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Chapter Eight: Mystery Man

"Others," the man stammered before collapsing on the ground.

"Someone get a doctor!" yelled one of the passengers.

As the passengers spread out to find out if anyone among them was a licensed clinician, the man from the jungle stirred beside Goku's feet.

"Hey, are you alright?" asked Goku squatting down next to the island dweller. As he began to rise, Goku steadied the man by his arm.

The man shook his head as if to clear it, and then slowly rose to his feet. It appeared as if he just then noticed Goku and the others in the group. He looked at each group of passengers, and then turned his attention back to the forest as another loud roar was heard. The terror in his eyes from when he ran out of the jungle came back full force. He grabbed Goku by the arms like a frightened child that reaches for its parents.

"What's wrong?" asked Goku.

The roar was heard again, but it sounded as if whatever making the noise had moved further away.

The man breathed a sigh of relief, then proceeded to pass out again.

"Stand back, I'm a doctor!" A middle-aged man from the cruise ship strode quickly up to where Goku was standing holding the unconscious man. It appeared that the passengers had finally found someone to look after the stranger… after he had already passed out… twice. Goku promptly stood back like he was asked, dropping the lifeless stranger.

"Oops," said Goku.

Chi-Chi sighed feeling sorry for the stranger whom Goku had let fall.

The doctor knelt down to examine the man. "This man appears to be unconscious," pronounced the doctor.

Bulma rolled her eyes. "Yes, it looks like he is. Do you think you can tell us anything else about him, Doctor?"

The stranger stirred again, slowly opening his eyes.

"Looks like he's regained consciousness again," the doctor said. "Well, alrighty then. Right as rain."

"Move over," ordered Bulma as she pushed the doctor out of the way. This guy obviously didn't know what he was doing. She pulled a water bottle from her purse and gave it to the man. He guzzled it down greedily. He must have been extremely dehydrated.

"So, what happened to you?" asked Goku wanting to know why a half-starved man had come tearing out of the jungle upon their arrival.

"The Others… the Fog," said the man between chugs of water. "Fence failed… Everyone's dead… only one left… here for years." He had finished the water in the bottle. He looked at Bulma as if he wanted more.

"Sorry, that's the only one I have," she said. Seeing the disappointment in his face, she added quickly, "But I'm sure they'll bring plenty more from the cruise ship. You see, we crashed on the rocks during the storm."

"What do you mean, 'The fence failed?'" asked Trunks. "Who are the 'Others' and what's the 'Fog?'"

The man laughed… a sinister laugh that curled you toes when you heard it. It was almost painful to listen to.

"I guess you wouldn't know, would you," he said getting to his feet. He lumbered over to where Trunks was, putting his face inches away from Trunks' own. "The Fog is Death," he said hoarsely picking at Trunks' clothing. "It's killed everyone on this island except for me!" He backed away. "You have to get off while you still can! All of you. The tide will claim your ship like it did the plane!"

"Is that how you got here?" asked Gohan. "In a plane crash?"

"Yes, Flight 815. We crashed on this island almost five years ago. We lived here about a year before the fence failed. The Fog… it picked us off one by one… everyone, even the Others, till I was the only one… only one left." His voice had reached hysteria.

"Flight 815... I remember reading about that in the paper," said Gohan. "The plane disappeared from radar and was never found. They searched for months. The officials assumed everyone was dead."

"It makes sense. I've tried many times to get off this cursed island. You just get drawn right back! I don't think there is a way off."

"What's your name?" asked Bulma trying to turn the subject. It was obvious that the man was getting beyond upset.

"Jack Shephard. I am… I used to be a doctor." Jack sat down in silence. He was a different man from the one who had crash-landed years ago, intelligent and thoughtful. With everyone he knew dead, and no one but himself to rely on, he had turned wild. The island had changed him.

"Well," Vegeta spoke for the first time since finding the man. "As fun as this little vacation has turned out to be, with Death Fog and crazy island men, I think I've had enough of it." He turned away from the group and said, "I'm flying home."

"Vegeta, wait!" called Bulma. "You can't take off here! Everyone will see you," she added through clenched teeth.

Vegeta shrugged and jumped into the air.

Luckily for Bulma, he didn't get far. Instead of his usual chi flow, Vegeta felt nothing as he jumped off the ground. He managed to get a couple feet into the air before gravity took control and he crash-landed in the sand on his face.

Vegeta reared back sputtering sand from his open mouth. "What the ---?"

"What's wrong Vegeta?" asked Goku. "You didn't trip over something did you?"

"No, Kakarrot, you idiot," Vegeta started, then looked down at his hands in concentration. "I can't feel my chi!"

Goku cocked his head. "What do you mean? Like, you can't feel any energy at all?" Goku closed his eyes to sense his own energy trail, but there was nothing there. He couldn't feel anyone else's around him either. It was like no one was there, even though he could plainly see them all.

Everyone who could tried to sense their own chiis too, but to no avail.

"It's like something on this island is blocking our chi," said Gohan. "Is that even possible?"

"Looks like no one is flying home," pronounced Bulma looking around. "I think we're stuck."

End of Chapter Eight

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