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Previously in Grim Fate:

The doctor sighed lightly before continuing. "The person you encountered managed to physically and sexually assault you, then left you in hopes you wouldn't be found easily, if at all, or would die before anyone could locate you. Thankfully, it was the lesser.

"We ran several tests on you while you were asleep, Miss Fujioka, but for some of them, we need your informed consent to do.…"

"...What is it you want to do?" Haruhi asked bleakly, her voice still quivering.

"We want to make sure that, during the rape, he didn't manage to...impregnate you. A simple pregnancy test should do the trick, although we would have to wait for a few weeks before we could actually perform the test."

"You mean that...I could be pregnant?" she whispered. Tears blurred her vision for a moment before spilling over and trailing down her cheeks.

"Miss Fujioka, I assure you that if you do happen to be pregnant, we will set up an appointment with an OB/GYN to help you decide what to do with the infant." he reassured her.

Haruhi's mind was numb. Her brain was telling her to run, but her body wasn't cooperating. Deep in the pit of her stomach, a pain had started up. She felt suddenly nauseous. The feeling was too much to suppress, and she leaned over the side of her bed and vomited. A second later, she felt the doctor's hand patting her on the back, telling her it would be alright. Yet Haruhi knew that she'd never be alright.

After a few moments, Haruhi calmed down, and the doctor went to call for a janitor to clean the mess on the floor. In the meantime, the boys snuck back into the room to be with Haruhi, being sure to stay on the side of the bed opposite the vomit.

"So, Haruhi?" Kyouya asked hesitantly, "What did the doctor have to say?"

"It would be best if you not pester her with questions right now." said the doctor, returning with a janitor close behind him. "She will tell you when she is ready."

The boys looked to Haruhi for confirmation, and she nodded slowly, closing her eyes as emotions welled up inside her once more.

After the mess had been cleared up, the janitor left, and the doctor turned his attention to Haruhi. He had her take a few tests to check for any sort of nerve damage or memory loss. Thankfully, she passed all of the tests easily.

"Well, Miss Fujioka, you will need to stay one more night here, just to be sure everything is alright." the doctor stated, then turned to the Hosts, "Visiting hours end at eight." And with that, he turned and left the room, closing the door behind him with a sharp click.

Haruhi did not tell the Hosts what the doctor had told her, she just couldn't. Instead, she had them tell her what had been happening at Ouran in her absence. The Hosts said that they'd been bombarded with questions the first day back, and they didn't disclose any information to them (much to many people's dislike). Haruhi thanked them for their secrecy.

A few nurses flitted in and out of the room. One drew some blood from her arm for a few tests, and another looked over her bruises and her wrist. Turns out that she had fractured one of the carpal bones in her wrist and dislocated three. Her hand had been swollen for a few days directly after her attack, but the swelling had gone down during her slumber. The nurses told her that her wrist would have to stay in a cast for several weeks, which Haruhi didn't mind. The test results came back about an hour later, telling everyone that everything was normal, much to everyone's relief.

At 7:55 at night, a nurse popped her head into Haruhi and Kyo's room to tell the Hosts that visiting hours were about to end, and the Hosts began to gather their things to leave. They bade Haruhi and Kyo goodnight, then slowly made their way home.

The next morning, Haruhi woke to a nurse asking her what she desired to have for breakfast. Haruhi ordered a simple breakfast of eggs and toast with a glass of orange juice (Kyo ordered the same, only with a cup of decaffinated coffee). After their breakfast had arrived and had been consumed, Kyo stood from his bed and joined Haruhi on her side of the room, sitting in the comfy reclining chair beside her bed.

"So, what're you in here for?" Haruhi asked him politely. Kyo's face reddened a little with embarrassment before he answered.

"Well... for the same thing you're here for." He stated simply. Haruhi's eyes grew twice in size in shock.

"What?" she exclaimed. "Wh- ... How?"

"Well, I actually was admitted to the hospital the day before you were. I had been taking a late-night jog around town when the guy jumped me. He covered my head with a bag or something and shoved me into a car. We drove for a short while, I'm guessing to the outskirts of town, before the car stopped and he forced me back out of the car and onto the ground. Then… well, I guess you could imagine what happened afterwards." Haruhi visibly shuddered and closed her eyes, a flood of frightening images flashing through her mind.

