Hey all!!

This is my first Les Mis fic, and it's a poem, soooo…hopefully some people like poems.

I led her in and set her down,
I'd seen this girl before.
After studying her mean estate
I slowly closed the door.
"Fantine", I said menacingly,
"Do you know why you're here?"
She did not answer, nor did she show
A single sign of fear.
I sat down in front of her
To await the usual reply
Of her quiet, meek indifference;
I've never heard her lie.
But she said nothing, she turned away,
Her eyes I could not see.
I tried to follow her wandering gaze;
She wouldn't look at me.
My patience ran deathly low,
"Answer me!" I said.
Then with a shamed look of sorrow
She slowly turned her head.
"Yes," she said quietly,
"I know what I have done.
But notice, every time you catch me
I never try to run."
I found it hard to look at her,
And said, "Yes, that is true."
"Then why is it when I am caught," she said,
It's always done by you?"
My blood began to burn my skin,
It was my turn to look away.
My tongue had forgotten how to speak
I knew not what to say.

I contemplate on whether I should even consider writing poems on here. I don't hate my poetry, I just don't know if it's…quite…good enough, for a lack of better wording. Was it weird? Boreing? Good? Bad? I don't know. Reviews would be nice; I need to know what you thought of it!