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Naruto: Art of Mimicry


This had to be the worst night possible for the leaf village. Their ninja were being slaughtered while great sections of land were destroyed. All because the great nine tailed demon fox was carving a destructive path towards them. No one knew why it was attacking but no one could really stop to find out now. It was killing them and that was all that mattered.

"RAIKIRI!" A silver haired ninja called out before embedding his arm cleanly into the skull of the great tailed demon. How he got that high no one really knew but for the second, the beast paused. For what little of the ninja's face you could see, he appeared to have turned completely white as he looked into the eye of the fox as it stared at him. It looked amused before it snapped its head launching the terror stricken ninja from its head. It took half a dozen people to keep his fall from becoming a fatal one.

"Are you alright Kakashi?" A concerned man asked helping the shaken ninja to his feet.

"I'm fine Guy…" he answered as the color returned to his face.

"Ah, I expect no less from my eternal rival!"

"Hm, you say something?" Kakashi looked at the tall man in green who suddenly broke down crying in front of him muttering something about a hip response. "Anyway, do you know how much longer we have to stall this thing?"

"Hm, from what I heard, he is own his way." He sounded confidant yet a look of sorrow suddenly appeared on his face. "But I also heard that he was waiting for the hero to be made ready. I do not like how that sounds."

"I'm sure whatever he does will be for the best." A smile actually became visible behind that mask of his. "Come on, lets see if we can at least make it flinch."

At an undisclosed Location

"Please reconsider…" And elderly man spoke with a voice full of sorrow as he watched a young blond man write kanji after kanji covering the floor, walls and even the ceiling. "There has to be another way."

"I wish there was another way." The blond spoke before looking at the old man with bright blue eyes filled with his own sorrow as well as a strong determination. "I've researched this a thousand times and I've only found one way that will work." He turned back to his writing before walking over to the center of the room where a small sleeping newborn rested.

"I know I can't talk you out of sacrificing yourself but at least use another child." The old man was pleading at this point. "You waited so long, I'm sure someone else…"

"NO!" The blond yelled looking at the old man with a piercing gaze before turning back to look at the sleeping child. "I can't, I won't ask anyone else to make such a sacrifice." He brushed his hand over the child's forehead before he started placing kanji on him. "No matter how much pain this cause me, it has to be done."

"What about…"

"I can only hope she will forgive me." He paused for a moment before looking at the old man with his own eyes silently begging him. "See that he is treated as a hero. If not, at least make sure he stays safe. See that they both stay safe."

"I…" The old man could only sigh in an attempt to control his own emotions as the man before him slowly started to break down. "I will try…"

"Thank you…" Was barely whispered out as he turned back to his work and finished the last of the kanji. "Its time…" With that, he took hold of the hat that completed his Hokage attire and disappeared from the room.

"I will miss you my friend." The old man said under his breath before leaving the room.

The Gates of Konoha

The people were panicking. Just outside the gates was a raging monster and there was nothing they could do about it. Ninja were pouring through the gates in waves. Many were dead while others wished they could die. So many were injured to the point that they wanted to fight just to end the pain. Yet their cries of pain weren't alone. Just outside, people could hear the cries of ninja falling in battle. Those that could still fight were getting desperate. A young girl with purple hair seemed to be having an insane fit of laughter as she joined in the fray. To many, it would like she lost her mind but to those that knew her, she was covering her fear.

"Anko, explain your reason for being here." A man with shades and a long coat that partially covered his face with its collar spoke.

"What, it was boring over there." Anko almost sounded like she was whining.

"You were sent there for your safety." The man stated in a monotone voice.

"You don't need to be concerned about my safety." She huffed crossing her arms. "I can take care of myself."

"Your past experiences say otherwise." He once more spoke out while pushing the shades up on his face.

"Are you talking my former sensei or the suicide attempts?" She asked glaring at the man. During most of the conversation, the man never looked at her until now. Despite the shades, she could feel him glaring at her.


"Look," Anko started with a subdued tone "I'm not looking to die here. I just want to step out of that man's shadow." Her face took on a sad expression before she shook it off and pointed behind her at a ball of glued together explosive tags as large as her body. "Besides, I've been wanting to test that out for a while now."