"But you look so much... healthier than I do. Less... banged-up, I could say."

"Yeah," Kyo nodded grimly, "I escaped with a few bruises and a concussion, but to be honest, I wish I could switch places with you. I'm sure you'd rather have what I've got than be in your situation." Haruhi nodded slightly, though she felt sort of bad doing so.

Kyo and Haruhi chatted for a while longer, until just before 8 am when the doctor sidled into the room.

"Miss Fujioka," he began, bringing attention to himself, "before I discharge you, I must ask both you a very important question. I have spoken with the police about your condition, and they wish to meet with you and gather information on your attacker, mainly to get a profile image drawn up of him so they can track him down. My question for you is whether or not you want to meet with the artist and police chief here in the hospital or at home after you're discharged. The choice is entirely yours. But of course, they will need to visit your home in order to get the information."

Haruhi pondered the question for a moment before answering, "I think I would rather meet them at home. My memory is kind of hazy right now, so I don't think I'd be able to remember much. Maybe after a day or two of relaxing and recuperation will settle things in my head." The doctor nodded.

"I will let them know, then will have them call you to set up a date and time to meet." He said. Haruhi gave him her home number to give to the police, and he left. Haruhi turned to Kyo.

"Did they already talk to you?" she asked him, and he nodded.

"They talked to me while you were still sleeping. I gave them all the information I could, and they seemed pretty satisfied. I'm sure that they won't ask you as many questions, because they'll probably just try to match up details." Haruhi nodded.

A few minutes later, the Host Club burst into the room, all of them wearing casual clothing since it was a Sunday. Haruhi greeted them with a warm smile. Honey clambered up onto the end of Haruhi's bed, while the rest stood or sat around the bed.

"So, Haruhi, has the doctor cleared you to leave yet?" Tamaki asked anxiously.

"Not just yet, but I think it'll be sometime soon." she replied. Just as she finished that statement, the doctor knocked on the door and entered the room.

"Good morning, everyone." he greeted. "Miss Fujioka, Mr. Harada, you are both clear to leave the hospital. Kyo, I called for your mother to come pick you up, and Haruhi, your father wasn't home, but Mr. Ootori here has arranged for a private car to transport you back home."

Haruhi looked at the rest of the Host Club and frowned. "But," she said, "I don't want to go home."

"Well, you can't exactly stay -here-." Hikaru said.

"Yeah, where would you go?" Kaoru asked.

"Well," Haruhi said, "I kind of wanted to go back to the school..."

"Nuh-uh. No way!" Tamaki interrupted, his eyes livid. "You are going to go home and recover, and when you are back to one hundred percent, THEN you can come back to school. No way are you going back now!"

"Haruhi, think about it for a moment." Kyouya stated, pushing his glasses further up onto his nose. "If you go back to the school, people will see the state that you're in and will begin to ask questions. You've been mentioned on the news, so no doubt every student and faculty member knows that you're in the hospital, but if you return in your current state, it could be severely traumatic to you."

"But I don't want to go back home!" Haruhi argued, slamming her uninjured hand into the bed. "I want to be with you guys at the school!"

"Not a chance, Haruhi." Hikaru said, his eyes darkened, "We don't want to see you get swarmed by people asking all sorts of questions. Or worse, people staring at you and whispering."

Kaoru nodded and added, "and starting rumors."

Haruhi racked her brains. "Then... why don't you guys become my bodyguards? You could prevent people from asking me questions, or whispering about me, and I get to be with you guys. It'll be a win-win."

The Hosts looked at each other with uneasy expressions.

"Come on, guys. I won't even Host until I know I'm up to it. I'll just hang around in the background while you guys make the girls happy." Haruhi pleaded with them.

"...She could sit and eat cakes and drink tea with me..." Honey piped up. The others still looked apprehensive.

"But Haruhi," Kyouya said, "think about your father. He's already worried sick about you, and you going back to school rightaway would only make him worry more."

