Greetings! Nov. 9th, 1989, 3pm

Hello, and welcome to my journal. This is the first of what I hope to be many posts about what goes on around the autobot base on a daily basis. Whether it be troublemakers or Decepticons. (and yes, by troublemakers, I mean you, sunstreaker and Sideswipe. anyhow, I'll hopefully be posting daily...)


hopefull today, hopefull tomorow. November 9th, 1989, 11:52 p.m.

hopefull there's no con attacks, that is.

things have been quiet for a week or so. I don't think it'll last much longer, though. The 'cons usually only wait a couple, three weeks at the most before making trouble again.

On another note of annoyance, remind me to tell Prime to revoke Blaster's music privelages. Oy Vey! can he get any louder!!? honestly, I've got my door shut, and I can still hear his music all the way down the hall. I swear he's gonna go deaf one of these days. anyhow, he and Jazz went to some rock concert, and happened to bring home the live concert tape.


there's only so many times you can hear the same power-ballad before it becomes psychological warfare.. hang on. ...

(runs to door and screams TURN THAT SLAGGIN CRAP DOWN!)

to which, Ratchet stick his head out of his door and goes "I second that. And you do not want me to come down there!" ... anyhow, all in all, it's been peacefull...ahem.. I haven't even heard from the lambo twins. (grimaces) Too bad that usually means they're up to something. Ah, well. As long as it's not me. grin

I think that's it for today. Aside from the usual, trailbreaker got stuck in a mud puddle, Hound went offroading and almost had a fuel pump attack when a bug hit his windshield and he thought it was a bird. LOL. poor guy. I'd hate to see what would ever happen if he hit a racoon or something.

well, I think that does it for tonight's entry. more tomorrow from the ark.

Jade, signing out.

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autobotshadow: (grins) Sadly I know how you feel there; I have pesky younger brother, who enjoys football waaaaaayyy to much; to worry about. So cheer up; after all you can always pay em back later, right? -


I was right. The lambos were up to something. November 10th, 1989, 11:52 a.m

Remember how i said yesterday the twins were up to something?
and I said I was glad it wasn't me?I was wro-ong! oh sure, it's funny seeing the stinkin jet get freaked out by two hundred red-backed tarantulas in her recharge berth. And yeah, Prowl looks funny with giant spock-ears glued to his audios. (last year at April fools Day)
But honestly!
HONESTLY, do they not know how much it HURTS to be superglued to the ceiling by one's WINGS!!!! I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only target, so I'm waiting for the other boot to drop, so to speak.

I'm just wondering if it'll be Prowl this time.BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

I was wrong! looks like I'm not the only one who's annoyed by Jazz and Blaster's music. Oh come on, though. Barbie girl by Aqua!? that's just downright evil, dude. (stifles mad snickers) heh.

hehehehhe BWAHAHAHAHA!!hahahaha! (falls out of chair)

(can hear Jazz yelling "turn it off! turn it off!" and Blaster's going "I'm trying but my stop button's stuck)

ah, the joys of superglue.


(Ratchet is banging on Blaster's door threatening to reprogram him into something which is drowned out by the music, and Blaster's yelling back his volume control is stuck too.)

Oh, I'm having way too much fun with this. At least misery has company, so to speak. In other words, I'm not the only one that got a prank played on them. and I have a feeling those two are gonna watch their volume next time they play music past bedtime... snicker.


DarkStatic: reads and laughs sometimes having resident pranksters makes life so much easier and more fun...never been superglued by my wings before...the feathers do make it difficult shrugs as for the music well I'm glad i can't hear it sometimes I'm thankful I'm still stuck here on cybertron. Well I leave you to enjoy the torment of Barbie Girl shudders I never do understand human music sometimes.

I was wondering what part of Cybertron you live at.
(are you bot or con, just out of curiosity)
just wondering :-) Anyway, it's good to hear comments from other people. Sometimes I think I'm just talking to the computer. it never talks back though. (I think I'd be wierded out if that happenned)
wait, I live with Cybertronians. what am I saying? (facepalm)
ah, well. You mentioned you have a brother? hope to hear from you again soon.

DarkStatic: Hey ya; meh we kinda live here and there, me and my bro travel around a lot, mainly considering that Lil Bluestatic (a right pain in my skid plate sometimes even though I do adore him...kinda) is an engineer; I am an Autobot so no need to fear I'm not exactly trying to find out your deepest darkest secrets (trust me I've had it done to me before and if I as trying I'd be doing such a lousy job that I'd deserve to have my wings cut off). Anyhow I'd be happy to drop in every now and then it does give me something to do when Stats yabbering.


no title 09:50 am November 11th, 1989

Well, I thought I'd get in a quick post before my patrol. I'll post again later. But I might not have time. I was up kinda late last night cruisin the internet, and finding some of the other Ark's residents' journals. So far, it's turning out to be a pretty nice Saturday morning. I found Compass's journal, among a few others. He's a G.P.S. compass-gizmo. ehrrm... I don't really know exactly what it is, but anyhow, His is at link trinagulator /link

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DarkStatic: Hey there just popping in for a while; haven't had much free time your not the only ark bot with a journal. Hey good for you lot I kinda have to share with DarkStatic not that she minds but meh I usually only get to post comments rather than actual journal pages. shrugs oops gotta go Stats' just blown himself up...again.


nothing lasts forever 12:42 am November 12th, 1989

even a little peace and lack of cons.

The municipal power plant (thank goodness it was a small one) got attacked today. Soundwave and the seekers. That's it. minor scuffle, no cubes, no humans hurt. Just flying around with three jets on my tail trying to land a missile on my afterburners. nothing out of the ordinary. Glad I decided to go a couple miles off-course while I was out on patrol today. Yeah, I was bored. So Prowl can't nag at me for going off my normal partol route. Nyah.

Spike and Carly have been making plans for thanksgiving. and the Autobots still don't understand why the humans have so many holidays. not that they celebrate many of them anyway. I think spike might be trying to avoid his mother-in-law-to-be, though. he keeps making excuses to hang out here, and help out in the repairshop. Eh, go figure.

Anyway, nothing much else happened. Bluestreak and Trailbreaker got sloshed with the twins, and lost about 3 rounds of Poker. Wheeljack made a new toy that goes 'boom', and it did. Did I mention Ratchet could probably yell and be heard all the way in Portland? sheesh. And I'm no clean-mouth straight-lace myself, but if that voice of his echoes that far with that many swear words, I'd be tempted to keep my kids in the house. now don't get me wrong, though. I'm not complaining.

I'm just trying to keep up with things that are going on around here. Anyhow, his new power whatchyamacalitzer... anyhow, it blew up in a nice poof of black smoke. We had half the Portland fire crew out here thinking it was a forest fire or something. Of course, not that we can't handle that either.

(I think I saw a little dissapointment on Inferno's face when he pulled up, though)

It was mostly smoke, though. One of the power cells exploded. and something else. I dunno what. But anyhow, it was a fairly interesting day.

I guess it never gets dull around here, huh?

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DarkStatic: hehe don't I know that feeling stretches wings meh my bro blows things up all the time mainly because he's a junior engineer; but hey it's still funny to see him come out covered in black stuff. Heh Ratchets' shouting abilities are ledgendary here on cybertron so I'd hardly be surpirsed. How many festivals do those humans have??? I'm beginning to wonder if they don't just make them up for the sake of it.

Meh the twins again this is where i am ulitmately thankful that my brother is younger than me and not my twin shakes head those two and their repuatations are also quite ledgendary over here.

Ack gotta go Stats just got himself another assignment.