"You plan to use that how?" he asked with an eyebrow raised above his shades only to hear a low chuckle from the girl.

"I haven't really planed that far ahead." A minor blush appeared on her face while he stared at her. "What? I made that thing when I was suicidal. I'm still surprised no one found it."

"We'll be taking that!" A booming voice said as a tong wrapped up the ball and pulled it into towards a giant frog.

"Shibi, take Anko home!" A voice yelled out from the top of the frog. Shibi nodded before grabbing Anko's arm.

"Lets go…"

"Hey!" She struggled without much success against the man. "At least let me watch." She struggles more until he picked her up over his shoulder causing her to pout. "It was my bomb…"

"She's going to be a handful." The blond stated as the frog dropped the ball of tags in front of him.

"She will be fine." The frog boss leapt into the air heading towards the battle. "It is sad that this will be the last time we are together."

"Don't talk like that." He grinned closing his eyes. "I'm sure we will be heroes after this."

"Save the mask for someone that can see it." In the midst of a leap, the frog drew a blade that was at its side and landed in front of the fox. "I'm going to miss you kid, I don't want that mask of yours to screw up this memory."

"Right…" The man nodded as he listened to the cries of the ninja announcing his arrival. Taking a breath while moving a bit of chakra, he amplified his voice so everyone on the ground could hear him clearly. "Every recover the injured and pull back to the gate wall! I want no one to be caught in what I am about to do!" His tone left no room for argument as puffs of smoke erupted in mass throughout the forest. "Aim between the eyes, then stall it the best you can."

"Why don't you give me something hard to do?" The frog boss smirked as the ball of tags flew into his eyesight covered in blue flames as they got ready to explode. Using the flat side of his blade, he struck the ball launching it right into the face of the fox resulting in a rather impressive explosion. "Well here we go!"

The fox for its part used its paws to brush off its face as the wound from the blast healed rapidly. When it opened its eyes, it took a leap back to avoid being slashed by the frog's blade. For all its great power and healing ability, it was completely on the defensive having to avoid rapid yet precise swings. A great jump it surprised the frog boss mid swing as it tackled the frog to the ground. The frog wasn't one to panic as it took a breath and launched a ball of water into the fox knocking it off. Not wasting any moment, he was up and facing off with fox.

"Come on, is that the best you can do?" It was a simple taunt, and it got the desired results. An angry aura erupted from the fox as it spread out all nine of its tails fully. It looked ready to rush at him until its gaze went up to the figure riding the frog. That angry aura the taunt got was nothing to the new one. The aura became a raging fire near instantly destroying the land under it. "That's not good. Do you know this thing?"

During all the fighting, he had been making seals at a very rapid pace yet slow enough to make sure he didn't make a mistake. At the same time he was careful not to fall off during the fight. For his credit, when he felt the killing intent, he never stopped moving taking only a second to glance at the fox. "Never seen him before in my life."

"Well it looks like he knows you." The fox suddenly became a blur as it smashed into the frog with enough force to knock the breath out of him. The next thing the frog boss knew, he was dodging furious swipes from its claws and tails, each laced with its demonic power extending the range even further.

"Gamabunta, grab it!" His voice was firm and held a seriousness that only a leader could make when facing death. The toad boss avoided a swipe then jumped forward with as much strength as his legs had catching the fox's front legs. He held on with the best grip he could even using his tongue to grip the fox's neck so it would snap at him. In all this effort, it was rewarded with a tail swiping at his face burning a scar across his eye. The wind from the attack blew the hat off of the blond young man allowing the fox to get a good look at the man before him. In that second, its eyes widened and all of its struggling ceased. Yet, like the reason for its attack, no one would know why. "Dead Demon Consuming Seal!"

2 Years Later, Konoha Open Market

The sky was bright, people were cheering loudly as they watched actors dressed as shinobi and kunoichi battle against a large puppet shaped like a nine tailed fox. Constant little special fire works went off. Children who sat in front for a good view looked scared as the puppeteer made the fox breathe fire. In the crowd were old and young ninja a like that silently remembered the night of the attack and wish it was as simple as the show the actors put on.

