Time-Turner Twist

McGonagall opened the door to the potions master's classroom. The professor was as most times bent over a caldron trying out some new concoction. His unimpressed gaze met hers. She went up to him and they engaged in conversation about one of his students and if she should really have the Time-Turner McGonagall was holding in her hand. Severus and the headmaster had already decided to give it to young Miss Derwent

When Snape lost his temper with the transfiguration professor and blew that in her face she snapped her mouth together and took a step back, lost her balance and fell backwards. The Time-Turner flew out of her hands and before Snape had a moment to blink Minerva hit the floor and the little hourglass shattered and sprayed the classroom with glass and sand.


Daphne Greengrass was bored to the point of screaming. She was preparing a slimy purple root of some kind to put in that oversized, boiling pot in front of her. She was sitting in the back of the classroom so that the professor would not notice her lack of interest. Daphne never noticed the fine dust that lay in a thin layer upon her desk. The root's slime acted as a glue so the fine dust stuck to the root itself. But the brew she was concocting noticed. When poor bored Daphne put the dusty prepared root in to it, the cauldron started to wobble uncontrollably. She hurriedly backed away from the wobbling thing and was just about (so she claimed later) to scream a warning to the people in front of her, when the thing exploded and the gue inside the cauldron splotched out and covered those sitting ahead of her.

These people where non other than: Pansy Parkinson, Draco Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom, Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger and sadly the professor himself, Snape!

With a very angry look from the professor they all vanished… and Daphne was very much authorized to think "OhShitOhShitOhShitOhShit!!!"


Harry blinked, one second ago he was sprayed with gue and the next most of the class disappeared. He turned around and saw that only Neville, Hermione, Ron, himself, Malfoy, the Parkinson slut, Crabbe, Goyle and professor Snape remained. These where the people that had been sprayed… and yet the only people remaining in the potion classroom and with no gue on them...it was all a puzzle to Harry.

"Greengrassss…" the professor hissed in a low and menacing whisper then he raised the voice "Nobody moves. I'm going to see where we are…"

"Professor! We're in the potions classroom!" Parkinson piped up.

"Yes, Miss Parkinson. But I'm still going to clarify the matter. So nobody moves. AND ALL SHUT UP! Ok?" not waiting for an answer Snape opened the door and looked out.

He saw nothing out of the ordinary outside his classroom. The normal stonewalled corridor with the same paintings as always. He took one step out and closed the door behind him.

An unsuspecting student in Slytherin colours walked by. Snape estimated him to be a third year and snatched him up. "Where are we boy?" he said with his most unpleasant voice. "Speak!"

"We... We're in Hogwarts s..sir!" said the boy panicking over this clearly mad man.

"What's the time boy?"

"13:40 ish…sir" this man was not only crazy he looked really unpleasant too…

"The same as when we... left so to speak" Snape mumbled "What's the date?"

"26 September 2018 si..sir! " the boy was shivering with fright now.

Snape stared in horror at the boy, dropped him, swung around and flung himself into the classroom.

"What's wrong Professor? Where are we?" Hermione asked nervously at the angry and shocked face of Severus Snape.

"What's wrong? Eh? What's wrong?!" the shock-ridden man teased, and then he turned his full attention on Miss Granger "We are exactly 21 years into the future!"

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