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Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

The sun was slowing rising over the thick fog surrounding the O'Connel manor. It steamed off the hedges and smothered the low grass while the early birds twitered busily. Inside the house, though, the scene was far from this peaceful autum.

"Mum! I can't find my hat!"

"Mum! I've lost my shoes!"

"Well have you looked in the rack?"

"For my shoe?"

"No, Emma. For Lane's hat."

"But what about my shoes?"

"Try the Parlor."

"Mum! Mum! Mum!"


"It's not there."

"What's not where?"

"My hat's not in the palor, but Emma's shoes are."

"Well, give Emma her shoes and Emma: help your sister find her hat."

"Mum! Mum! MUM!"

"Ohhh...for goodness sake, What?!"

"My hat is most defintely not on the rack."

"Well, I don't know what to tell you. I'm not the keeper-of-hats, for goodness sake. Find it yourselves, dears. I"m very busy at the moment." Evy O'Connel shouted across the house to her twin daughters as she attempted to carry a bag half her size out of the master bedroom. Rick entered at that exact moment and swooped it out of her hands just as she began to lose her balance. He masterfully caught it in one hand, and his wife in the other.

"Whoa, careful there." he said, lifting her upright. He had spent the entire morning carrying the never-ending lungage out to the car. He looked tired and sweat dotted his brow, but at least he had avoided the house of scurrying, irratable girls. This was, no doubt, his ingenuis plan; and Evy knew it.

"You missed all the fun." she teased him.

"Well, someone has to do the heavy lifting around here."

"Oh, and would you like me to carry them out to the car myself?."

"I didn't say it was me that had the hard job, did I?" he smirked. "I'm afriad to ask, but, are we ready to go?"

"Yes. Well, almost. Lane is looking for her hat." Just then, a loud response sounded from downstairs: "I got it!"

"Thank goodness! It's about time. Where was it?" Evelyn asked her girls as they entered their parent's bedroom, hatted and shoed. "In the kitchen cupboard." Emma answered matter-of-factly.

"The kitchen cupboard?" Rick asked, with a confused frown.

"Don't ask." Emma warned, rolling her eyes. Lane giggled. He decided not to ask.

The O'Connels met Evie's brother Johnathan on the boat docks in London. There they boarded a ship destined for north eastern Africa. Once they arrived in Cairo, they bought their train tickets for Thebes. Their train did not leave until the following day so the group headed to the hotel. Once they settled their things in, they went down to the resteraunt for tea and met a grinning (and tall!) Alexander O'Connel.

"Hey Alex!""We missed you!""Did you get us presents?""Guess what we saw!" The girls chirpped.

"Hey ol' bum." said his Uncle, patting him on the shoulder. This was his nickname for Alex, since he called his mother 'ol' mum'. It no longer bothered Alex, or at least, not too much. "How are you?" he asked with a ginueine smile Alex didn't miss. Was he concerned? Did he see the creases around his eyes?

"Alex!" Evy wrapped her arms around his neck, clearly very glad to see her son as they had been apart quite a while, him being off at school here in Cairo. He would be joining the family for their big dig in Thebes during the break and he was just as thrilled as they were. Rick seemed happy about it too, as he enveloped Alex in huge one-armed hug, ruffled his hair, and beamed at him. He had really grown up!

"Am I getting shorter? You look a good five inches taller since the last time we saw you."

"At least." Evelyn added.

"When was that? June?" Uncle Jon asked taking his seat and a cigar.

"Feels like centuries." Evy sighed as she too took her seat and Rick placed an arm around her shoulders as he sat down next to his wife. He offered her a look that said 'I know what you mean.' She returned it with a small smile.

With everyone seated Alex took a deep breath and said: "Hey girls, I missed you too. Yes, I have presents. What did you see? Hey ol' Jon. I'm fine. Hey mum! Hey dad! Yes, you're shrinking. Ha. Ha Just kidding. Actually it was July, but I agree it feels like ages." He mocked panting as he finished the stream of answers. It was an old joke. The girls giggled and this made him smile, of course they did that a lot. Then they began talking as fast as he had, but this was no joke.

"What did you get us?"

"We saw a man-"

"A man with-"

"Let me tell it."

"No! You always tell it."

"He had a snake around his neck!"

"Yeah a great, big ugly beast with a tounge like this!" Here Emma gave her best impression of the man's snake's tounge, much to the distress of her mother. Rick, on the other hand, tried really hard not to burst out laughing. He tried, but it didn't work.

"It looked so wierd. And we saw a prince!"

"The prince he had loads of jewels and servants and... ."

"Really did you see any lions?" he asked.

"No! I hate lions!" Lane quickly answered.

"I'd love to see a lion one day." Emma replied. "Have you seen ever seen a lion, Alex?"

"No, I can't say that I have."

"Dad's seen a lion. Haven't you, dad?"

"Yes, and I've seen one attack a person too so you better be careful when you go tracking down those lions on that safari you're always talking about."

"You're going on a safari, Emma?"

Emma did not get a chance to answer because Evelyn was apparently very adamit about this as well. "Abosultely not! Rick I have asked you a million times to stop putting ideas like that in her head. No daughter of mine is wandering around the savanna chasing dangerous lions. Absolutely not."

"Alex, you think I can go one day don't you?" Emma asked, putting her brother very much on the spot.

"Well, I think mum's right actually." Emma's jaw dropped, but Evelyn smiled.

"Finally, someone agrees with me." she said.

"Oh yes. Lion hunting is much too dangerous. I'd take rotting, walking mummies, flesh eating insects, and resurected egyptain soldiers any day. Yes, much more safe. After all, no harm harm ever came from chests and books, right? Lions, on the other hand, well, looking at lions could be very dangerous indeed. I don't know how with an armed gaurd, from a good distanst, in a vehicle but I'm pretty sure it could be. Best not safari, muck around with some good egytptian curses instead. Mum's right. Play it safe."

"Ohhh..." Evy just fumed.

Rick eyed Lane who was looking less than pleased with the topic of conversation. Johnathan quickly changed it, as was his greatest talent (Rick had to admit). The afternoon passed slowly and pleasently as the family conversed. Alex told them about life at school in Cairo, or some about it. Evelyn talked about the dig, the museum, and so on. Johnathan and Rick both told a few of their exciting, risque tales. The girls chimed in with their chatter often. Thier table stayed lively into the evening. Everyone decided to take a break and step outside for a while before taking dinner together. Alex agreed to take the girls for a brief walk around the city as their parents retired to their room and Johnathan characteristically headed for the bar.