"Damn it, they are going to leave out my bomb again!" A purple haired kunoichi yelled watching from the corner of a roof. "They don't even know how long I had worked on that thing."

"Last I heard Anko, you was placed with us directing the civilians to safety." A red eyed teenaged woman stated looking at Anko before setting down a box of dango next to her. "You could explain how you snuck past the chunin that was watching you."

"Bah, that was easy!" Anko grabbed the box of dango and started popping them in her mouth savoring the taste before swallowing. "You can get past any guy with the right words and an innocent little kiss." She made her voice slightly seductive sounding speaking the last part before laughing loudly. "You should have seen the expression on his face, not to mention the nose bleed he had. It was priceless."

For her part, the red-eyed kunoichi had to fight down a blush while imagining what her companion could have said to get that reaction out of the man watching them. "Your shameless…"

"Aw, don't say that Kurenai, I'm sure you could get the same results easy. In fact…" Anko shifted the box so she could whisper into the woman's ear. "All you would need to do is show a little skin and men would fall at your feet in droves." Pulling back, she took a good look at Kurenai to see a blush on her face as she tried to stutter out a response denying she would ever do such a thing. Anko in turn just laughed before eating some more.

Elsewhere, a silver haired shinobi sat silently reading an orange book while casting the occasional glance at the crowd. He really didn't like the show that was being put on considering the bad memories tied to it. That combined with the loss of his sensei didn't make it any easier. The memory of his sensei did give him a bit of courage, as he knew the man fought to and beyond his last breath. Kakashi sudden snapped out of his memories to a muffled voice to his side. Turning to look with a lazy expression on what you could see of his face, he saw the man that proclaims he to be his eternal rival. "You say something Guy?"

"Darn you and your cool hip ways…" Guy muttered under his breath before smiling again. "So why have you been casting glances into the crowd. Has the youthful flames of passion ignited in your heart?"

"Um, no." Casting a glance into the crowd he tilted his book slightly as to point with it. "You see that group of kids there?" He waited for Guy to acknowledge the question before continuing. "That happens to be all the children in the orphanage. All except one."

"So the boy is missing?"

"Missing or left behind." Shaking his head before looking back at his book. "If it was just that, I wouldn't feel like something was wrong."

Konoha Hospital 3rd Floor.

"Alright, here we are." A young brunette woman stated as she opened the door to a room. "You behave yourself ok? I will be back in an hour with something for you to eat." She looked down at the blond boy clutching a small teddy bear as he nodded and silently walked into the room. She let out a small sigh as she looked at his clothing. All he had was a tee shirt that was far to big for him and it looked to have not been washed in weeks. He looked to be very cold as if he washed himself in a river and his sandals looked ready to fall apart at a moments notice. She closed the door behind her as she walked away trying not to think about why his clothing was in that condition.

Inside, the blond child walked over to the lone bed in the room that was taller then him. Grabbing hold of a chair that he knew he could move, he scooted it over next to the bed and climbed up into it. Turning, he looked at a woman who looked like she was sleeping tucked in under the covers. Soft tan skin, long brown hair that looked to well taken care of. In the eyes of this boy, she was like a sleeping angel. Taking his bear, he crawled from the chair onto the bed and lifted her arm so he could slip under it.

"Please wake up…" He whispered before closing his eyes and promptly falling a sleep.

Back outside at the front desk for that floor. The nurses and doctors spoke of various patients on that floor. Changes in treatments were being issued to several by the doctor when the brunette nurse walked in with a tray of food.

"Ah, I take it he is visiting again?" A male doctor spoke up to the nurse.

"Yeah . . ." The nurse stated before setting the food down. "Do you think she will ever wake up?"

"I truly can't answer that myself." The doctor spoke before turning to leave. "She is physically healthy now but whatever trauma she suffer mentally is keeping her locked in a coma."

"It's sad how much can go wrong in one day." The other nurses and doctors who were listen actually nodded while she picked up the tray of food and started to walk towards the room she lead the boy into. Just as put her hand on the doorknob, a loud crash from inside the room made her drop the tray. Opening the door, she saw glass littering the floor around a teddy bear by a now broken window. Running over, she looked out the window careful to avoid the remaining glass. She saw nothing down but when she looked up, she saw a man with a heavily bandaged head running up the wall holding the boy by his arm. She didn't waste a second as she rushed out the room heading to the front desk. "GET HELP NOW!!!" She yelled out as ran to the staircase moving at a pace that would make a civilian think she was a ninja.

