no title 07:57 am December 2nd,1989

Good morning. It's about 7:42 a.m. here at the Ark. I woke up this morning with a huge headache, so forgive me if I'm a little... vague this morning.

I don't think I've fully woken up yet. and no, my headache isn't from a hangover. I didn't get the chance to drink last night after a late-night raid on one of the gasoline storage/shipping plants nearby in Washington. I did discover something interesting, though. The Insecticons have livejournals, also. (now, if only I can find out what their journal address is. grin.)

And the Lambo twins also seem to know that. Hmmm... why do I get the feeling they're gonna use that against me later on? I can just hear Sideswipe now. "You help in our latest prank, or we tell Prowl you've been chatting with the Insecticons."


Maybe I should just delete that latest bit? I dunno.

I know the twins must have been talking to someone, the way Kickback said the Stunticons mentioned them by name, and wanted to race them... sounds like they've been having street reaces with a couple of them. I wonder which ones?

I know Motormaster would never go for it, unless he got to scrap them afterwards. Dead End, maybe. Breakdown, possibly. Dragstrip, I think would enjoy it. But, who am I to assume things. Mayber I should ask Kickback about that. Then the twins wouldn't be able to blackmail me into helping with their pranks. They're fun, don't get me wrong, I love a good laugh, but the end result when Prowl finds out is usually something between getting a stern lecture (and he can GLARE!, lemme tell you!), and usually spending some time in the brig.


But, anyway, I've also made friends with a bot on Cybertron, shadow, and her brother, who I can't say where they are, because there's now Decepticons visiting this page, too. But it's really great being able to talk to people on Cybertron, AND Decepticons, too, and not get in trouble over it. I'm so thankfull Blaster and Jazz got me into this livejournal thing! There's so many questions I'd love to ask about what goes on inside the Decepticon forces every day, but never could. Like, yesterday, I found out, Skywarp is a prankster, just like Sideswipe! (glee!) Anyway, I'm having SO much fun with this!

I'm considering getting more of the Ark crew involved in this, maybe start a community where all the Ark-bots can post their stuff. I'm not sure who all would be interested in it, though.

Anyways, I should finish waking up, and head out to see what my duty shift for the week is. The new schedule's probably up, so I should head to the rec. room and see. later!

12:00 noon Well, I spoke to some of the guys, and we've decided to start a community here at Livejournal! the place is at: http://community. comments:

autobotshadow: Hey ya; I finnally got my own journal!! seem's like a lot's been happening here and I'm finnally being released out of the pit of boredom today! Geeze it sounds like you've been having fun...hmm guess I'll have to join that community of yours hehe have fun now...I think that painkiller whatyoumightcallit is still in my system.

wingedinsecticon: hey ya I'm back again; heh if they try to use it against you just tell them that if they get caught by bombshell's cerbroshells he'll have them doing ballerina dances and we'll film it then put it on the internet...or have we already done that?? hmmm anyhow yup the twins race anyone and everyone then again so do the stunticons can't say who though since Motormouth and the stunties would have out internal systems for punching bags and were not that suicidal; but if you read between the lines you'll catch my drift.

Meh we might get our own journal oneday but at the moment we just hack into this one (with the owners permission of course)...

just so you know if Starscream is absent from the next battle it's because Skywarp stuck a 'kick me' sign on his back...currently he's in the medbay with so many dents he can't walk straight...hehehe I made the biggest one (grins).


I'm Baaa-aack! 08:13 pm December 21st, 1989

Greetings, hello all. Sorry I haven't been on in so long. I've mostly been posting over at the community, teletraan1 where everyone else has been. But also, I haven't posted cause there's been quite a bit of stuff gonig on. I'm not usre when my last post was, but anyway, here's how stuff has gone recently:

First off, Prowl, Jazz, sunstreaker, Sideswipe, and myself went to cybertron to help out some friends (I think I mentioned thast in a previous entry) and brough Shadow, a red-on-black dragon, and her little brother Bluestatic back with us.

