with the last of her finals complete, she had nothing but blissful freedom ahead. The coming month off from college never felt so wonderful, but right now she let her unbridled joy in one triumphant exclamation.


She slipped her hands under the pillow her face was buried in, curling up on the soft leather couch. Natania peeked up from the cushion and blinked at her reflection in the blank TV screen. She looked very bored, and rather tired. It was no surprise really, she having spent most of the daylight hours doing a length review in preparation for her test. Her eyes slowly wandered up to the DVD player with a stack of recently viewed movies next to it.

Her hazy mind slowly started to put the pieces together, far slower than it should for someone. What better way to unwind then to watch one her favorite movie of all time, Pirates of the Caribbean? As a small girl, Natania enjoyed the idea of being a pirate. She even turned her bed into a makeshift pirate ship of her own, with her stuffed animals as her scurvy crew. She had even gone as far to tie a white sheet to an upright curtain rod, proclaiming it the "sail" of her fine ship.

Natania got up and put away her coat and bag. It had been a long day, and her last class was always unnecessarily hot, leaving her feeling unnecessarily grimy. One welcome shower later, she pulled on a red t-shirt and a pair of black skull print pajama pants. Tikki, her small pet sun conure, squeaked joyfully while hopping around inside her cage at the welcome sight of company in the bedroom. The tiny fuzzy creature was satisfied with a soft pat on the head, but continued to press against the cage for more contact.

"You poor girl…. Must be lonely with grandma and grandpa gone and your mommy at school" Natania sighed, referring to her mother, father, and herself respectively.

Her parents had gone to Florida to finish up the second home they had purchased after retiring. In a week or so she'd join them in Orlando for a little vacationing in Disney World. For now, Natania felt as alone and empty as the house did prior to her return.

Tikki cooed at another rub on her head before Natania made her way downstairs. She turned off the lights in the house, creating a faux "movie theater atmosphere", only far more comfortable. Curling up on the couch with a glass of fizzy cranberry soda, she lost herself in a world of pirates and adventure as soon as the play button was pressed.

"This is the day that you will always remember as the day that y-" Jack couldn't finish his statement as he plummeted off the fort and to the water below.

Commodore Norrington along with Will and Elizabeth dashed to the edge, followed by a score of redcoats, watching the pirate tumble into the water below. Gillette nearly sneered after a loud splash sounded.

"Idiot. He's nowhere to go but back to the noose."

The group looked up as a loud cry proclaimed, "Sail ho!"

Emerging from the edge of a rocky cliff, well enough away from fort, a ship sailed into view. A black ship with equally black sails. It was the Pearl. Jack let out a grin as he started to swim for it.

Gillette looked to the ship with his sneer fading, looked up to the Commodore, then back out to the approaching ship. "What's your plan of action?" He looked up to the Commodore once more, a bit more uncertain now. "Sir?"

Commodore Norrington's eyes glanced back and forth, his emotions torn in every direction at once. Governor Swann watched him for a moment, sensing his indecision. So much had happened for all of them within the past few days. He spoke up after a few moments.

"Perhaps on the rare occasion, perusing the right course demands an act of piracy," He paused as James Norrington, more than Commodore Norrington, took this in. "Piracy itself can be the right course?"

Norrington slowly let a slight smile form on his lips as he looked down. He found himself again as his eyes watched the approaching ship. "Mr. Turner!" He turned on his heel and approached the man he addressed from behind.

The young man faced him, Elizabeth taking his arm and holding him back for a moment. He pulled a bit close to her, and spoke gently. "I'll accept the consequences of my actions."

Will Turner returned to Commodore, Elizabeth's hand holding his for a moment longer before slipping away. The Commodore raised his blade before the young man, his gaze locked on the reflective steel.

"This is a beautiful sword. I would expect the man who made it to show the same amount of care and dedication in every aspect of his life." Commodore Norrington finally met the eyes of the blacksmith who returned the gaze respectfully.

"Thank you."

Norrington lowered the sword and turned away with the other redcoats and officers and walked towards away from the balcony.

"Commodore!" Gillette cried out, gazing at his commanding officer in near disbelief. "What about Sparrow?"

"Oh I think we can afford to give him one day's head start" he responded, raising his eyebrows a bit with a haughty air.

Natania watched the scene play out, a smile on her lips. She had curled up on the couch once more, head resting on a few pillows. Her eyes were heavy with sleepiness, and she wasn't able to fight it off much longer.

She closed her eyes, resting her hands under her pillow and whispered softly to no one in particular.

"That'll do James. That'll do."