"Well little demon, it's time you paid for all the lives you stole." The bandaged man stated as he dropped the boy on the roof only to kick him across it. "How many have you killed demon. Hundreds, thousands? It doesn't matter because I'm going to end your life here." He drew a kunai and slowly walked towards the boy seemingly to savior the kill when the door burst open getting his attention.

"STOP!" She was panting hard yet still had the strength to charge the man without any thought at all. The next thing she knew, she was on her back with his foot pressed on her neck.

"I don't see why you are defending that monster. If I don't do this, it will kill us all." The sound of running reached his ears and he turned to look at where the boy used to be. " What the hell?" He immediately got off the woman and ran to the edge of the roof to see the boy, running down the wall the same way he ran up it. A child shouldn't know how to do that yet the boy was doing it. He let out a frustrated growl and prepared to jump down to catch the boy when he felt something prick his neck. Out of instinct, he kicked out behind him knocking away the nurse he knocked down earlier. Looking at her, he saw an empty syringe. "You little…" That was as far as he got as he collapsed unconscious.

"Well this won't help his ego. Beaten by a civilian nurse." She mentally chuckled as she stood up and hobbled over to the edge just in time to see the boy slip into an open window on the second floor.

Hokage's Office

Several ninja arrived at the hospital moments after the assassin was knocked out. The Hokage himself even showed up and the expression on his face showed he wasn't in the least bit pleased. While a couple of ANBU carried off the unconscious assassin, the rest searched the second floor of the hospital for the boy. They found him hiding in a broom closet in tears and shivering too terrified to even let them touch him. In the end, the Hokage himself had to get the boy. Needless to say, the child latched himself onto the old man and cried loudly into his robes until he finally fell a sleep. Now in his office, with the boy sleep on the couch, he was listening to the report the nurse was giving him.

"Are you sure he ran down the wall?" He asked not sure if what he heard was true.

"Yes Lord Hokage." The nurse looked at the boy before continuing. "I only saw him slip into the window when I looked but I heard him running."

"Alright, I want you to go home and rest." He stood up and smiled that warm smile old men were known to have. "I want to thank you for taking care of him. He hasn't had a lot of people willing to help him."

"It was the least I could do. He is only a child. Why can't they see that?" She had a sad expression cross her face before she bowed to the old man and exited the office. With the door closed, he locked it and turned to look at the picture of the Forth on the wall.

"I'm trying my friend, I really am." He sighed before walking to the side of the boy and gently shook him. "Naruto…" It did take a bit of shaking to wake the boy but he finally woke up wiping his eye with a tiny balled up fist.

"Hi Old Man…" Naruto yawned obviously still tired.

"I know you are still tired but I want to talk to you." The little blond boy nodded even though he was barely awake. "That's good. Did you run down the wall of the hospital?" He was awarded a light nod and a yawn from the child. "Do you remember how you did it?"

"I did what mummy man did."

"Can you do it again?" He watched Naruto shake his head no making him pauses for a moment. "Why not Naruto?"

"Don't remember how."

"So you did it after you saw him do it but you don't remember how to do it now?"

"Yeah." He nodded as well before yawning again. "Can I go back to sleep now?"

"After I check one more thing." The boy nodded once. "Ok Naruto, I'm going to show you something then I want you to do it. " With that, the old man did a single hand seal and disappeared in a puff of smoke. When he appeared again he was on the ceiling. He jumped down and pulled two shrunken from his desk and handed them to Naruto. The boy smiled and stood in front of the old man then the next moment copied the movements perfectly. Just to be sure, the Hokage made him do it two more times. "That is an interesting talent you have Naruto. I'm going to want to talk about it later. Right now…here." He handed the boy the stuffed teddy bear he lost causing the boy to smile sleepily and lay back down on the couch. In seconds, the child was sleeping.

"Well Naruto, seems your future just got a little more interesting."