You should have seen the look on Spike's face when he saw Shadow. LOL. His eyes were like saucers. heh. I'm sure he'll get used to having her around. She's not the only dragon that's been around. Although Syus is elsewhere right now. (He's a green iridescent dragon)... meaning you can see hints of blue and yellow depending on how the light hits him.

Anyway, Sunstreaker and sideswipe rigged something in Wheeljack's lab to 'go boom'. It was only supposed to create a whole lot of smoke, not an explosion. But in the midst of the big black cloud, 'Jack couldn't see, and knocked over a beaker of flammable liquid. Which did blow up. One of his projects he's been working on for several months was damaged, and he was none too happy!

Not to mention Shadow found Tracks hanging upside-down in the main hall by his ankles. (chortle)

He complained non-stop for an hour and a half!! and that was after he was kicked out of the repairbay.

I guess his armor got scuffed.


I wouldn't be suprised if Sunny was in on that one. he and Tracks have been competing over who's the prettiest for a long time, now.

I'm just waiting for them to stop bickering and wind up falling for each other. They're so much alike, it's not funny. Well, in that aspect, at least.

Anyway, Trailbreaker and Hound went offroading, and tracked mud all over the main corricor. Guess who gets to clean it up? (grin)

That'll teach the Lambos to behave! Mwuhahahaha!

The mayor of New York invited whoever wants to go, to participate in the christmas day parade. I'm thinking about going. Shadow and Bluestatic are going, too. Sunny and Sides wanted to, but I dunno if they'll be able to (shakes head and sighs) really. I can understand Sunstreaker doesn't get involved in Sideswipe's pranks very much, but still, Sides needs to learn how to knock it off sometimes. I mean, honestly, Prime is trying to run an army, not a highschool.

Yeah, rigging the power supply Bluestatic was working on to kinda explode in a giant puff of thick black smoke was funny, except that it scared the slag outta him (he thought it was really going to explode), (btw, sorry Static.), but the pranks get old after a while. Give it a rest, will you? And believe me, we do NOT want another prank war like the last one we had.

Painting Bumblebee in hippie flowers, setting off four cases of firecrackers behind Red alert and I in the security office at 3:30 in the morning, painting Prowl in red polka-dots, reprogramming the energon dispenser to spit out prune juice (although getting Ironhide was absolute hilarity!!! XD Oh, the irony!!! Bwahahaha!)

Not to mention supergluing cat ears and painting whiskers on Wyldkat, filling my own recharge chamber (bedroom) with 200 red-backed tarantulas (I HATE SPIDERS! GAH!)

Anyways, yes, it was funny. But went over the line with hanging Jazz upside down from the Ark's boosters outside till morning. he didn't do anything to anyone.

Point being, knock it off. okay? (or just save it for when Prowl least expects it to happen. ) whistles I didn't say that, I swear! (Oops! I should erase that, I fogot Prowl said he was going to reveiw my journal because I had comments from the insecticons (don't worry, you guys, we're not exchanging information, so you don't have to go. So long as I don't give you any pertinent information, it should be fine)

Anyways, I'm sure Sideswipe and Sunstreaker would help me out with it. I know they don't want Prowl finding out about the street races they've been having. Not to mention on occasion with certain Stunticons.

Anyways, I'm not supposed to be posting here until Prowl looks over this thing, but I though I'd go ahead and post anyways, since he might not get around to it for a while, and if he does get the wrong idea, I'll be in trouble anyway. So there.

I'll post again later. Till then!

Jade :-)


wingedinsecticon: Ooooh I have to come over and see that sometime...well errr maybe not. Oh yeah did I mention that Dragon has some really weird err what the hell do they call themselves...oh never mind they just threaten to get her back all that shesh you think they could be little more layed back about it all.

Hehehe if you think those pranks are old well at least they aren't as dangerous as Skywarp's; he re-programed Lazerbeak to think that he was an actual condor. Man it took them hours to find him only to find he'd built a nest inside the main computer...we very nearly had the base inmplode...

then again I think painting meg's pink was the dumbest thing he did...

or was it getting soundwave drunk? you know I can never really tell.

