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Frank slowly came to, his head throbbing, his arms and legs tied with hard knots. As he returned to consciousness, the memories from the event came flooding back. The men... the crowbars... Joe starting to fight back and getting whacked in the face.


Frank turned until he could see his brother, who was bound in a similar way. His nose had obviously been bleeding, maybe broken, with all the blood that surrounded the lower par of his face. Other then that, a large red imprint that was slowly turning blue showed the place where the weapon had hit him.

Hoping that Joe's nose wasn't broken, Frank kicked his brother in the stomach just hard enough to wake him up. Nothing. He kicked again, harder this time. A flicker of the eyelids followed almost immediately by a groan.

"Take it easy, buddy," Frank said, his voice a low whisper. "You got hit pretty hard."

Joe tried to move his hands to his face only to find that they were tied. He grimaced, pain evident in his face. "Where are we?"

Frank shrugged, "In a van, I think." He looked around. "Not our van." Joe nodded, excepting the answer. Frank could see that he was starting to fall back to sleep. "Hey, bud, no sleeping, 'kay? Not with a head wound. You know the rules."

Joe nodded, and Frank moved around until he was laying right up against his brother. God, he hated when Joe was hurt. It made his stomach do back-flips and front flips. It made him feel helpless.

"Hey Joe," Frank muttered, his head resting on top of his brother's wishing more then anything that he could put an arm around his shoulder. "When they open that door, we're gonna try to bolt. Or scream. You know the drill ― draw attention to ourselves."

Joe nodded, but Frank noticed that his brother's eyes were less focused. "Hey, hey!" he said, nudging Joe in the ribs.

Joe's eyes opened again, looking straight through Frank. His breathing was ragged and heavy, like he had just run a mile. Frank groaned, ready to keep his brother awake at all costs.

But then the door opened, and Frank and Joe were plunged into a mystery like they'd never encountered before.

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