The Saga: Sketch Book

By: Linkmaste

Chapter 1: Guilmon Works

Authors Note: A sequel to Secrets. Enjoy!

Edit Authors Note: Alright, next part. Same thing as in Secrets-changing names, editing, adding more detail, explaining stuff and concentrating on the other Tamers. This is one of the non first person POV. Let's do this.

A few months after the whole incident with Lindy turning into a hybrid, her and Impmon spent a lot of time together. The two could always been seen sparring since Lindy had to learn how to fight against digimon. As well, they were taking care of Ai and Mako full time, and even just hanging out at the park with Guilmon. Other things were changing as well, Takato and Jeri were still dating and having a blast with each other. The one time Takato even bought Jeri some roses and had them sent to her house!

Of course, after Lindy was accepted into the Haruki family, she needed to call a meeting with Takato, Jeri, Henry, and Rika about what had happened. To the twins, Impmon's and even the hybrid's surprise, Yamaki had been in the Hypnosis building waiting for Lindy to stop by. Whatever that thing was that tried to kill them-it was not Yamaki. Disturbed, Lindy decided to meet the government man and get some answers. However, when she arrived he didn't have much to say, much to her disappointment.

"I'll be honest with you, I'm still shocked you're like this. Not even the Monster Makers are sure what happened. We can register you with our group and make you an agent if you like."

"Why would I want to be an agent?" Lindy asked putting a hand on her hips. "In case you haven't noticed, one-I want a normal life. Two, I am too young to work for some government agency, and three, well...I just want to be left alone."

"I understand, but this is a different kind of recruitment. This is more of a protection branch for you. Since we have no idea who or what was trying to take you we want to have security for you-and the others."

He meant Ai and Mako. As well, he suggested if they figure her out, maybe they could help her get back to Canada and settled.

Lindy eventually agreed to that and ever since, the Tamers had been kept watched on by some stand by agents of Yamaki. Most of the time, they were so quiet you would not even notice they were around. It was a few weeks and since no bioemerges happened, everything became normal.

The hybrid was doing her best to study in school now that Yuki put her in a private school. However, still learning the Japanese language proved so difficult for the blonde that she was moved into a special program. Yuki and Tai assured Lindy that it was only temporary, until she could understand better. On the other hand, taking care of Ai and Mako was a huge relief for the parents. They could go out on dates again and not worry what kind of trouble the twins would get into. Lindy had complete control of the situation.

Ai and Mako have started to grow and become used to seeing Lindy all the time. They would come home from school, play with Impmon, and then play with Lindy until dinner and work on their homework afterwards. Mako started to become more focused on his studies and was loving school. Ai on the other hand, well, was a bit of a trouble maker. She even one time glued some girls shoes to the ground so she could not move. When asked why Ai would do this the young Tamer replied with a "she deserved it!" Impmon found this hilarious but Lindy and the parents were slightly concerned with Ai's rebellious behaviour. The best thing to do was keep an eye on her and pray she didn't start setting fires like a certain imp.

Rika, Henry, and Takato frequently hung out with Lindy whenever they could. The group became close and to Lindy's surprise, she finally had friends! They might have been a year younger than her but they had a lot of the same hobbies. Takato and Lindy played soccer, Lindy sparred with Renamon and Rika for practice in her digimon form, and even took some classes with Henry to find her-uh, whatever Terriermon called it-'Momentai'. Best part was, she did not have to hide her other form. When night came, she would change and it would not stop whatever they were doing. The only problem was trying not to change in the middle of a busy street!

Even though Lindy's family left her in Japan, she hoped that one day they would come back for her. She knew it was unlikely, but that did not stop the blonde from holding her mysterious cross necklace a few nights a week and doing a small prayer. She certainly was not really religious but as she was brought up to be a Catholic, she could not shake the fact praying made her feel much better.

One cold day, Lindy was walking to the bakery to get some treats for Impmon and the twins. She glanced around and put her numb hands in her coat pockets. The weather was so bad out! Spring should be around the corner soon so she would get to wear her new spring outfits. She walked into the Matsuki Bakery and glanced for the things she needed. Some bread, three brownies and a cookie for herself.

"Hey, Lindymon!" The red dinosaur, Gulimon waved. She smiled and asked where everyone else was. Usually Takato's parents were around helping keep shop. They were very kind to her, and didn't mind she was part digimon.

"Takatomon and Jeri are upstairs but they told me they couldn't come upstairs. So, I get to watch the store!"

Lindy smiled to herself as she had a pretty good reason why he couldn't go upstairs. She settled the items on the counters as Guilmon carefully pressed the buttons on the cash register with his claw.

"Wow, did they teach you that?"

"Yep! And best of all I can have all of the peanut butter I want!"

Lindy laughed and gave him the exact money. She waved goodbye and walked out of the store. After a twenty minute walk to the house, she yelled a hello and put her pink and black runners beside all of the other shoes. The house was warm and the smell of traditional Japanese dishes wafted into her nose. Some good food was cooking she thought happily.

"Lindy!" cried Mako, hugging her waist. She looked down and saw that he had tears in his eyes. The blond haired teen knelt down and comforted the child. Ai was right behind him, frowning.

"What's wrong, sweetie?"

Mako sniffed and rubbed his already red eyes and explained,

"A man was walking-and-and…someone shot him!"

Lindy expression grew concerned. Crime never happened around here-let alone someone getting shot, and in broad daylight to boot. She asked if the twins saw the man get shot and said no, much to the teen's relief. That was the last thing they needed. It was one thing to watch digimon get dissolved, but watching a human get shot would have put the twins straight into counselling.

"Where is everyone else?" Lindy asked frowning. The house was empty and by now Impmon would have shown up with the usual "Hey toots, how's school?"

"Outside, expect Mako and I. Impmon was pretty freaked out.." Ai mumbled playing with the hem of her skirt.

Lindy suddenly heard the cop cars and ambulance screeching to a halt and several people shouting commands and agreements. A few blocks away, she could see the lights. She told Ai and Mako to come with her but stay together and the group went outside into the frosty air. Turning to the other block, she saw several cops around the area and Impmon walked towards them-silent.

"Nuthin' to see guys c'mon." He mumbled grabbing Lindy's hand but she shook it off.

"No, it's okay. You take Mako and Ai inside and tell them what happened. I want to see if Yuki and Tai are alright." She started to run, but Impmon grabbed her hand again. This time it was more desperate.

"No, please don't! Come inside, please!" his eyes were distressed and he was saying 'please'. He never said 'please' like that...

What was he hiding from her?

"Impmon, let me go!" Lindy growled, throwing him off and sprinting through the crowd. She passed Yuki and Tai and she saw tears in their eyes. To her horrified shock, she couldn't believe who she saw on the ground.

A man around his late thirties with dark brown hair was laying there. His hand rested on the gunshot wound to his body and did not move-in fact he was not breathing at all. Blood covering his body and street clothes made him look like a bum. Even the stench of sweat and puke made Lindy cringe, but she did not care. She was white as a ghost and felt sick to her stomach. The man was Lindy's uncle. Mark Rose.

Authors Note: MUCH better with the introduction. There is a fine line between keeping a secret from you readers, and just letting you forget a plot hole. I learned that. See you next chapter.