I am sooo thinking about popping in to visit not only would it cause aboslute chaos but I'd get a laugh out of it too.

Oh and Wildrider said that the twins cheated last time so they challenge them again only this time no riding seekers...wait...the seekers were there? Hehe potential blackmail material here.

Ah who cares Megs doesn't even bother looking on the interent though why i don't know...heh I think the insecticons and stunticons are the only ones who bother...that and I have snapshots of Skywarp's pranks...seriously the only good thing about this war,...besides allowing us to be who we are, is that it kept sideswipe and skywarp from becoming friends.

Anyhow better get going I have a forest to level...opps; oh what the heck.

See ya all


autobotjade: heh. yep. Gotta agree with you about the prank thing. I can only think of what mayhem it would cause if they actually colabborated on something... And what was that about the cons trying to get Shadow back?

anonymous: wait, did I just say what I think I did? umm... correct me if I'm wrong here but... shadow used to be a DECEPTICON?

I mean... not that it matters now, but did her old teammates are trying to get her back... what did they say to you?

autobotjade: sorry about that. that anonymous post was mine. I forgot to log in... I'll have to be more carefull aobut that next time... oops.. :-p

anonymous: Hey Kickback, tell the Stunticons they cheat, too! and we wouldn't have had to tackle the seekers if they weren't trying to shoot us off the road!

wingedinsecticon: Yeah yeah I'll tell...anyhow eh hem.

from the Stunticons:

Hey for once that wasn't our fault we wanted to get the seekers outta there only they wouldn't listen so we shot them. Besides riding seekers isn't part of the race anyhow. So ner you did cheat too!

And back to me again:

hehe considering everything that's going on I'm really going to have to pay you a visit if only to have a laugh (and to give you a few snapshots)...though I think Shrap might take it the wrong way meh maybe I will maybe I wont; depends.

autobotshadow: meh not so much of a 'con I was kinda an experimental piece more mercenary if you'd like; to be honest I was a mercenary pirate hunter and well I didn't know 'Static was still alive I guess I just over did it a bit; I guess I should explain properly.

You see me and 'Static were brought up on an outpost on one of Cybertron's moons one day it got raided and everyone was killed except for me and although I didn't know it at the time Bluestatic. I grew up and I grew up fast I guess the frightening thing is that although I did an awful lot of things i don't regret it...well except for somehow winding up involved in the combiner project...I'm not quite sure how I managed that.

Well as soon as I found out 'Stats was alive I left and well joined the Autobots on cybertron. Meh that's kinda it in a nutshell really.

Heck Kickback tell Darkclaw to go stuff it I want to be left alone and if he touches Bluestatic again I'll rip his wings off!

anonymous: the usual spot. midnight. be there. and not the usual spot, the other usual spot, if you get my drift. Be there.


We'll see who's the fastest.

wingedinsecticon: from the stunticons:

You bet we'll be there!

And it wont be you

anonymous: says you. We'll see who's the fastest. And I don't mean the fastest vocal components either. motor-

Prowl's coming, gotta go!

wingedinsecticons: from the stunticons:

haha...yeah right like we spend all our time least we don't spend half the time trying to look the part rather than being it!

Ack! Motormaster's coming bye!


Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! 01:34 pm January 2nd, 1990

Sorry I didn't get anthing posted over the holiday season. I think the end of the year is one of the biggest Terran celebrations. First, there's Christmas on the 25th, and four days later, New Years Eve. Neddless to say, both were giant parties, and Red Alert almost had a coronary at the lack of capable soldiers to fight, and protect the Ark from Decepticons if they should choose to attack. (eyeroll)

Again, the gift echange was a smash hit, although I think some of the better ones were Prime getting Sideswipe's name, and Grimlock getting Red Alert's name.

(cackles and falls out of seat)

hehheheheh... (wipes tears of mirth) But anyhow, i don't remember a lot of who got who what... (okay, so I was kinda sloshed)

But anyway, a good time was had by all. And singing off key christmas carols with skewed lyrics at the top of my lungs was the best part, I think.