Haruhi felt a small pang in her heart, and guilt bubbled up in her heart. She hadn't meant to make her father worry….

Hikaru broke the short silence. "At least take a week off of school, Haruhi. For our sakes."

Haruhi let out a huge sigh and said, "Okay." The doctor prescribed her a bottle of Vicodin for the pain that was bound to turn up after the morphine in her blood dissipated, then bade everyone goodbye.

Three Days Later...

The warm rays of sunlight peeked through the gaps in Haruhi's bedroom curtains, illuminating the floor and some objects on it.

On the bed lay Haruhi, curled up in a cocoon of blankets, sleeping peacefully. Her left wrist stuck out from beneath the covers slightly, wrapped in a hardened plaster cast and covered in a colored bandage. Already, there were messages written on it by her Host Club friends, all wishing her a speedy recovery. One signature on it was of her roommate while she was in the hospital: Kyo Harada. His signature sat separated from the rest of the group's messages, written with a black Sharpie. He had been the last to sign the cast, so he chose a small, secluded space on the underside of the cast at the very bottom.

Haruhi's fingers twitched against the cast, then her body began to slowly move in her "waking up" movements. She carefully stretched her legs out under the covers, being mindful of the stitches that were still in her one calf, and wiggled her toes awake. She arched her back and lifted her arms above her head, rolling her shoulders and twisting her head from side to side, stretching out the muscles in her body and waking them up. Slowly, carefully, she sat up in her bed and opened her eyes.

It has been three days since her discharge from the hospital, and nearly two weeks since her unfortunate encounter. Her wrist was slowly healing in its binding, and her bruises had dulled down a little, turning a more purple-yellow color than the black and red it had been previously. The cut on her calf had needed a few stitches, which would be taken out in a few days, and most of the bottom half of that leg was wrapped in bandages. As Haruhi stood from her bed, she winced, then hobbled and limped her way into the bathroom so she could get ready for the day.

In the bathroom, she looked at her face in the mirror. The bruise on the side of her face was still somewhat visible, but it was fading like the others. In fact, it was almost faded enough to the point where, if she were to leave the house, it wouldn't need to be concealed with as much makeup. But her father pretty much banned her from leaving the house without him there, so really, there was no need to wear makeup at all; she put it on while at the house every once in a while simply so that she didn't have to see the ugly bruise adorning her cheek and jaw line.

Turning, she hobbled over to the bathtub and began to run water to wash her hair with. She still couldn't take a shower or bath, because neither her wrist or calf could get wet, and seeing how they were on opposite sides of her body, it just made things harder. Thankfully, she wasn't completely handicapped with the cast, and could still manage to wash her hair with one hand.

Several minutes later, Haruhi emerged from the bathroom, her hair dripping onto the towel that was slung across her shoulders, and her teeth and face washed. She hobbled over to her dresser and pulled out a shirt to change into. Seeing how she didn't ever leave the house, she got to stay in her sweatpants all day, but she felt it would be awkward to just wear the shirt she'd worn to bed during the day, so she changed it.

After changing and brushing her hair out, she went into the kitchen to get herself something to eat. She poured herself a bowl of cereal, then went and sat down in the living room to watch the morning news. She munched on the spoonfuls of crunchy cereal as she listened to the news reporter drone on about things.

Halfway through her breakfast, she heard the dramatic musical tone that accommodated a Breaking News report. Haruhi watched the screen intently.

"We have breaking news that the recently-paroled prisoner Takumi Maeda has been found and apprehended. His location was discovered after police sketches were released and a silent observer contacted the police. He is currently being transported to prison to await trial for two counts of rape and one of attempted murder. We will bring you more information as it arrives."

Haruhi's heart skipped a beat, and her body went numb. She was safe. The man who had tried to kill her... he'd been caught.

Tears of happiness brimmed her eyelids and fell quietly down her cheeks. Setting down her bowl of cereal, she rose to her feet and stumbled over to the phone to alert her friends of the great news (Note: they're all at school right now).

Later that day, after Ranka had gotten off of work and her friends out of school, a party was thrown at Haruhi's home to celebrate the imprisonment of Haruhi's attacker.


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