And don't laugh! I'm pretty sure I heard you guys singing "Megsy got run over by a reindeer" just as loudly as I was. :-p

Not to mention, Deck the Halls was pretty funny. Although, I'm sure Inferno wasn't amused. LOL And in case anyone didn't hear it, here's the lyrics...

Deck the halls with gasoline

fa la la la la, la la la la,

light a match and watch it gleam

fa la la la la, la la la la,

watch Inferno as he dashes

fa la la la la, la la la la,

aint 'chya glad ya play with matches

fa la la la la, la la la la,

(snickers) and yes, there were several other interesting christmas carols, but I'm not sure I remember them all that well. If anyone remembers, could they post them?


Now then, on to the real news.

The christmas parade went well, and yes, Sunny and Sides got to go, as did Tracks.

(Prime finally let Raoul go along) as well as myself, Shadow, Bluestatic, and of course, Jazz. Prime even took a little time to march with us. (grin)

Prowl stayed at the Ark to keep things organised there while Prime was away, heh.

I've never done a parade march before, so it was kinda strange, but hearing the crowd yelling for us was absolutely sweeeet! I even got to carry the flag (heh.) We had one American flag, and an autobot banner on either side of Prime, (Jazz and I) and Prime in the center, Bluestatic and Shadow behind us, and of course the lambos and Tracks were cruising down the street in carmode, Spike was with Sunny, and Sparkplug with Sides.

Later, at the Christmas party, presents were handed out, and ... wait, I think I allready went over this, didn't I?

well, anyways, Shadow got Skyfire a set of star charts, both from our planet and Cybertron, for comparison in star positioning between the two. I think Skyfire's in seventh heaven about now. Hound got an offrading kit from Ratchet (mud tires, and some other stuff so he won't get as damaged or something like that.), umm..

Cosmos got Sunstreaker a year-supply of carwashes at this little wash and wax place out in central, not one of those automated carwashes, but the kind where the humans actually do it by hand (He claims it leaves less streaks on his finish)

Blades got Prowl a new holo-chess game. It's even more difficult than the last one, which is good, because Prowl was starting to win against the computer every other game.

Tracks...well... Wheeljack got his name, and found out about this Corvette magazine, and got him a place as January's centerfold model! He also re-painted his flame decals for him, and gave him a bottle of wax (the really good stuff, like Sunstreaker uses), and some music.

I'll have to see what else everyone got before updating again. The music-video of this year in review was pretty funny, as usual. Of course, it wasn't just stuff that went on around here at the Ark, but aroudn the world, by each month. It was interesting to see what was popular in music, trends, and all the stuff we had forgot happenned earlier this year. There was even a part featuring our two newest warriors! yes, that's a big thing around here. The more 'bots we have to fight Megatron with, the better.

The New Year's countdown started, ended, and I remember leaving the party, but after that... I'll have to get back to you on that.

Anyway, it may be another year in my home-dimension, but it is now officially the year 1990!


(I guess you could say we partied like it was 1989. harharhar... nevermind, you won't get that... it's just a figure of speech. eheh.)

well, gotta go now. Have patrol in 20 minutes and I need to go find out what my route is.

More later!


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wingedinsecticon: Hmm sounds like you had fun; the highlight of our Christams was when Skywarp re-programed Starscream's vocaliser evil grin oh and when Bombshell used his cerebro shells on the constructicons and got them to fix our TV.

Now we have Shrapnel to power it and a VCR to record. Whooot I had a happy christmas...sorta.

Anyhow me and Shrap thought about either visiting you or going on a murderous rampage...we haven't quite decided yet. Shrapnel needs a laugh and Bombshell has a virus so he's stuck at home. Ya know he actually has a stuffed toy to cuddle; it's quite cute actually. takes a snap shot

Still the reason for all this just incase anyone asks is because it's fun to disobey bucket head. grins

Oh and so the lambo's know Motormaster is rather upset with the other Stunticons at the moment to don't expect to see them anytime soon.